>and I am so glad to be going home today, which you can probably tell by the fact I am blogging instead of downstairs enjoying the complementary breakfast.

This is a nice room and it is warm, perhaps a little too warm, the heat has raised dry skin patches on my legs and itching. No tub either. The only mirror is behind the sink so I have to lean across this counter to put in my contacts and put on my make-up which I definitely need cause my nose and surrounding check area look like crap. And since I forgot my bottle of Tylenol®, I had to pay $2 for 4 tablets. I am also bloated from not enough water and too much restaurant/deli food. Not to mention drinking every night!

I have also not had the time or energy to take care of my tag. I have not forgotten I am planning to do that tonight also, or maybe tomorrow. And there was a blog I read that I wanted to comment on. That will also have to wait. Until I do, I leave you with this thought.