>Today was going to be a great day, a day I didn’t have to do anything, until I woke up with a headache, so I took Tigger and we went out, first I stopped at Starbucks to get a coffee, hoping the caffeine would knock out the headache, then we went up to the mall, I wanted to get a new flash drive, for a little bit more I got this.

It has a ton more storage space and is more what I wanted. I got that at Best Buy and looked at the net books while I was there. I saw one I really want. Then went to Target and got the other stuff I wanted then stopped at the gas station for gas and more caffeine, it didn’t help, I took a Maxalt when I got home and laid down, then got up, thinking I needed something to eat, I made some toast, couldn’t eat it, went back to bed, got up again and had some Star Trek cereal dry, that worked and the headache was finally gone.

So not that it is time to go to bed I am feeling good!