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Once again I have a Wednesday off where I didn’t get to do what I wanted to do. Well, I managed to get a work-out in, and for that my legs are now killing me, which tells me I need to do this more often.

So lets run through my day, first I got up earlier then I wanted to drive Tigger to school. Then I stopped at Panera to get breakfast and do some blogging with my iPod. My mistake here was checking into Facebook, which let Tigger know where I was, which led him to send me a message asking for him to bring him food from Panera. Which I did, but it took longer then I wanted because there was an accident on Route 9 that had two lanes shut down. Then I came home, got my stuff together and went to Allsport, had a nice workout and shower. Felt good!

My plan was then to go to the library and go online. But the library I went to doesn’t have wifi. The reason I wanted to go online at the library was I knew I wouldn’t be interrupted at the library. Which happened when I came home. I feel like I am an evil person if I send Gwen away even though she says she doesn’t mind. But she is so BORED!! So I put Sims in the computer, but before we could play any Tigger sends me a text message that he needs to be picked up.

After I got home I once again sat down to come online and once again was interrupted, this time to go to the grocery store for Em. And now that I am here, all I can remember of what I was going to say is …. nothing.

And that’s all, says she.


>I have no idea

>Why do I procrastinate? It is never a good idea. I procrastinate at work and instead of one pile of work to do, now I have three. Three very large piles of paperwork that has to get done.

Writing here is also one of those things. I even had an idea of what I wanted to write, I had a couple of ideas. When I came downstairs, I turned on my computer and put Sims3 in. (Sims3 is the devil you know) Then I turned it off after my girl got pregnant, but I didn’t save it cause I really didn’t want her to have a baby. But I still didn’t come here, I started reading posts on other forums I am a member of, when I finally came to this blog, instead of signing in and typing my blog I scroll down to my blog roll and started reading the recent posts.

Of course by the time I got here, I had completely forgotten what I was going to say. Something about Twitter and Facebook and Sept. 11, 2001.

So you can blame my crappy writing on my procrastination, don’t blame it on the fact that I have been up since 4:45 after only getting 3 hours sleep. I need a nap. Unfortunately, that’s all I will get before I have to go back to work.

>Sims 3

>Is a computer game, called Sims because it is a game that simulates something. DUH! In this case it simulates life. You create families, or you can use the ones that come with the game.

Recently it was on sale at Target so I bought it. I put off for a long time because of the price, it was $50 for a long time and because I tend to play such games for hours and hours. Just a tad obsessive. I promised myself I wouldn’t do it this time. So now I have 11 minutes to finish typing this post so I keep my word that I will post everyday. This is not the post I intended to write. I also was going to go to Target and get oatmeal. So Sims is sucking me in.

Also, I got the app for Words with Friends and am playing that with some people from Twitter. I am losing quite spectacularly.

What else was I going to say? Oh yes, D and Tigger are going to Vegas tomorrow. In order to make life easy for them, I am getting up at 4:45 a.m. so I can catch the 5:32 train so Stitch can drive them to the airport. I’m not really wonderful, I just want to have breakfast at Starbucks in the morning since I forgot to get oatmeal.

>and with this post

>I am caught up. Today was a recovery day. I didn’t mention that sometime this week, after Tigger sent me several requests, and made a few in person, I gave them my Sims game. Then I went to Target to buy Sims2. I have played it a few times, but the family I made, which is actually just a couple, seems to have bug in it. I have gotten them to the point were they are sleeping in the same bed, but then I can’t get them to wake up! Even when everything gets totally red, they don’t die, the game just keeps running! They don’t show up in the family panel so I can’t delete them. I hope I don’t have to un-install then install again.

I was the only one who went to church, the rest of the day was spent on Facebook and other computer things. Fred asked me if I had fixed the problem with my family. I said I haven’t even been on it at all today. Maybe tomorrow night, except I have to dye my roots tomorrow because Tuesday is the concert.

D left today

Business trip. Em drove him I went along for the ride. I took my little notebook along. Was planning on a nice entry, all I got was:

Going to Newark with D and Em. He going to Toronto. Em wants me to be sure I know way back
I am trying to write down directions as we go but D’s driving makes me sick.

So did you understand any of that? OK I will explain. D left from Newark, and I went with D and Em to the airport. Reason being, when they fly to Puerto Rico, I will be taking them to the airport and Em wanted me to ride along so I could be sure to know the way home. That doesn’t bother me. What worries me is when I have to drive to the airport by myself to pick them up when they are coming home. Did I ever tell you about picking Em up in Buffalo when we lived there? I couldn’t find the airport. Yes, that big place with the planes.

The rest of this evening was spent playing with the Wii, I got Tigger to make a Mii for me. Then I played bowling with Gwen, then tennis with Stitch, then baseball, then I let Tigger take over with the baseball. Then he and Stitch started playing tennis. That is where I left them. I realized it takes awhile to download a movie and I wanted to download a movie for Em and I to watch tomorrow. There was a major snowstorm forecast for tonight but it hasn’t started yet. The snow that is. I was really hoping for a snow day tomorrow.

1502earringsnailsHowever I promised to write more about Manhattan. First, I had the address of the salon wrong, not the address the cross street. As we stood there and looked at the street sign, Em said, I have West down and this is East, that means the salon is on the other side of Central Park. So we had to walk across Central Park and the up Columbus, because you can’t go straight across the park. We had to stop for lunch then. Em was good and had a salad but I was bad and had a burger, but it was good. On to the salon. Em wanted a spa pedicure and when they asked her which kind she was confused, they had 4 different ‘flavors(?)’ of salts, I guess you would call them. I had a regular pedicure but it included getting my legs exfoliated with some citrus smelling stuff. I also got a leg massage, which I told you about. My calves were still sore this morning! Since I have gel nails, I needed a fill so I had to wait to get my nails done. The lady that did my pedicure gave this little girl a manicure, green polish on one hand and sparkly red on the other. Her mother said, “Now when you get your nails done, you can’t bite them.” In a very soft voice the little girl said, “I won’t mom.” Kind of a sighing voice, like, “Mom, you’ve already told me a hundred times.” Of course Em and I think, since she is a former nail biter and I am a friend of a former nail biter, that its not going to work. But the nails looked very pretty. As do mine now, however if I keep talking about manicures and posting pictures of my nails, I am going to have to change the name of my blog to either Fashionista Bella or Nail Diva Bella, and those are the earrings I bought to replace the earrings I lost, and no I didn’t find them, but I did find my hockey puck.

hockypuckIt’s not really a hockey puck. It is a backup for the computer, like a flash drive. It has been ‘lost’ for over a year, and when I tore my bed apart looking for my earrings, cause I was sure they fell out of the pocket of my sweater when I took it off, and I took it off when I was standing at my bed, I found it on the plywood that is under my mattress. I have no idea how it was there for so long and I never saw it, but . . . I now have it, which is good. I can back up my documents now.

>The Boys Are Fighting! >^. .^<


The boys are fighting!

We got a Wii, and what do the boys decide to play first thing, when playing against each other? Boxing!

>Inauguration Day

>Important day in history. I watched it at work, both bosses were watching it, people were coming by and soon the little conference room was filled. I don’t know why, but I kept thinking about movies. Looking at Obama’s little girls I started thinking about that movie, I dated the President’s Daughter. Then watching Itzhak Perlman and YoYo Ma play that little piece of music, first I thought about Music of the Heart, then I started thinking, Stitch could have wrote something better.

Anyway, it is late and I am tired. Too much online game playing. I should really go to bed now. Have to take out my contacts and wash my face.

Hopefully I will have a better post tomorrow. And hopefully I won’t break another nail tomorrow!

>The Classic Dames Test

>Is another of those tests that makes the circuit of blogs, like the “What type of reader are you?” that is going around the book blogs. I have my results posted on my reading blog.

Today I actually got up on time. The only thing icky was my period started. Yuck, but not a big mess just yuk. Gwen rode with me and home with me, we stopped for soup and was going to stop for gas but I forgot, so after I dropped her off I went to go get some. We were going to do the Bible reading, but D wanted her to help him with putting plastic on the windows so I came downstairs. Did a few things on my computer, we did it, then dinner and now I am here. I was thinking about Allsport, but I did too much yesterday, after a month of not going, I should have just picked up where I stopped.

Not much else to say, I guess I will check my message boards and then play my game some more. Then I will read. And be back here tomorrow.

>made it to allsport

>I had been planning to go all day. Then I went on my game, just for a few minutes, and someone started talking to me, then when I was almost ready to leave my boyfriend came online so I stayed a little longer, I finally got out the door.

The roads were icky because it has been snowing all day. As I drove up I was afraid they would be closed, they weren’t so I got my workout and showered, of course now my legs are itching because of the dry skin problem I have in winter, anyway, I got a workout in and Em didn’t. After I went to Starbucks, as is now my routine, go to Allsport, stop for a non-fat latte. As for the exercise and WW progress, I forgot to weigh myself last week, but my jeans are a wee bit looser. That is a nice feeling.

Tigger got some songs and sent them to me, he was going to put some songs Em got on my I-Pod Nano but D was on the computer. He can do that later, no rush. Maybe when I go up for dinner, which will be soon. Speaking of Tigger, he knocked on my door and asked if I could help him. When I opened my door, the cat was on his back and he was bent over, so I pushed Butterscotch off him. He and Stitch will not stand up when the cat is on their back. They are afraid he will scratch them. Silly boys.

>My post for today

>I am having trouble posting because I am trying to play my game at the same time, and I keep losing my place.

Ok, we are having a break now. Had a very cold day today. It seems to me that the winters are getting colder here. Part of the problem was I wore the wrong coat, I read the temperature wrong on the text message so I wore my blue coat and I was freezing! When I got home, all I wanted to do was curl up and go to sleep. The cold air was also making my lungs unhappy and I had that tight feeling in my chest. So after everyone had left I took a long hot shower. After that, even with a sweatshirt and a sweater on I was cold. So I had some toast and tea and then came down here to sit under my blankets.

My awards are all handed out now. I checked some people’s blogs and there were no awards on them so I hope they are not upset I gave them one. If they want to ignore it that is perfectly all right with me.

Anyway, I need to get back to my game. I will write more tomorrow.