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Back to the train

This morning’s commute was bad. I confess most of it was my fault. 

First I overslept my alarm. I had a headache and sat around waiting for the Aleve to kick in, by the time I got to the subway I knew I wouldn’t make it in time, but then … People were running up the stairs screaming – there’s a man on the track! – They seemed to be mad at the man in the booth, but what could he do? He grabbed the phone as soon as he could. 

So I got on the bus. Limited so it only went as far as 68th, I needed to go to 59th. I walked it, then got on the “R” train, which is not the right train. I got off the train at Queens Plaza to catch the E to Court Square, instead I got on the M and ended up … back at Lexington and 59th. Which is weird, cause I didn’t think the M stopped there. From there I got on the right train an went to work. Only 2 hours late. 


Outside the Today Show

Thursday Em came to the City, she and I were planning on going to the Today Show to watch Coldplay perform. I don’t know how she found out about my huge crush on Chris Martin, but she did so when she got Fan Passes for Coldplay she invited me.

She spent Thursday night at my apartment. I woke up at 2:00 am, I don’t know why but then I couldn’t get back to sleep, partly because someone was snoring (whoever said people don’t snore when sleeping on their side was LYING!) and partly because I wasn’t feeling well. About 4:30 I couldn’t take it anymore and started to get dressed, I was going to find out if Duane Reade really does stay open all night (the one near my apartment does). I got some medicine for my tummy, then I took some Tylenol for my head. We left to catch the subway our destination the Today Show.

The show is free, but you still pay. You pay by signing up online hoping to get fan passes. We did. You pay by getting up earlier than you normally do, for some of us, like me. You pay by standing in the cold from 6:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. to hear them play, while you can’t see them because you are too short/there are too many people/some skanky girl is standing on the barricade you are standing behind. They played 5 songs. The sound wasn’t good, not for the music but for the interviews. It was fantastic.

Afterwards we got breakfast and then Em had an appointment for a salt scrub. I wandered around, kind of dead on my feet from lack of sleep and standing in one spot for 2-½ hours. Looking for shoes at TJ Maxx and then Marshall’s. Then she was done and we were trying to meet up, the other store she wanted to go to was closed. She had managed to move her nail appointment to earlier so we went back to my place so she could get her stuff. She told me I could stay there, she getting her nails done and going home. I was so tired, so tired, that was kind of it for me.

And that’s all, she says.

and again today

more cleaning, more packing, more feeling like crap.

It is so hard to think about what to take and what to leave, what you need and what you don’t, and what to do with the stuff you don’t need.

The stress is building, so I just keep reminding myself of the benefits of moving, the shorter commute, my own space. More sleep, more sleep, more sleep.

Catching up

When July started I decided that I would post twice a day to make up for June and I have to confess I have already fallen behind on that goal. Yesterday I didn’t post at all.

Sometime this year I decided to put me before my blog, meaning that if I didn’t feel well I would do what I needed to feel better before blogging. Yesterday I felt horrible, headache and bad tummy. The tummy has been a nuisance since last week, the head started yesterday. So instead of typing a blog post, I went to bed.

This morning I woke up feeling, a little bit better. Maybe this is nerves and I won’t feel completely right until I get moved.

And that’s all, says she.

Stop drilling in my sinuses? How do I know it’s a little man? Because a big man wouldn’t fit. And the drilling? Well that’s what it feels like.

In other news, I still can’t find my brand of Tampons in the store. Yes I’m a bloody mess, just deal with it. Today I needed something. Last time I got Kotex, in the black box with the multicolored applicator’s. I give them 0 stars. I will not be using anymore, I do not recommend them. When I was cleaning things recently I scrounged around and managed to find two tampons of the brand I prefer. However I did have to get some more. Its either find another brand I like, or start using pads. *shudder* Today I was getting confused by all the boxes, so I just bought the Target brand. I would say I’ll keep you posted, but I’m not sure that’s what you want.

Em is also sick today, she thinks she has a fever. She didn’t feel warm to me, but then what do I know?

Thursday is opening day, can’t wait!!!

Last night as I was sitting in bed and looking at my laptop, I came to a decision. As much as I have committed to posting every day, my health is more important. Since I can never just come online and type my blog post and then leave, when I am feeling tired and head-achy and generally not well, I am not posting. Sorry WordPress. I am going to try to make sure the number is kept up. A feat that will be much more difficult once baseball starts this Thursday since I will then be blogging about the games on my other blog. But I am still going to make the effort. I anticipate these blog posts will become much shorter.

And that’s all, she says.

Sunday headache

This morning I got up to go out in service, but started feeling bad so I laid back down, then M called and I told her I wasn’t feeling well she was “I wish you had told me”, so I started to feel like a bad friend, so I got dressed and went out, but she had already left and so I didn’t get to work with her. I didn’t get to talk to anybody. But had an ok time, but by the time I got home, I had a headache and was feeling like I wanted to throw up. I went to the meeting anyway, Gwen drove me, then she drove me home early cause I wasn’t feeling any better. I am now, I had some caffeine.

Tigger just asked if he could download an album from the Frey with Pepsi points. I shouldn’t have told him we had 80 Pepsi points.

Gwen and I went to Ron’s. We got ice cream for ourselves and Stitch and Tigger, Fred wasn’t around, now Tigger wants to go driving. I really don’t, my head is STILL killing me.

Took Tigger driving, he just wanted to drive around the block since he hadn’t driven in ‘like two months’, so I was cool with that. Then I laid down and fell asleep, with my contacts in again! Now they are out so everything is blurry. Sometimes that is a good thing.

Like I told someone, tea with Splenda will cure almost anything. It took care of my tummy. Didn’t take care of my smelly pits, neither did the powder so when I finish here I will have to go wash before bed. I have decided I am going to read my Jack London, just because I have nothing else to read tomorrow and they are short.

Party for Bob

And I cut out early, head was starting to hurt, actually, it was hurting most of the day, I couldn’t get it to stop, so now I am home and my head no longer hurts. Hmmm. So M is at Pam’s and Stitch and Gwen are home with me. I was thinking about going to Target to look at that purse again, but I think I will look on-line. Maybe find a bargain on E-Bay or Amazon. I took a picture of my Crocs to post on the Yahoo group site.

Yesterday before M had to get D at the airport we went shopping. Couldn’t really do a lot though. Gwen wanted some white tank tops to wear under her shirts and she needed some new bras. She didn’t know the size though, so we couldn’t just pick them up, she had to come with us and try them on. She got a couple of nice ones at Kohls. I got a long slip to replace the one I can’t find. It will turn up now I am sure. I got beige so when it does, I will have a white one and a beige one. I also got a pretty cotton nightgown and a red dress. Not exactly suitable for meetings but I wore it to the party for Bob, it is high enough neckline and long enough, but the shoulders are too bare for the meetings. It’s a baby doll style dress. I like it because it has no waistline so you can’t tell that I don’t have one. Now I have to go check the WW thread and then I think I am going to take a nap or do some online shopping.


I had a post all thought out then someone came by offering me candy & I completely forgot what I was going to say. My tummy is still minorly upset from the weekend, I also have a headache, it is gone now, I had some tea & 2 Aleve. My neck is tight, I think that is what caused the headache. Tonight I am planning on going to Allsport and doing a couple loads of laundry. I asked Tigger to make sure other laundry was done. He said ok, but didn’t sound very happy about it. Then again it is hard to know how someone is feeling when you are reading their text messages and not talking with them face to face.

I remember what I was going to say, that is was a gray day, but the sun was shining. Like when the doctor says you are healthy, but you still feel sick. Is it because it is the city and all I can see are buildings and cars and streets? Or is it because the window is dirty, and so I can see the sun, but it doesn’t make things bright. When I went outside, it was sunny and bright. Maybe I felt it was bright because I was leaving work early. Not much but enough to catch an earlier train.

The only laundry that was there when I got home had to come upstairs, so technically, it was done. I brought it upstairs, then after the gym I did my two loads. Now I have clean clothes to wear to Allsport and exercise and get all sweaty again.

Not much going on

Sick this weekend. Upset tummy. I did go to the gym Saturday and did elliptical, nautilus and the AMT. I also scratched myself on the forehead, right in the middle no less, so now I have this big red mark on my face. I hope my makeup can cover it. I also have an infected ear lobe so I can’t wear my earrings, too painful. My period started this weekend, Saturday and I had no protection with me at the gym. Now my cramps won’t quit and the headache won’t quit. So not a very good or productive weekend for me. Today I didn’t even leave the house. And I went on the WW thread and could barely think of anything to say. I really have to go now, all I want to do is lie down and sleep.

Things going on today have left me in a bad mood. I started off with a headache I still have. I overhead some unflattering comments about me from M. The kids were fighting before M’s family got here and caused her more stress. They got in, I don’t know when, I was sulking in the basement. I didn’t get any sewing done, I wanted to but couldn’t. I made my necklace. I will take a picture of it for later. I used some leftover beads from the necklace I made for Gwen and some new beads I ordered. Right now I am watching murder by the book instead of going to bed like I should. I need to brush my teeth and go to bed, except I just heated some water to drink.

I also got my period today. So that is something else to bug me. I tried to order some contacts from 1800 contacts but the prices are wrong. I need to send them another e-mail to explain what I meant.

This is the book I just finished. I have become obsessed with reading all the books in the series.