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>Sims 3

>Is a computer game, called Sims because it is a game that simulates something. DUH! In this case it simulates life. You create families, or you can use the ones that come with the game.

Recently it was on sale at Target so I bought it. I put off for a long time because of the price, it was $50 for a long time and because I tend to play such games for hours and hours. Just a tad obsessive. I promised myself I wouldn’t do it this time. So now I have 11 minutes to finish typing this post so I keep my word that I will post everyday. This is not the post I intended to write. I also was going to go to Target and get oatmeal. So Sims is sucking me in.

Also, I got the app for Words with Friends and am playing that with some people from Twitter. I am losing quite spectacularly.

What else was I going to say? Oh yes, D and Tigger are going to Vegas tomorrow. In order to make life easy for them, I am getting up at 4:45 a.m. so I can catch the 5:32 train so Stitch can drive them to the airport. I’m not really wonderful, I just want to have breakfast at Starbucks in the morning since I forgot to get oatmeal.


>Down to Manhattan

>The train is not just for going to work. I like to take the train to spend the day in the city. Like last Saturday, Em and I spent all day in the city. Got back in time to watch the Yankees lose …. but I’m not going to think about that right now.

The day started with my trip to Weight Watchers (something else I’m not talking about) and we went to breakfast then the train, I missed the memo about that and didn’t have my face on. So our first stop in the city was at Sephora’s so I could get moisturizer with sunscreen. Then we headed up to the crocs store. Em was hoping they would be having clearance sales. They weren’t. But I’m getting ahead of myself. On the way to the Crocs store, Em stopped at this vendor with a sign, $5 glass jewelry. She motioned me to come, “These are kind of pretty.” Even though the Crocs store wasn’t having a clearance sale, she still found some nice sandals, funny shaped I thought but she said they were very comfortable, and in light blue. Next we went to Cafe Frida, our favorite Mayan restaurant for a light lunch, that ended up leaving us full for the rest of the day.

We were walking through Central Park and suddenly Em stopped. “All these times and I never noticed that.” I looked where she was pointing at a water fountain. We watched as a boy pushed a button at the bottom of the fountain and his poodle took a drink. After they left left I walked over and took a closer look. The bottom of the fountain is a bowl, and the spout put water into the bowl, for your dog. New Yorkers love their pets. I thought that was pretty cool. I mean, obviously, cause I took a picture of it.

We then went down to see Ashley so Em could get prices on jewelry and Ashley could look at my ear. My sore pierced ear, except it is no so sore anymore, and very, very pretty.

And I can’t remember what else? We ended up at the Irish pub eating nachos with cheesecake for dessert and I had Kahlua and club soda. Long tiring but fun day.

>Home from Buffalo

>I was so glad to be home last night. The trip wasn’t as bad as I envisioned, it helps that I like driving at night. And I learned some things, like the State Police DO write tickets (giggle), at 5 a.m. in the pouring rain! I don’t ever ever want to be in a wheel chair.

Some people don’t change and some little boys that you thought were so sweet grow up to be Pats fans! On another note, I don’t think Sammy stopped smiling the whole time we were there.

>We left for Buffalo between 4 and 4:30 this a.m. Yesterday I rented a Dodge Avenger so we could travel in comfort. So it was pitch black when we left and pouring down rain. Does it seem to anybody else that it is always darker when its raining? Well yeah cause the rain clouds block the stars and moon! Besides that, I firmly believe that Dodge vehicles are not designed for short people, my reason for believing that is I could not see over the hood of the car! On top of that my GPS was not working and Gwen couldn’t find the right directions. Both of those problems were soon fixed. I drove for 4 hours then Stitch drove the last 4 and now we are in Buffalo.

This is what we are all doing, Michelle is on Facebook (so am I, while also typing this here) and the kids are entertaining their friend by playing Wii with him and just now they are hooking up the x-box for him. So it is almost like being at home. Stitch is sleeping poor baby so tired, he has been up since three, kind of like I have!

>Stay off the tracks!

>I am just issuing that warning since Monday on our way home from the city someone didn’t and got hit by the Amtrak train. So the track was shut down just north of Peekskill for ‘Police Activity’, that’s code for someone got killed and we have to find out why. Well, he/she got hit by a train, so open the track already! Yes, I am a terrible person and should be flogged.

Em called D to see if he would come get us, and he did, then we had to listen to him grip about the excess of construction activity and lack of signs etc on the way home. He also said “Don’t go down to the city again any time soon.” Which is typical of him, this is the first time that we (Em and I) have had a problem with the train since we have been going down. In fact, I come every day and the times there have been a problem are less then 10 in 4 years commuting.
Anyway, I ended up the day with a migraine that was still hanging around Tuesday, mainly cause it wasn’t so bad I wanted to take one of my pills, since I have so few left and don’t want to go to the doctor. I left early from work but didn’t go home, I wanted to see if there were any watches at the Yankee Clubhouse Store. There weren’t and when I got home I was glad there wasn’t because my fan club card was in the mail. I also got a sticker with the Yankee Logo on it, don’t know what I will do with that.
The walk seemed to get rid of the headache, but it must have left me light headed since I agreed to drive the kids out to Buffalo later this month. YIKES! Then I stayed up to 2 am transferring my pictures to my external hard drive. I had a real attack of the stupids.

D left today

Business trip. Em drove him I went along for the ride. I took my little notebook along. Was planning on a nice entry, all I got was:

Going to Newark with D and Em. He going to Toronto. Em wants me to be sure I know way back
I am trying to write down directions as we go but D’s driving makes me sick.

So did you understand any of that? OK I will explain. D left from Newark, and I went with D and Em to the airport. Reason being, when they fly to Puerto Rico, I will be taking them to the airport and Em wanted me to ride along so I could be sure to know the way home. That doesn’t bother me. What worries me is when I have to drive to the airport by myself to pick them up when they are coming home. Did I ever tell you about picking Em up in Buffalo when we lived there? I couldn’t find the airport. Yes, that big place with the planes.

The rest of this evening was spent playing with the Wii, I got Tigger to make a Mii for me. Then I played bowling with Gwen, then tennis with Stitch, then baseball, then I let Tigger take over with the baseball. Then he and Stitch started playing tennis. That is where I left them. I realized it takes awhile to download a movie and I wanted to download a movie for Em and I to watch tomorrow. There was a major snowstorm forecast for tonight but it hasn’t started yet. The snow that is. I was really hoping for a snow day tomorrow.

1502earringsnailsHowever I promised to write more about Manhattan. First, I had the address of the salon wrong, not the address the cross street. As we stood there and looked at the street sign, Em said, I have West down and this is East, that means the salon is on the other side of Central Park. So we had to walk across Central Park and the up Columbus, because you can’t go straight across the park. We had to stop for lunch then. Em was good and had a salad but I was bad and had a burger, but it was good. On to the salon. Em wanted a spa pedicure and when they asked her which kind she was confused, they had 4 different ‘flavors(?)’ of salts, I guess you would call them. I had a regular pedicure but it included getting my legs exfoliated with some citrus smelling stuff. I also got a leg massage, which I told you about. My calves were still sore this morning! Since I have gel nails, I needed a fill so I had to wait to get my nails done. The lady that did my pedicure gave this little girl a manicure, green polish on one hand and sparkly red on the other. Her mother said, “Now when you get your nails done, you can’t bite them.” In a very soft voice the little girl said, “I won’t mom.” Kind of a sighing voice, like, “Mom, you’ve already told me a hundred times.” Of course Em and I think, since she is a former nail biter and I am a friend of a former nail biter, that its not going to work. But the nails looked very pretty. As do mine now, however if I keep talking about manicures and posting pictures of my nails, I am going to have to change the name of my blog to either Fashionista Bella or Nail Diva Bella, and those are the earrings I bought to replace the earrings I lost, and no I didn’t find them, but I did find my hockey puck.

hockypuckIt’s not really a hockey puck. It is a backup for the computer, like a flash drive. It has been ‘lost’ for over a year, and when I tore my bed apart looking for my earrings, cause I was sure they fell out of the pocket of my sweater when I took it off, and I took it off when I was standing at my bed, I found it on the plywood that is under my mattress. I have no idea how it was there for so long and I never saw it, but . . . I now have it, which is good. I can back up my documents now.

>Last day of my trip

>and I am so glad to be going home today, which you can probably tell by the fact I am blogging instead of downstairs enjoying the complementary breakfast.

This is a nice room and it is warm, perhaps a little too warm, the heat has raised dry skin patches on my legs and itching. No tub either. The only mirror is behind the sink so I have to lean across this counter to put in my contacts and put on my make-up which I definitely need cause my nose and surrounding check area look like crap. And since I forgot my bottle of Tylenol®, I had to pay $2 for 4 tablets. I am also bloated from not enough water and too much restaurant/deli food. Not to mention drinking every night!

I have also not had the time or energy to take care of my tag. I have not forgotten I am planning to do that tonight also, or maybe tomorrow. And there was a blog I read that I wanted to comment on. That will also have to wait. Until I do, I leave you with this thought.

>Fell asleep

>Here I am in Albany. Had some meeting today and after we went out, ate some food had some drinks. Came back to my hotel room, took off my jeans and got under the bedspread or comforter with my computer on my lap and promptly fell asleep. Woke up at 11:30.

I tried to keep reading the thread I was reading when I fell asleep but my contacts were cloudy and I couldn’t see it. So I went to take them out and almost couldn’t do it. I did get them out, drank some water, took some Tylenol® and use my inhaler. I need more Tylenol®.

There was a whole story involved with my drive into Albany this morning. Including no gas, no rear window wiper and wandering around the building until I found the room. A. Fuchs rescued me but I am too tired now to relate it. I am not even going to read the rest of the WW thread.

>I don’t know how this happened

>But I have more visitors and more followers. When I go to their blogs, I always think they are so much better and more interesting then mine!

I also have another page in my guestbook, happy days! I get so excited over this little expressions of kindness.

Tomorrow I am going to Albany for three days, I was supposed to pack tonight, but my clothes are not dry. I probably should put them in the dryer, but I hate putting my sweaters in the dryer, I am always afraid they will shrink and look horrible. I guess I will have to put them in for a little bit, if I get most of the wetness out, they will dry by morning and I can throw them in the suitcase.

The other thing of concern is the weather. It was snowing when I got home and as you know, Albany is north of here! I made sure to get a snow brush this time, and they gave me a Ford Escape 4×4, my GPS is working and I got a car power thingy so I can plug in my phone and use Verizon Navigator if I have to.

Now I am going to pack. No sense putting it off.

Had an adventure coming home

Had an adventure coming home, will post details later.
>^. .^<

We left the house when my Dad said we should, not when my Mom said we should. So guess who was right? We were standing in line and waiting and waiting, then I went to the self service kiosk to see if I could use it. I didn’t think I could because there was no ticket number on the e-mail confirmation, but my Dad notices a ‘confirmation’ number, so I put that in and we got our boarding passes in time. We weren’t the last ones on the plane, but we were close to them. I got some really cool cloud pictures flying out of Seattle.

When we finally managed to get out of Seattle that is, our plane was delayed for an hour, we made up time flying to Atlanta, then got turned around in the airport, ended up at baggage claim so we had to go through airport security, by the time we got back into the Concourse area, where the gates are, our plane was long gone. So I called customer service, the next flight to Newburgh was at 8:45 p.m., and there were no seats, we would have to be on standby. That was not acceptable. So I asked about other destinations, there was a plane to Newark, NJ at 5:30 pm. That was better. She was going to charge me $170 per ticket, then she asked why I missed the plane. When I said our flight was delayed out of Seattle, she didn’t charge me.

So it seemed like things were getting better, then, the flight was canceled. Due to bad weather, but it was sunny in New Jersey, so what was up? Turns out there were thunderstorms in Georgia. So we now were leaving Atlanta and 8:20 pm and flying to Newark, NJ. We had to go to another gate. I had monster blisters by now. Don’t wear high heels, even if they are Crocs when flying. We get to the gate, the sign says 9:00 pm. The lady comes and says its wrong, but its not, in the meantime, we noticed that the new boarding passes have us sitting rows apart. Gwen is panicking and I am close behind her.

We haven’t eaten a real meal that day, just some wraps with cream cheese on the plane, so we go get dinner. Turns out to be pretty good. When we come back, the departure gate is changed again, so we start walking around the airport again. Then we get another gate after that, just for good measure. We finally get on the plane, the person sitting next to Gwen agrees to switch seats with me so that is one problem solved, looks like the last one. D and Stitch are there to pick us up in Newark, NJ and we get home Thursday, around 1:00 am. (Remember I have come back to type this) Now you know why the next post says SO HAPPY TO BE HOME!