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Dear Keith and Tammy,

Yes a card from me! And on time but then you [did] tell my Dad I needed a G.P.S.

Did my mom tell you I am coming out end of May? Gwen is going to come with me. I am already getting excited. Probably because Gwen is excited. She has already bought gifts for Gigi and is planning to get my parents a nice card and have the whole family sign it.

Enjoy your souvenir of NY.


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Tigger is bugging me to death, first he wants to use my computer. Then he wants me to download songs for him. Then he is telling me how I can e-mail the card and letter. He [had] no suggestions for e-mailing the notebook. He just said it was really cool and he would like one.

I have told him several times to leave me alone.

Goodbye again.


no pics

My replacement phone came, and it works, but I still can’t send pictures to it. So I will have to take pictures to use as wallpaper. Sigh. I sent that e-mail to my blog just to see how it works. I have to add the address to my personal e-mail service. Well, now I have to write my card to Tammy so I can mail it tomorrow. I think their anniversary is the 5th so I want it to get there in time. I got her a very pretty card and a small notebook with New York on the cover as kind of a New York souvenir. I am going to go scan the card and post it here. BRB

That is a ribbon down the side of the card. Kind of cool huh? I think she will like it.