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the train let us off on the old platform. I don’t know why, track work probably. This is the second time this has happened, the other time I was able to sneak up on Stitch. The way M parks when she is waiting, she saw me coming. I also do not know why I didn’t write about this yesterday. Maybe because I was upset about Stitch not returning my car until late.

Today Stitch came to get me, he was a little late and it was raining. Oh well. Tomorrow and Thursday he will not have my car. Friday we go to Newburgh. I am going to the hair place tomorrow to see how much it will be to get my roots touched up.

Tigger came downstairs and as I was going in my room he mentioned that ‘we’ need more Reisen. We do huh? I went to Allsport. I was hoping I could be quick enough to get to Staples before they closed but I didn’t. So I went to Target. I bought that purse I was looking at and it just fits my stuff. Not the perfect purse of course, but close. Then I got some re-writable CDs and a case to put my CDs in, about time, considering Sassy was the one that broke my old one. I also got “honking” big bag of LaffyTaffy and a bag of Reisen. I don’t remember if that is the correct spelling right now I don’t care. I sent Tigger a text that I was at Target, I told him I got CDs and a case to put them in. He said why? I could almost see him thinking, we get downloads from Amazon cheaper, why would she buy CDs? Then I explained they were blank so I could put music on them for my car. I didn’t mention the candy. He didn’t ask, so I had to tell him I got two bags. Then when I was opening the bag to put them in the container, it broke and I ended up with LaffyTaffy all over my floor. As I was scooping them up, all I could smell was the fruitiness of them.

Now I really need to get to bed, I have brushed my teeth, washed my face, taken out my contacts, taken my medicine, I didn’t clean Butterscotch’s litter box. I will do that tomorrow. Since the rain cooled things down, it doesn’t smell so bad tonight. I have some Pepsi points to enter then I will go to bed.

Warm again

And I thought it was going to rain so I went to the store first then here to the park. Listening to Chicago XXX, really like it, don’t know how they keep doing it.

It is warm again today but not as hot as it has been but still humid. Wearing the red dress I got at Kohl’s. Saw some nice purses at Kohl’s online. Not really sure what I am going to do. Stitch drove me to the train station this a.m. Tigger is supposed to go out. I have decided not to return phone calls because I am tired of getting yelled at.

It is 8:37 p.m. and Stitch just got in with my car. I wanted to go to Target but now I don’t know. I asked Tigger to do something with my computer and he didn’t. He had an upsetting day I know. But, I can’t do it! So I am sitting here wondering if I should go up to Target or not, should ask Tigger to help me again, or just try to do it myself. I am totally undecided. I wish my room was cooler.

Because it is so hard to think when I am hot! Anyway, Tigger came downstairs, when I asked him why he said, Well, I need to fix your computer right? Then he says, I also want an album. He has graduated from songs to whole albums. So, I downloaded an album for him. All with Pepsi points. I also put the two Chicago albums I bought on Em’s MP3 player for her, and burned them to a CD so I could play them in my car.

Party for Bob

And I cut out early, head was starting to hurt, actually, it was hurting most of the day, I couldn’t get it to stop, so now I am home and my head no longer hurts. Hmmm. So M is at Pam’s and Stitch and Gwen are home with me. I was thinking about going to Target to look at that purse again, but I think I will look on-line. Maybe find a bargain on E-Bay or Amazon. I took a picture of my Crocs to post on the Yahoo group site.

Yesterday before M had to get D at the airport we went shopping. Couldn’t really do a lot though. Gwen wanted some white tank tops to wear under her shirts and she needed some new bras. She didn’t know the size though, so we couldn’t just pick them up, she had to come with us and try them on. She got a couple of nice ones at Kohls. I got a long slip to replace the one I can’t find. It will turn up now I am sure. I got beige so when it does, I will have a white one and a beige one. I also got a pretty cotton nightgown and a red dress. Not exactly suitable for meetings but I wore it to the party for Bob, it is high enough neckline and long enough, but the shoulders are too bare for the meetings. It’s a baby doll style dress. I like it because it has no waistline so you can’t tell that I don’t have one. Now I have to go check the WW thread and then I think I am going to take a nap or do some online shopping.

Missed it

Missed posting every day by 53 minutes. When I tried earlier the Wi-fi was not working. I know I could have sent an e-mail, like I do at work but I just didn’t feel like it. Had a bad day, not the whole day, but you know how one upsetting thing can ruin your whole day? That’s what happened to me. Except I had two things happen, it was only when the second thing made me cry that I realized how upset I was about the first thing.

The second thing was I got yelled at. Not in person, over the phone, that was when I realized my best friend would rather spend time with someone else than with me, so does that mean we are not best friends anymore? I don’t know and I am trying to convince myself that it doesn’t, that we are still best friends, but I can’t ask her about it, so maybe we aren’t. My stomach is all tied up in knots now. I wish I had some beer or vodka or anything.

I almost

slid off the journaling. I said slid instead of fell because slid is kind of passive, more passive than fell. You have to do something to fall, but to slide you can be sitting and just not stop yourself. Except I did stop myself, I was tired, so tired, and I asked myself, why do you have to write down your breakfast? You eat the same breakfast every morning, oatmeal and fruit, then I answered myself, because when you journaled before you lost 15 pounds. Weight that you gained back when you stopped journaling. This morning I was 138.8 pounds.

New shoes are killers. Here is a sneak peak at my new crocs, in my bag since I don’t want to wear them to and from work. Reason is this is day 2 I have worn them. I have a bandaid on my right foot under my big toe and first aid tape around my little toe. Left foot is doing ok so far. That was working until I went to lunch and put my Cleo crocs on, they messed the bandaid up so now there is a piece of first aid tape over the bandaid. I will get these broken in before July 23rd. Now my left little toe is saying it hurts.

My tummy is not very happy, if I have to run to the bathroom like I did at Target last night(we have had this discussion about something that happens to me and when I am in a public bathroom I hate it), I am going home. No joke.

I did not come home early. But I didn’t do anything when I got home. I just sat on my bed and read the second book I got last night. Now I have to go to bed.

>Silly me

>I went to Target to get powder for my sore feet and medicine for my sore tummy. Tigger and Stitch wanted Hugs. Hershey Hugs. Anyway, I ended up buying two books. Can’t figure out why, I have plenty to read. They just intrigued me. One is Promise Not To Tell and the other is Island of Lost Girls, both are by Jennifer McMahon.

When I got home, Tigger had to get a Bella hug before he could have his Hershey Hugs. He said both were good. Fred also got a Bella hug and some Hershey Hugs.

>When I looked in the train window and saw only a few people I knew we had a hot car, when I stood at the door and felt the heat blasting me, I wondered if they were blasting heat into the car. I found a seat next to a normal looking guy, but I think that was the only normal thing about him.

Later when I heard the sad news about someone’s pregnancy, my mind went back in time 27 years when my mother took my sister-in-law to the hospital and I was not allowed to go, after all I was only 18. To a friend who stated that was why she didn’t want to get pregnant, a friend who subsequently went on fertility meds to get pregnant and now has four children.

Now I am done.

>This week has not

>Been a good week for me, I have not wanted to get up every morning.

Last night when I got home, one of the kids had gotten ice pop on the floor in front of the freezer, on the floor in my bathroom and all over my sink, they denied it of course. They have also been leaving the basement door unlocked. I told Tigger I want it locked, I don’t trust their friends as much as they do, ok, I don’t trust their friends at all. Now I have to get my lunch, it is another hot, brutal day, I hope I don’t melt.

Tigger sent me a text they were going swimming and I asked him to make sure the basement door is locked. He replied, Already Gone. Sigh, he does not seem to grasp the need of locking up. However, when I got home, the door was locked.

The crocs came today, M loves hers, I think Gwen does too but I am not sure, I like mine. I left work early and went to the Crocs store to get some more Jibbits for Ms crocs. It would take me a lot less time to get there if I could remember where the stupid place is, this time I turned the wrong way on Columbus!

For those of you who are reading this and wondering why I am using this personal thoughts blog to talk about the weather and the kids and my shoes, I made a commitment to post every day. So far I have kept it. If I have to come on here and post I got up I went to work I came home, well that is what I will do to keep this commitment to myself. I know from experience that the more I write the better it gets. The problem is, I usually come up with these things when I can’t write or send an e-mail here or type here. I have to work on remembering what I think, then I will have a more interesting blog.

Smokers icky

Here is one of the nail polish colors I got at Sally’s last night. the brand is Finger Paints, and the color is EASEL-Y SATISFIED. The other color I got is a sheer lavender and its name is GET REAL-ISM. My friend Cookie said she wants the job that gets to name these polishes. What an active imagination!

I stopped at the park to eat my yogurt & write this but someone had to light up, ick! I had to leave, can’t stand the smell of cigarettes. So I am walking & writing and it is not easy especially when I can’t see the screen due to the sun glare. Today is one of those days that some would say was beautiful and I say is brutal and too hot. I hate sweating, I just almost got run over by a big SUV but he missed me! Now I am in the parking lot and I still cannot see what I am writing so I hope this makes sense. I was going to sit in the courtyard but I am too hot.

Finally got to wear my new purple exercise skort. I like the way this brand fits better than the Champion ones I got at Target. I have to resist the urge to buy more. While I was on the elliptical I was watching Food Network, Bobby Flay was on. I really like him, he is so cute! He does this show called Throw Down. So I was watching people cook, something I don’t like to do, and they were making Gumbo, something I can’t eat, except I wouldn’t eat it, never, never, never. I mean you know what Gumbo is don’t you? Its disgusting Okra soup. My blog, my opinion rules.

What I was leading up to was I lost track of time and probably spent about 45 to 50 minutes on the elliptical, which is probably why my legs are sore now. I am also really tired and need to go to bed.

>Monday, monday

>I can’t remember the rest of the line from that song, I think it is, ‘Can’t trust that day’. Anyway, yesterday was kind of a do nothing day. After my meeting I went to Panera for lunch, then after I got home I went for a walk, down to the park and around the park and when I stopped at Ron’s I got a bottle of water, no ice cream. That was all. I waxed my lip and used that cream/lotion I got at Sally’s and my lip is not red today. I also waxed my right underarm, I have to get some wax strips so I can wax my left tonight. I took a Tylenol® P.M. and I think that is why I overslept today, or it could have been because I drank too much water during In Plain Sight and had to go the bathroom two times during the night. Stitch needed my car but I didn’t know it so he had to pick it up at the train station. Then he calls me as I am crossing the street to tell me Tigger put the emergency brake on and he couldn’t get it off. I got to work at 9:08 only to find out that our e-mail program is down. That is my day so far.

I asked Stitch why Tigger put the emergency brake on, he said, We were waiting in the car and he got bored and we had already pushed every other button. Sound like Tigger?

Went to Sally’s to get wax strips. Of course, as I was walking by the nail polish, I had to buy some. A lavender and sort of red color. I am going to do my nails now and other stuff that needs to be done.