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>Two days late

>Oh I am two days late with the prize giving. But I have an excuse. I am a girl and I was having ‘girl problems’. Enough said, if you’re a girl, you know. So I will be sending out e-mails for the winners, and I changed my mind and I am going to keep letting the world know the state of affairs (or lack there-of) in my life.


>If you want to win one of the 4 $25 gift cards (generic, can be used anywhere) send an e-mail to: bellabfoxx @ aol . com (you know how e-mail address are, remove the spaces) telling me how you found my blog and what you like about it.

The gift card will either be a physical gift card or an e-gift card. Your choice.

This is important, I need an address to send you anything. Your address will not be published, I won’t even keep it after the giveaway is over.

Happy e-mailing!

After this giveaway is over, this blog will be shut down.

>Making things easy

>Someone tweeted me saying they wanted to enter my giveaway but couldn’t comment on my blog. What can I say, I put restrictions on comments because I got spammed. So I’m changing the rules.

If you want to win one of the 4 $25 gift cards (generic, can be used anywhere) send an e-mail to: bellabfoxx @ aol . com (you know how e-mail address are, remove the spaces) telling me how you found my blog and what you like about it. 

This is important, I need an address to send you anything. Your address will not be published, I won’t even keep it after the giveaway is over.

Happy e-mailing!

— Sent from my Palm Pre


>My Blogoversary is coming up. I have been doing this for four years now. I can’t believe I am still coming up with fascinating stuff to write. (QuiET! My blog my delusions.)

This year instead of just cake I am giving away 4 gift cards. Each will be for $25. (Hey I’m a poor civil servant, who might be unemployed come January) There are two rules and only one way to enter. 1) Comments must be left on this blog (not Facebook, not Twitter, this blog post) 2) You must leave your e-mail so I can contact you. (If you don’t want your e-mail posted on my blog, let me know in your comment and I will not post your comment).

The way to enter is to post a comment about this blog (you know feed my ego) either something you like about it, how you found it etc.

I will pick 4 winners and notify them by e-mail.

I didn’t make it

Those of you who have been reading my blog know that today is the first day of the pilot program: “Compressed Work Period”. I don’t think I have really explained it. What that means is, instead of working 10 days in a pay period, I will be working 9 days. Of course I will be working more hours per day, one week is 8 hours a day for 5 days, the next week is 8.75 hours a day for 4 days. So today was the first day I had to catch the 5:57 train to get to work at 8:00 a.m. Yes, I know I have a long commute.

Anyway, the only problem was some jerk in a monster SUV that thought he could park in the middle of the drop off spot so no one else could pull in there. I was going to blast my horn at him(yes it was a him, despite the plate saying ‘LADYTAZ’) but, my horn doesn’t blast, it cutely beeps. Anyway, I got into work at 7:50 a.m. so I wasn’t too miffed. So why did I title this post I didn’t make it? My goal was to leave the house with all my make-up on so I wouldn’t have to take my bag to work and put it on there. That didn’t happen, so tomorrow I try again. However, since I did make the early train, I treated myself to a yogurt parfait and Awake tea at Starbucks.

Also I (finally!) got my gifts from SEFA. I got a travel mug. This pretty key ring, that I decided to use, not hang on my wall with the rest of my key rings, And lastly this combo ruler and calculator, which I don’t really know what I will do with it.

Some of you may find this interesting, of all the pictures in this blog, the turquoise cup and the key ring were taken with my phone, the pictures wouldn’t turn out when I took them with my camera.

>My niece is having a baby

>I think I already mentioned that. Anyway, here is the card I sent her, I got it at Borders. The inside is blank, I don’t remember exactly what I said. I also included a gift card from Target. Well, I said I wasn’t going to send her any money, I didn’t say anything about anything else.

On another note, another person signed my guest book! That makes me so happy! I now have 13 slides in my book, which means I really have 12 guests since one is of me. Well, OK, 11, one person signed twice.

>Books and Prezzies from Cookie!


My friend Cookie sent me the following books and presents.

She had promised me these books a while back, but since then she has had some major health problems and her husband died, so I thought she had forgotten, so then I kind of forgot, then I got this big box in the mail from her. I couldn’t figure out why.

Two books: Dearly Devoted Dexter and Dexter in the Dark by Jeff Lindsay; a miniature calendar with kitties on it (I gave it to Gwen, she thought it was soooo cute!), a cardboard tea pot, two tea bags and a magnet. I was bowled over by her kindness.

Then I opened the first Dexter book (it is actually the 2nd in the series, but I have already read the first) and inside was a bookmark! So I am using the bookmark in the Dexter book I am reading and will continue to use it. Hopefully I won’t lose it or leave it in a book when I return it to the library.

Incidently, neither of these books apply to any of the challenges I am currently doing, nor does the book I just asked MaryAnn for, I just love Dexter and Agatha.

Getting ready for bed

I was washing my face, or brushing my teeth, and thought of something I wanted to post here, not only do I not remember it now, I forgot it before I left the bathroom. I was standing there looking at myself in the mirror saying, what was it? What was I going to say? It is completely gone.

Tonight I did just the AMT. But I wore my new skort, I like it for exercising, very comfortable. Need to let my aching muscles heal. I have been getting all kinds of advise for my muscles. A lady at the gym said to eat a banana beforehand, the potassium helps. My boss said to get Whey Protein Powder and mix it in water, 20 grams of protein, because if I am cutting calories I am probably not getting enough protein. I have not done either, and I don’t think I will have time to get any WPP before I go to work out tomorrow. Tomorrow I am trying to do 15 to 20 minutes on the elliptical and the whole Nautilus circuit.

Well, I took a picture of the blanket I knitted, it is in the camera, I wrapped the blanket in pink tissue paper then white paper with a bunch of cute saying on it, and stuck it in a gift bag, the bag is kind of yellow. Too much pink gives me a rash. I can’t decide if I am going to get a card. I know I should, I am just getting a little short on cash right now.

After the gym I went to Kohls. I got three tops, one brown cotton skirt (short) and another skort for working out. It was cheaper there than at Target, it was 50% off. I think I will wear it tomorrow.

Dear Keith and Tammy,

Yes a card from me! And on time but then you [did] tell my Dad I needed a G.P.S.

Did my mom tell you I am coming out end of May? Gwen is going to come with me. I am already getting excited. Probably because Gwen is excited. She has already bought gifts for Gigi and is planning to get my parents a nice card and have the whole family sign it.

Enjoy your souvenir of NY.


(new page)

Tigger is bugging me to death, first he wants to use my computer. Then he wants me to download songs for him. Then he is telling me how I can e-mail the card and letter. He [had] no suggestions for e-mailing the notebook. He just said it was really cool and he would like one.

I have told him several times to leave me alone.

Goodbye again.


no pics

My replacement phone came, and it works, but I still can’t send pictures to it. So I will have to take pictures to use as wallpaper. Sigh. I sent that e-mail to my blog just to see how it works. I have to add the address to my personal e-mail service. Well, now I have to write my card to Tammy so I can mail it tomorrow. I think their anniversary is the 5th so I want it to get there in time. I got her a very pretty card and a small notebook with New York on the cover as kind of a New York souvenir. I am going to go scan the card and post it here. BRB

That is a ribbon down the side of the card. Kind of cool huh? I think she will like it.