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>Held captive

>These past two weeks I have spent too much time in need of medical attention. Last week was because of the maintenance staff at my office building, this week was my own carelessness.

Each time I was sitting in the office or emergency department waiting to be seen, I got the same feeling. A feeling of being held captive. The nurse (or whoever) had taken my name and information, then left the room and I was trapped, I couldn’t leave. In the emergency room, they made me take my clothes off and put on this gown, that didn’t even cover me (and I’m not fat). So the feeling of being trapped was even greater. Plus its winter, I couldn’t run outside in that gown even if I could make it to the doors, which I couldn’t have cause Beth Israel has a huge emergency department and I got lost when I left. “Which way to the outside doors please?”

If made me wonder if this is a ploy on the part of the doctors. To make you feel inferior or helpless, so you’ll just automatically believe what they tell you. Or they can feel more important, because you have to wait for them to decide to come in and say, “So what brings you here today?” When I went to see my regular doctor the morning after my falls, I was the first patient there, I was even there before the doctor. So there was no other patient taking up his time, I was the only patient there, so why did I have to wait to see him!

It’s a conspiracy. I think someone should investigate.


>You are probably tired of this by now

>it is so cold. I can’t get over being cold so you are just going to have to deal with me continuing to talk about it.

When I got up this morning I looked at the temp on my iPod, unfortunately it was for New York City, where I am not living, yet. When I saw the text from WeatherBug saying what the temperature was at home, I was kind of bummed that Andrew was up and wanting to take me to the train station. It was 1°F.

It’ll get warm some day.

>Yesterday I made a quick trip to the city just for the morning. I don’t normally make such a long trip to just go to a store, but I wanted to return the boots. I was fretting of course, but not only did they exchange them, but they were super nice about it. Even bringing me the size in between to make sure I got the right size boots.

Then it was on to get some Atomic Fireballs. No I do not want to blow up anything, except maybe my mouth. I’m talking about the candy, which I found at a store in the Lower East Village. As I was walking back to the subway I saw a little market, which I walked in to see if they had my tea and also found Gluten Free Crackers. Happy me, its the little things.

Em and I went to a party Saturday night and neither one of us was happy at the end of it. She made fun of me and then complained cause I was drinking Vodka and got a little out of control. Someone told her to get over her phobias, which she thought was cruel of them. I thought that it was cruel also, but if she wants me to jump to her defense she shouldn’t laugh and make me feel stupid. Especially in front of other people.

She sent me an e-mail about it, which I didn’t answer, I was asleep when she sent it and saw her first thing in the morning, when did I have time to? I was all snuggled under my 4 blankets sending out drunk tweets.

According to WeatherBug this morning it was 5.2°F (-15°C) with 4 mph WSW wind it felt like -3.5°F (-20°C). I can’t tell you how cold that is because I was not outside at the time I got that notification. When I did go out at 9:00 a.m., I a can tell it was freezing! Brutally cold all day. At 5:30 p.m. it was only up to 18.7°F (-7°C). Spring can’t come soon enough for me.

>Thoughtless or clueless?

>On a book website that I frequent, I met a woman named Ló, we had the same taste in books and for some reason, became closer then some of the other women on the site. She was living in Brazil and frequently mentioned how hard it was for her to get books. Many times she had to pay more in shipping then the cost of the book. When I finished a book I liked but didn’t think I would re-read it, or just to make room in my crowded space, I would send it to her. She always wanted to know what I wanted back, Postcards I told her. I love postcards. So she sent me postcards from Brazil. I even posted them on this blog, here and here.

A few months back she told me she was moving, she wasn’t happy in Brazil, she and her husband were making plans to move. I was sad that I wasn’t going to be able to chat with her as often as I had been, different time zone and all. Then the week before her planed move her beloved cat died. She was very distressed by this. Yet, she remembered me and asked if I would like her to send some postcards from where she was moving to. Here is one, I got it last week.

Yes, Australia, she moved to Australia because she lived there before and was happy there. I sent her an e-mail telling her I got the cards, and that I loved frogs. She sent a reply apologizing for taking so long. Then no more e-mails, which didn’t concern me, I figured she was busy with moving and settling in and so forth. Meanwhile I watched the floods on the news, in Australia. Then it finally hit me, how close were the floods to my friend Ló? I looked at the postcards:

Queensland, then I googled Australia flooding, Queensland. Shit. I feel like such a jerk now. I am not really thoughtless, just clueless. At least that is what I keep telling myself. My niece says I am extremely self-centered. My niece is a bitch just like her mother. That is being kind.

Now I am worried about not hearing from Ló. It has been 8 days since she e-mailed me. I sincerely hope that the reason she hasn’t e-mailed me is she hasn’t had access to a computer, not anything extremely worse. But I keep thinking maybe she got swept away. I’ll never know if that happened since the only way I have of contacting her is by e-mail.

The self-hate has begun.

>It was so cold

>It was 7°F this morning, that’s -13.8°C, no I don’t just know this stuff I use a converter! You maybe wondering how cold is that?

It was so cold:

… by the time I got from my door to my car my fingers were hurting.
… by the time I finished scrapping the frost on my windshield you could have broken off my fingers.
… by the time I got from D.D. to my car my hot coffee was now iced coffee.
… by the time I drove to the gym the remaining frost was still frost.
… I washed my hair at the gym, by the time I got to my car my hair was a block of ice.
… there were reports from Connecticut of frozen titties. (credit for that goes to @alisonfaye

Some of those were made up. What outrageous things can you think of?

>Friday when I got the text from WeatherBug saying it was 9.3°F I knew that meant trouble. However since I was off work Wednesday I figured I should go to work anyway. Now I know some of you are saying 9.3°F is not sub-zero but look at it this way, it is below freezing, it’s 23° below freezing! And if we convert it to Celsius, (some of my reader’s use Celsius) it’s -12.6° which is below freezing, I am just going for an international flavor here.

To get back to what I was talking about, the next time it is that cold, I am not going to work. MetroNorth trains do not like the sub-zero temperatures. My first clue was when it was late to Beacon, come on it’s the third stop! Then the slow starts at each stop and the announcer saying, “Please walk to the open doors.” Alright, how stupid do you have to be to be told to walk to an open door to get on a train? Or is your brain just frozen? Then we had to change trains.

So I went from being a semi-happy girl snuggled up against the wall to an unhappy girl sitting between two business men. Or at least they looked like it. And with their blackberries and Wall Street Journal I was embarrassed to bring out my YA fantasy book. I don’t know why since I will probably never see them again and I am pretty sure they wouldn’t even care, maybe I should make that the topic of my next blog post.

>What was I thinking?

>When I said I was going to post everyday this year, I should have taken a moment to think first. Here it is the middle of January and I have already run out of things to say.

Seriously! How many posts can I make about the trouble with MetroNorth and what an ass**** my boss is and how the cold is affecting my skin and lungs before people’s eyes start to glaze over and they fall down dead? Well maybe not dead, I mean I hope not dead.

What really annoys me is thinking of something and wanting to write about it, but at the time I can’t, then when I get here and open my computer, …… nothing is there, the idea is gone. So take notes I think, but it never happens.

This is momentary, this will pass, if I keep writing. Rob Thomas says, keep writing, even if you know it is crap, just keep writing, the creativity will come. Hopefully, I won’t lose everyone that follows me while I’m spouting drivel.

>More snow

>Sometimes I think people have short term memory loss, because whenever it snows they act like they have never seen snow before. I want to shout, “Stop freaking out people! Its winter in New York, it snows!”

There was not as much snow here as in Connecticut. Although I would probably have not gone to work today. As it turned out, today was my regular Wednesday off, so I didn’t have to worry about it. And now I have to go to bed, because tomorrow I do have to go to work.


The events of the past week have caused me to think about winter, specifically why I like winter. I like snow and I like cold air, but on the other hand ….

The excema on my eyelids flares up in the wintertime due to the cold air. Nice scaley red lids, not a good look for me. Also my arthritis in my knee, which as I get older is spreading down to my ankle and up to my hip. Or maybe just the pain is spreading. The skin on my thumbs cracks, I have to put Vaseline in my nose so I don’t get nosebleeds. So why do I love winter?

Winter is when the snow falls, snow is beautiful and fun (when you’re not buried in it 😉 ) more importantly, winter is a season. I grew up in Florida, we tracked the seasons on the calendar. There was no turning of the leaves, no days getting shorter and colder it was rainy and humid or dry and humid. In New York there are seasons, winter, summer, spring and autumn. Separate and distinct; each with things to love and things to hate. So maybe it’s not winter I love, it’s winter in New York I love. Because good or bad, I’m not leaving.

Sent from my iPod

>This Week

>Started out with a blizzard.

By the time the snow stopped falling we were left with this. We were in Newburgh for our assembly. They sent us home an hour early. Driving home across the bridge there was not a lot of snow falling, but the visibility was very bad. Monday morning Stitch sent me a text saying the car was buried and we weren’t going anywhere. So I went back to bed.

The next day I went to work. The train was extremely crowded and every time it stopped, it took about 5 minutes to start up. Or at least that what it seemed like. It took me two hours to get to Grand Central Terminal. So even though I was on the early train, I was still late to work. This is the turnstile coming out of the Vernon and Jackson subway station. This is two flights down from the door to the outside. Someone looked at it and saw an MTA fail, I was thinking it showed how hard the wind was blowing in the city. You can understand why snow kept blowing over the tracks.

These are the stairs, not the stairs that lead to the outside, this is the bottom flight of stairs, and they are at a right angle to the stairs that come down from the street. That was some snow we got.

MetroNorth was running a Saturday schedule, I got to GCT with about 20 minutes before the train and was wondering if I should get a snack and a drink, but decided I would go straight to the train. That turned out to be the best thing I could have done. I got a seat next to the wall with a man. As I watched I noticed the 3 seater were filling up, with 3 people in almost every seat. Then in the center area where the doors are, people were standing. It was so crowded, I couldn’t believe it. From what Bob said, the LIRR was worse, I heard “train from HELL” more then once.

Wednesday I was off work, but that wasn’t the end of the drama, Tuesday night Butterscotch’s ear started bleeding, like it had before, but this time the kids couldn’t get it to stop. So Em asked me if I would loan her the money to take him to the vet. The boys stayed up all night trying to keep the blood splatters down. In the morning it was Sarah and my turn. Sarah got tired of holding him and wondered if we could put him in the box, we didn’t have a cat carrier so we had to use a box. That was easier, but someone had to sit there and keep him in it. So yes there is a cat in the box.

Here is our kitty, who tried to bite and scratch the vet, so they put him under to examine him. $192 dollars later we found out he was fine. Just needs drops in his ears so they don’t get dry and itchy. Have you ever watched a cat coming out of anesthesia? It is so funny. He fell down the stairs and Tigger ran down to check him and the cat was looking at him like, “Dude, I’m fine, what’s your problem?”

So the cat was taken care of. I had to get prescriptions filled to the tune of $120 and the sidewalk is still not shoveled.