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Party for Bob

And I cut out early, head was starting to hurt, actually, it was hurting most of the day, I couldn’t get it to stop, so now I am home and my head no longer hurts. Hmmm. So M is at Pam’s and Stitch and Gwen are home with me. I was thinking about going to Target to look at that purse again, but I think I will look on-line. Maybe find a bargain on E-Bay or Amazon. I took a picture of my Crocs to post on the Yahoo group site.

Yesterday before M had to get D at the airport we went shopping. Couldn’t really do a lot though. Gwen wanted some white tank tops to wear under her shirts and she needed some new bras. She didn’t know the size though, so we couldn’t just pick them up, she had to come with us and try them on. She got a couple of nice ones at Kohls. I got a long slip to replace the one I can’t find. It will turn up now I am sure. I got beige so when it does, I will have a white one and a beige one. I also got a pretty cotton nightgown and a red dress. Not exactly suitable for meetings but I wore it to the party for Bob, it is high enough neckline and long enough, but the shoulders are too bare for the meetings. It’s a baby doll style dress. I like it because it has no waistline so you can’t tell that I don’t have one. Now I have to go check the WW thread and then I think I am going to take a nap or do some online shopping.


Memorial Day

My computer was giving me fits last night, it was trying to install updates and wouldn’t shut off. So today I turned it on then unplugged it. When the battery died, I plugged it in and started it, and now I can use it. I just wanted to get this started before I went to get my car washed and get Stitch at his friend’s house. I will be back later to tell you about my pink toenails.

First thing today I vacuumed Amita, I used the car vac, it was O.K. I want to take it to the car wash and use the super duper one but I ran out of time today, it will have to be done next week. Tigger and Fred had fun beating my floor mats. Then I went to Allsport, but I watched NCIS so I didn’t have time to take it to the car wash, I forgot Allsport was closing at 1:30. Then I went for a pedicure, the special was for a manicure and pedicure so I got both. I got a bright pink polish on both, it is almost red, so I guess I should say it is dark pink, not bright. Anyway, I like it. One of the toenails was dinged already before I left the salon, but I didn’t feel like staying to get it fixed. I will dab some light red on it and nobody will notice.

The family was back from Patterson when I got home from the salon. But M. was taking Stitch up to his friend’s, he is tutoring him in math. I was in my room when she got back and so didn’t see her before she left for P.s so she didn’t get to see my nails.

When I was going up to get him, and make all my stops along the way, I drove right past the W ATM, so I drove around in a circle to get some money. Then I got the car washed, then I stopped at Borders. Stitch wanted me to “take my time”. So I took as long as I could without actually reading a book at Borders. Then when I got to his friend’s, he took forever to get out. I sent this e-mail to this blog: “I am sitting in front of his friends place and he is taking forever. I am really getting annoyed. Ok he called and said he is coming. Well he has to drive now because my stomach is hurting bad.” 7:24:00 pm

He didn’t have a problem with driving and I showed M my nails when I got home, she likes the color, M and D are going to Hawaii next year for their anniversary, Mark S told them where they could get tickets really cheap, they have to go in February, but so what? They will just have to celebrate early.

Nuthin’ much

I stayed up way to late last night. Got An Unfinished Life from the library and read it before I went to bed. I also got the movie, now I have two movies to watch and M got Freedom Writers from Netflix. I hope I get to watch it before they send it back. I have had a semi-productive day, I got the FOIL up to the Office of General Council and I got the rest of the websites written in my purple address book. Now I am going to write the e-mail addresses in there. That has been my day so far. I have another FOIL to do and file a bunch of DMRs.

I started Close to Home on the way home. Tonight was meeting and Tigger was texting me, Are you coming? After he and D and Gwen left. Then when I got there, he pouted when I didn’t sit next to them, sitting in the row in front. So I had to go back and sit with them. They left after the school was done. He did a good job. When he sings, his voice is deeper than when he talks.

Updating & checking

So I hope this goes through. I am using my phone to access Hotmail. I hope v-cast is right so I don’t get charged for this.

Saturday was the SPCA dog parade. The middle school marching band was there so we were there.

Sunday was sad. In January no more separate bookstudy, it is going to be before the ministry school. M said they had to decide if they should raise Bethelites allowances or reduce their expenses. They decided to reduce expenses!

It is raining today and l missed the early train. Tigger has already sent me a text asking for cinnamon. I bought him some at the deli. I sent him a text message saying I bought some cinnamon for you. I got the regular kind for you at the store with the dusty tins.

I was down this morning, don’t know how much I haven’t tracked it yet. I am getting back into my weight training, that is what really makes the difference for me.


I went to Allsport this evening. D and the boys (the two youngest) went to play racquetball. The texts Tigger sent me seem to indicate they had a good time. He said D was going to get a membership so they would be there more often.

I did some more typing on my other blog. I am describing the craft items and how I made them, where I got the ideas etc.

I am getting ready for bed and am starting to get stomach ache. Probably from what I am eating. I am going to drink a big glass of water and then go to bed. It will be a good thing to go to sleep before midnight.


This is my 69th post on this blog. I don’t know how many were on my other.

Today started like any other Saturday, I went to Lily’s this morning. Then came home, then I sent a text message to M asking about going to Allsport. She wasn’t sure, but then Tigger asked about taking him to Outback to meet M. I called her and she said Outback or Chili’s, so we ended up at Chili’s, Fred wanted to come. Anyway, I ate one of their new bacon cheeseburgers, sooo good, but way to much! Then we each had a sweet shot for dessert. Fred and Tigger each had a chocolate one. I had the cheesecake and M had the apple.

M took Fred home and I took Tigger to Staples so he could play with “his” new PDA. I bought some Sharpie retractable marker and hi-lighters. I missed the bank so I couldn’t cash that huge check from the insurance company. M & D were gone when we got home, I did this and that, checked my e-mail and saw that the schedule on the flight to Washington was changed and so I had to call. They had allowed us 15 minutes to change planes in Atlanta. So I called them to change it. The new time makes it easier for my parents.

Then Gwen, Tigger and me went for a walk. We ended up at the creek, then walked back home along the railroad tracks. We saw some old cars, a microwave, a TV, an air conditioner, some lawn furniture, an animal skeleton. Then Tigger wanted to keep walking until we got to Glenham. We didn’t and my legs were hurting when we got home.

Right now on the BTF thread we are having a Cyber Road Trip. I have never seen the thread this busy, everybody is getting in on it! I just posted so I have to wait for the page to load to see what other craziness is going on.

Tre now has my number

Tigger said he prefers texting to Tre because I am boring. Everyone in the family agreed with him. D said people who haven’t met me don’t think I’m boring, I sent Tigger a text that said “Drill bit is my new name.” I guess that is why Tigger asked Tre if I am boring. Tre says how can I know, I don’t know her. So Tigger gives him my phone number. Then he sends me a text, “Hi Im Tre.” So I show it to M. She sends Tre a text message, he sends one back, she asks Tigger, “What does this mean in English?” Tigger says “Laughing my butt off.” He asks her, “What did you say?” She replies, “I told him you were crazy.”

So I never did reply to Tre. I am thinking about sending him a reply, “Hi, I’m Drill Bit.” I think I will wait and see if he sends me another text message.

I took this picture with my cell phone yesterday. I got this sweater from Macy’s on clearance sale.

We used too much chocolate in the cocoa yesterday. M and I put fat free half and half in ours. The kids drank theirs straight. Even Gwen who says she doesn’t like chocolate.

Oh and I downloaded the add-on to make tinyurls. It is pretty fun.


So why did I come to work today? Am I crazy or just plain stupid? I wonder how bad the roads are at home, the snow here is just falling and falling like it is never going to stop. I don’t know if I should go home early or not.

I know why I came into work, I just couldn’t stand the thought of staying home and doing nothing, which is what would have happened. So I left and came into work. Now when I get home, I will probably get stuck in the yard, like always. I wonder if there is a way I can get in and not get stuck?

Home now, I couldn’t find Amita in the parking lot. Little car was hiding from me. I did not get stuck in the yard this time, YAY for me. I am waiting for Tigger and D to get done shoveling snow so I can make hot cocoa for them. Actually, M measured out the chocolate, it just has to be put in the machine and heated.