Did you think I was going to say ‘green’? Specifically, it is not easy being a single girl living in New York. I don’t know how it is elsewhere. The only other place I lived by myself was Buffalo and I had no problems going out because I never went out because there is nothing to do in Buffalo.

In New York there is plenty to do, especially since in this neighborhood, especially since this is a relatively nice neighborhood. There is a place near hear that has mac-n-cheese, which I am not supposed to have, but sometimes I crave it, so I go there. Actually I used to go there, I will never go there again. Twice I have been harassed there. By the same man, he is a vile nasty creeper, one time he tried to follow me home. The homeless guy helped me out. The second time by what he said I got a very good mental picture of just how big a jerk he is. So this place is scratched off my list of places to go.

The second place I had trouble was at Yankee stadium. I see no reason why I shouldn’t go to games by myself. As far as I know I am not breaking any rules. With all the other fans there, you’re not really all alone anyway. So first this guy starts off by insisting I have to have a boyfriend. No I don’t, what the hell do you care anyway? Nasty little s*** that thinks he’s badass cause he lives in the Bronx. I don’t have a boyfriend, I don’t want a boyfriend, I don’t need a boyfriend. Then he starts asking me all these personal questions, which of course I don’t answer honestly, there is no way I am telling a complete stranger (a creepy one at that) personal details about me. Then he starts keeping track of the ‘lies’. ‘That’s three times you lied to me.’ Then I find out the seats he’s sitting in aren’t even his seats, the person who had those seats came to the game, so he moved. Here’s the kicker, as I’m watching him for the rest of the game, to make sure he doesn’t come near me again and I can tell he has forgotten all about me and our conversation. He ruined my evening, made me a nervous wreck and he is clueless about how his actions affected me.

This isn’t the middle ages is it? I didn’t get suddenly transported back in time to Victorian England. I’m not in one of those bizarre religions that oppress their women am I? So why can’t I go out by myself and have a good time and not have to worry about being harassed? I just want to go to dinner or go to a ballgame and be left alone.