>I almost didn’t make it, I was feeling very unwell this afternoon, however, since I was driving, I didn’t want to make anyone else leave early so I stuck it out. I actually started to feel better and enjoyed the last talk. I took my MP3 player every day so I could listen to the program through my earphones. I took them off this afternoon because of how my head was feeling, maybe they were causing my headaches.

Pam gave us a copy of Stone of Sisyphus and I just ripped the songs and synced them to my MP3 player. I have a bunch of songs and still have room for more. I love my MP3 player. I should plug my other one in so it charges. I will be up long enough for that. I will just have to stay on the computer so it doesn’t shut down.

Right now I have to take a break from here. I will be back later.

Oh, I feel better now, I am not so gassy and I was able to go to the bathroom normally. I just got back from putting gas in my car and should be trying to go to sleep. I will in a minute. I also just added a website to my blog. It looked interesting so I thought I would do that. I just thought of another website I should add. So go check it out if you are reading.