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Just viewed my blog online. Instead of my pictures there is a notification “Please update your account to enable 3rd party hosting”. Oh all right says I, so I type the link into my browser and go to Photobucket – $399. Yes, $400 to use my photos on my blog. What the actual fuck? When I can just download my pictures and post them on my blog. I really don’t think so. 


Because I have an imperfect brain

I forgot something about the 59th Street station when I typed that post. I transfer from there to the “F” train to go to Roosevelt Island. What is unusual is one has to walk to the 63rd Street station to get on the “F” train, this is one of the few stations where there is a ‘free transfer’ option. If you swipe with the same Metrocard you used to get on the first train, there is no additional charge. I don’t think of this because I have a 30-day unlimited card, but if you pay per ride this is a nice feature.

Now we get to the 51st Street station. Nothing really remarkable about this station, nicely kept up and a news stand, but no pretty pictures in the tile, unless, you look at the tile in the number sign, I like how they use different types of blue tile, some shiny some matte, makes for a nice effect.

Here’s a close-up of the blue tile.

This was the last stop for me this trip, the next stop on the green train is Grand Central Terminal. At Grand Central there are many tiles with “42” on them, they are just white tile with black letters. I found a picture on my flash drive.

So I hope you have enjoyed this trip on the ‘Evil Green Train’. Now I am trying to decide if I should continue past 42nd Street for my next series or if I should pick another train line. Stay tuned.

Back to hell er my commute

The next stop is 59th Steet. A little better shape then the previous station. I have used this station, there is a library near here that I have been to.
There is some pretty tile here.

And a newstand and most importantly,

Not only can you transfer to an express here, you can change directions. There is a tunnel under the track. If you realize you are going uptown and need to go downtown, you can walk to the other side and not have to pay again. I would prefer to run across Lexington in front of 50 speeding cabs before I would walk through this tunnel. But this is the Evil Green Train or the Train From Hell, so why would I walk under it?

The reason this post was so long in coming is this: after I took all the pictures I noticed some shoes at this station, but they weren’t in the photos I took. It was perplexing, but I figured it out, when I took the pictures I was on the local, I take the express to work and that is when I saw the shoes. The reason I couldn’t get a picture before tonight was because the green is always so crowded (every day!) that I couldn’t take pictures from the train and since I was on my way to work I couldn’t get off and wait. Today I went down to the express platform and took these picture.

Since I live in the city, I still take the train when I want to go somewhere. Sunday I was hanging with a friend, we ended up at Port Authority, after getting shakes at Shake Shack (caramel, so good) where we parted ways. I now had two choices, either get on the shuttle to GCT or walk down 42nd Street. Through about 6 billion tourists, all the tourists in the world were in Time Square on Sunday. That may be an exaggeration. Saturday I bought this nifty bag and in my bag I had my camera.

These pictures were taken inside Port Authority, on the Subway side of it, not the bus side. I don’t know if these circles mean anything, I just thought they were pretty.

This is another stop that I have never gotten off at. This sign looks nice but, This picture seems to indicate that this station is not on the cities priorities of maintenance. Overall a rather depressing place.

77th Street stop, I don’t think I have ever gotten off the subway here.

The only thing here is Lenox Hill Hospital. If I have to go to the hospital, I’m going in style, in an ambulance with lights and sirens!

Live music! They were willing to let me take their picture, one asked me if it was going on You-Tube. They played a cool song, I wish I had written it down because now I can’t remember. There is also a news stand here, I didn’t take a picture because the man seemed kind of grumpy, I just bought a blue Gatorade and went on my merry way.

86th Street is the next stop, here you can transfer to the 4 or 5 trains. You will still be on the green train, but the 4 and 5 are express trains. This makes them evil on speed. They go the same direction but they make different stops when you get to Brooklyn or the Bronx.

This is something you need to know on the subway, you do not travel north or south. You go uptown or downtown. Uptown takes you to the Bronx, Downtown takes you to Brooklyn. We are not discussing Queens, the green train does not go to Queens.

This is a Mets hat. This is a good place for a Mets hat, any other team the owner would have climbed down into the muck to get the hat but Mets fans ….. I might be a little biased.

Here are some examples of the ornate tile work. If you click on the pictures they will get bigger. Don’t worry it’s safe, it just links to a full-size image, you won’t go to another website.

The beginning of evil

My journey begins at the 96th Street Subway station. Today I rode the train to Grand Central Terminal and took pictures of all the stops. I took pictures of the tile work mainly and will provide commentary and tips for surviving the NYC Subway system.

All the subway stations have signs like this, blue tile surrounding the number of the station. This is the station I come to every morning to go to work.

This station has a waiting room. This is how it looks from the track.

This is the picture that proves my contention that the green train is evil, I don’t know if you can see but there are butterflies coming out of her mouth. This is a movie I would never ever ever go see.

These are the tiles I was looking for to take pictures of, some of the stations have pretty pictures in tiles, I thought all of them did, I guess I just wasn’t paying attention because as you will see, not all of them do.

Ground Zero Museum

1155 Ground0Museum 0324 1157 Ground0Museum 0324 1158  Ground0Museum 0324 1159  Ground0Museum 0324 1160 Ground0Museum 0324 1161 Ground0Museum 0324 1162 Ground0Museum 0324 1163 Ground0Museum 0324 1164 Ground0Museum 0324 1165 Ground0Museum 0324 1166 Ground0Museum Glass 0324

What I learned today

I learned how to embed tweets.

Isn’t that cool? As for what I was tweeting, I put paper clips in the olive jar and binder clips in the tea tin. I put labels on them too with my handy dandy label maker.

Yes I didn’t feel like working today.