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NYC subway like no other

It always starts this way.

“Excuse me I hate to bother you.” Then why are you? “I’m two chapters away from completing my book.” That’s a new one. “I am writing about homeless black Muslims. I am a homeless black Muslim man.” Shocked I tell you, I am shocked. “I just need $20 for some turkey bacon, pancakes, and eggs for my wife and I. If you don’t have cash I have Cash App.” WHAT?

Of course there was more. He loves everybody. Blacks, whites, Asians. Christians, Atheists. How do I know this? He only told us about 5 times in the time it took to go from 86th St to 72nd St on the Q train.


Just viewed my blog online. Instead of my pictures there is a notification “Please update your account to enable 3rd party hosting”. Oh all right says I, so I type the link into my browser and go to Photobucket – $399. Yes, $400 to use my photos on my blog. What the actual fuck? When I can just download my pictures and post them on my blog. I really don’t think so. 

Before anyone jumps all over my shit, I know my definition of a bad day is nowhere near as bad as some people’s bad day. Some people have cancer, some people are abused, some people are homeless, have no healthcare, have no friends, voted for Trump and now realize he lied to them. OK that last group I have lost all sympathy for. If you are stupid enough to believe his lies, you deserve all the pain you get.

Whew. Today started good, no work, so no getting up early, in fact I didn’t get up to lunchtime. That’s when the shit hit the fan. It look like I had spilled coffee on my kitchen counter, but to the left of my sink and my coffee maker is to the right of my sink. Then I smelled the liquid and it smelled like vinegar, but I don’t have vinegar in my apartment because I am allergic to it. Then I thought, maybe I spilled beer, you know, maybe I poured a glass of beer, didn’t drink it and when I poured it out I missed the sink (could happen right?), so I started to clean it up, picking up the things on my counter and rinsing them and mopping up the spill, then I noticed it was all over the wall, and on the underside of my cabinets! What the actual FUCK happened here?

I had been boiling water to cook pasta for my lunch. I turned off the water, I cleared off my table, moved everything from my counters to the table and washed the counters and my wall. The liquid seemed to be coming from behind my kitchen cabinets. I looked above them and there were no stains so it wasn’t coming from the apartment above. That leaves only one explanation. Demons. My apartment is possessed by demons. I briefly considered calling my landlord, but decided against it.

Then I got diarrhea, while doing my laundry.


My plan was to log on tonight and clean up my blogs.

Today I went on WordPress and was appalled at how I had been neglecting my blogs. I started a new one to separate my stories from my crafts (because they are free so why not?) and saw how outdated they were. I was ashamed and decided that tonight I would fix that.

When I got home I …. started knitting. My red hat was just not turning out the way I wanted it to and so I had to start another. Then I opened my laptop and clicked on Chrome …. and nothing happened. An hour later after downloading and trying to reinstall, still nothing. I am fucking pissed.

Right now I am using Opera. But I couldn’t figure out how to transfer my bookmarks and of COURSE, I don’t have the websites names written down.

This is my life.

On the subway

There is no place like New York and nothing like the NYC subway system. I have determined there are three types of people that talk to me on the subway.

There are the people who ask for money. From what they say, none of them do drugs, none of them drink, all have suffered some unimaginable tragedy and can’t get government assistance.

There are the people asking me for directions. “Do I look like Google maps?”

There are the people offering to help find your train, this is usually followed by a request for money, so they could fall into the first category. What is really annoying is some of them feel they need to lead you to the correct train and “STOP TOUCHING ME”. I should get a medal for not stabbing people.

Then there is your random crazy person, like the tall skinny black man that told me I was “a white whore and you’re going to die of AIDS and cancer.” And the woman who offered me oral sex. She was convinced I would love it and I was just, “Ew no, germs.” Like I said, I should get a medal.

Then there was

On the subway, a lady with ash blond hair with dark roots wearing a headband with gold roses on it. She looked like she could have been the high priestess of some obscure religion. Or just making a fashion statement, like, “I’ll wear roses in my hair if I want too. Nobody can stop me.” Then she got off off at 77th St. I must find out if any out of the box religions have a temple or something there.

It’s very possible I was drunk when I made the above observations. At least that’s what I wrote on the page after that.

Yes I got an iPhone5, I actually got it two days before I thought I could, so I took it on my vacation. A vacation that I ended up coming home early from because of, well, lets just say craziness. I’m not sure what set off the craziness, it might have been me ……

After Sandy was the nor’easter, then I got asked to help with mapping the houses that needed rebuilding, which lead to overtime, which I haven’t been paid for which means I am now screwed, its complicated and since I came through this storm rather well off I am not going into the details. Lot less heartache for me to deal with that many.

Speaking of heartache, Sandy Hook Elementary School in everyone’s thoughts these days, then I just read about firefighters being shot when responding to a house fire, in a world where a person can shoot 20 5 and 6 year olds should we be surprised that another person would shoot firefighters? The police responded but before the firefighter could get back to fighting the fire it spread to 3 houses and a car. No deaths reported except for the firefighters that got SHOT.

No subway stories today, I haven’t been on it much since I was on vacation where there are no subways, just roads and cars and idiot drivers. Now I am back and have things to do here.

Signing off, back to the subways Thursday.

Coney Island

After living 20 years 60 miles north of NYC, numerous Saturday trips and living in the UES for a year, I made it to Coney Island. I wanted to ride the Cyclone. I had no desire to take this ride.

Did you think I was going to say ‘green’? Specifically, it is not easy being a single girl living in New York. I don’t know how it is elsewhere. The only other place I lived by myself was Buffalo and I had no problems going out because I never went out because there is nothing to do in Buffalo.

In New York there is plenty to do, especially since in this neighborhood, especially since this is a relatively nice neighborhood. There is a place near hear that has mac-n-cheese, which I am not supposed to have, but sometimes I crave it, so I go there. Actually I used to go there, I will never go there again. Twice I have been harassed there. By the same man, he is a vile nasty creeper, one time he tried to follow me home. The homeless guy helped me out. The second time by what he said I got a very good mental picture of just how big a jerk he is. So this place is scratched off my list of places to go.

The second place I had trouble was at Yankee stadium. I see no reason why I shouldn’t go to games by myself. As far as I know I am not breaking any rules. With all the other fans there, you’re not really all alone anyway. So first this guy starts off by insisting I have to have a boyfriend. No I don’t, what the hell do you care anyway? Nasty little s*** that thinks he’s badass cause he lives in the Bronx. I don’t have a boyfriend, I don’t want a boyfriend, I don’t need a boyfriend. Then he starts asking me all these personal questions, which of course I don’t answer honestly, there is no way I am telling a complete stranger (a creepy one at that) personal details about me. Then he starts keeping track of the ‘lies’. ‘That’s three times you lied to me.’ Then I find out the seats he’s sitting in aren’t even his seats, the person who had those seats came to the game, so he moved. Here’s the kicker, as I’m watching him for the rest of the game, to make sure he doesn’t come near me again and I can tell he has forgotten all about me and our conversation. He ruined my evening, made me a nervous wreck and he is clueless about how his actions affected me.

This isn’t the middle ages is it? I didn’t get suddenly transported back in time to Victorian England. I’m not in one of those bizarre religions that oppress their women am I? So why can’t I go out by myself and have a good time and not have to worry about being harassed? I just want to go to dinner or go to a ballgame and be left alone.

Dead man charged for running faucet – Canada –

Make sure you turn your water off before you die or you might get a bill for $600. And the city is ‘mulling over’ whether or not the bill should be paid or not. After all, the policy is the bill has to be paid!