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You know what Smurfs are right? Well they were in my iPhone today. I can’t prove it because I couldn’t see them, but I know they were here.

One of the first things I do when I get to work is check my personal e-mail. Since our internet use is monitored, I check it on my iPhone. I have 5 e-mail accounts, checking them on my iPhone is easy because I have all the accounts synced and I can look at all of them at once. An error message was popping up that my user name or password was incorrect, for just one of the accounts; also I hadn’t changed my user name or password. Those two facts, that it was only one account and I hadn’t changed my password lead me to the only logical conclusion.


As soon as they realized I could still check my mail through the web browser on my iPhone, they gave up their little game and I was able to check through the e-mail icon. Can’t trust anyone whose natural color is blue. Just ask any Star Trek captain.


>Star Trek is #1!

>2009 Box Office figures, thus far:

Star Trek : $194,828,380
Monsters Vs. Aliens : $193,972,168
Wolverine : $166,381,907 4,102
Fast and Furious : $153,673,510 3,674
Paul Blart: Mall Cop : $146,336,178
Taken : $144,803,118 3,184
Watchmen : $107,507,846 3,611
He’s Just Not That Into You : $93,927,443
Angels & Demons : $91,641,163 3,527

O.K., I know I said no more Trek, but this is the very last one. I promise.

>One last Star Trek post

>YouTube Video Hilarious, must watch.

>Star Trek Movie SPOILERS

>I know some of you are tired of my posts about Star Trek, this is the last one I promise. Maybe.

If you have not seen the movie and are planning to see it, PLEASE, do not read any further! The rest of this post may contain spoilers.

Cause I saw the movie and have some things I want to say, I belong to a Star Trek Forum and we have been discussing the movie. Most of us like it, the following is what I said about it.

A question and some thoughts.

  • First the question, I thought Orions were green skinned with dark hair, but the female in the movie was a red head (which looked really bad by the way) so am I wrong or was this a mistake?
  • Spock is having an affair with Uhura! Wow, didn’t see that one coming.
  • I thought Sulu’s sword was totally kickass. He pulled it out and it telescoped out, very cool, and I am not the only one who thought so.
  • I also thought it was very unsporting of him to stab that guy in the back, but he was a bad guy and trying to kill Kirk so I got over it (real fast). I also said this to Gwen, about it being unsporting. She gave me this “Get real.” look.
  • I loved the trademark expressions, Dr. McKoy, “I’m a doctor Jim!”, Mr. Scott, “I’m givin’ ya all she’s got Capt’n!”
  • I covered my face during the bug scene (so I wouldn’t scream like a little girl). Those who have seen the movie know what I am talking about, those who don’t but are Star Trek fans and are reading this despite my warnings, remember the Wrath of Khan? O.K. now you know what I am talking about.
  • One of my favorite lines: I want to explain this scene, the Romulan (bad guy), who is bigger and stronger then humans, has Kirk by the throat, he is saying how weak and puny humans are, “You can’t even speak.” Kirk is trying to say something, so the Romulan (who is smirking this whole time) eases up so Kirk can speak and Kirk says: “I got your gun.” I’m sure I don’t have to say what happens next. Exit bad guy.
  • I still want to snog Spock. I posted on the forum the day Leonard Nimoy was on the Today Show that Ann Curry hugged him and I was jealous. Of course someone asked, “Of Ann Curry?” I replied Yes then I added, “I would not pass up a chance to snog Spock.” Therefore, this is why after seeing the movie I said I still want to.

>It’s true: the new “Star Trek” prequel movie is really,really good. “The spirit of adventure and embrace ofrationality that define the show are in full swing,” writes Manohla Dargis, “as are the chicks in minis and kicky boots.” The J.J. Abrams remake has big-budget action and effects, and a story with “emotional and dramatic force as well some generous laughs,” thanks largely to the newcomers playing Spock and Kirk. “Steering clear of outright imitation,” Ms. Dargis writes, “the two young actors instead distill the characters to capture their essence,their Kirk-ness and Spock-ness.” Go see for yourself before the inevitable SNL parody.

>Just got in from watching the New Star Trek movie, but it is about the old Star Trek, as in it goes back to the beginning of Kirk, before he was Captain Kirk. Anyway, I saw this picture, and so I copied it to put here, enjoy!

course I really have a crush on Spock.


>Today was going to be a great day, a day I didn’t have to do anything, until I woke up with a headache, so I took Tigger and we went out, first I stopped at Starbucks to get a coffee, hoping the caffeine would knock out the headache, then we went up to the mall, I wanted to get a new flash drive, for a little bit more I got this.

It has a ton more storage space and is more what I wanted. I got that at Best Buy and looked at the net books while I was there. I saw one I really want. Then went to Target and got the other stuff I wanted then stopped at the gas station for gas and more caffeine, it didn’t help, I took a Maxalt when I got home and laid down, then got up, thinking I needed something to eat, I made some toast, couldn’t eat it, went back to bed, got up again and had some Star Trek cereal dry, that worked and the headache was finally gone.

So not that it is time to go to bed I am feeling good!


>Sorry to put a post so close to the other one, but that post was for yesterday and this post is for today. First off we had to go to Newburgh for the Special Assembly Day, so I had to pack my lunch and I was running around like I usually do. I put my lunch in my insulated bag and put the blue ice thing in it. I went in my bedroom to put my eye makeup on and as I was putting the mascara back into the bag, I noticed something blue all over my hands! My ice pack thingy had a hole in it. Fortunately I didn’t get it all over, just all over hands which were then dyed blue. That stuff does not wash off at least not right away.

Last night I joined the forum the boys are on all the time. Tigger kept insisting. Today after we got home, I checked my e-mail and Red-Lady had invited to join Facebook. Stitch is on, I didn’t tell him I know. So I joined Facebook. I just put a bunch of the pictures from Manhattan on it but I couldn’t get to all of them on my computer. My name there is Bella Foxx, or you could just scroll down to the button and click on it.

I started this post, then I fell asleep. I was going to go to bed, but after I washed my face, took out my contacts and sneaked upstairs to get a snack (I got grapes, not what I wanted, I wanted Star Trek cereal) I felt more awake and got my computer back out to finish this. Now I am dead tired and going to bed.

>No work today

>Today was a day off work for me. I had a doctor’s appointment middle of the afternoon so I took the whole day. In the morning Gwen and I ran errands, oops I forgot, that was after I downloaded about 40 free books from the Sony E-Store. We had lunch then went to Target because I wanted to get a fork and spoon for work. I couldn’t find any in with the dishes, just sets, then I had the crazy idea to look in camping supplies. There was an Eddie Bauer knife, fork and spoon in a little carrying case. Gwen saw a ‘camping’ Swiss Army tool, it has a fork and spoon, a bottle opener and little knife. She thought that would be handy for college, it is a good size, small enough to carry with her and big enough she won’t lose in in her bag. So we (I) got both. Then we went to the bank and to the library, the Star Trek Voyager DVD’s were in. Then we came home and I took a quick bath and remembered I was out of conditioner. So after the doctor’s visit I went back to Target to get conditioner for my hair.

Is anyone awake? Is anyone still reading this?

Well just two more things I wanted to say. Last night when Stitch, Gwen and I were driving home, Gwen was in the front and Stitch was in the back, Gwen started to tell me about when they were watching Anne of Green Gables, the rest of the DVD’s she got from the library, all of a sudden Stitch pipes up from the back seat, “No! Don’t tell her!” Gwen continues, “Stitch cried 3 times.

Then today, while I was sitting waiting for the Doctor in the examining room, I was thinking, “I went to the bathroom and peed before my bath, then I got dressed and drove to the doctor’s office. When I got to the doctor’s office they wanted a urine sample, so I peed again, so how come with all that peeing and no drinking, why do I now feel like I have to pee?”

That’s that’s all folks.