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Is not attainable in its true sense. But what about relative perfection? Sunday I had to go to Brooklyn, after telling myself over and over again that I needed to leave earlier than I left Saturday, I ended up leaving later. Then when I got to Lexington and 59th I waited for the Q train, and waited and waited. I saw a girl going to the same event I was going to and we started talking about “No Q train” trying to figure out another way to get there and she said, “It always happens on the day you need everything to be perfect.” Perfect for us at that moment was making all our train connections smoothly, at the proper station and without waiting. We made it to Brooklyn, but we were late.

Today was another special event I planned to go to. For this event I didn’t have to go to Brooklyn, but I had to dress up pretty, do my hair and makeup and hopefully not be sick feeling. I woke up with cramps I thought they were stomach cramps from my soup the night before and thought maybe I was developing an allergy to black beans. One of my great-nieces is allergic to black beans. As I was getting ready for work I realized they weren’t stomach cramps and I wasn’t going to be feeling well for the special event in the evening. Then when I came home from work early so I could ready, I was going to iron my dress and make dinner, instead I sat down on the couch and fell asleep. I barely had time to take a bath and get dressed. Fortunately my friends are not critical. But I was not happy.

Perfection, not attainable in any form.


More postcards

~ or ~

More proof that I have completely lost my mind.

Dear hair,

Could you please, when you fall out of my head, not twist and tie up into little tangles that look like spiders?

You scare me.

Love, Me

Dear little gold hoop with the butterfly,

Please come out of hiding. Your twin misses you.

I thought when I took out of the box and put you in my ear you would understand that meant I liked you and wanted to show you off. I did not want you to jump out and hide.

If you don’t come out of hiding soon, I will be forced to go to the Diamond District and sell your twin. Yes I will.

Love (for now), ME

Dear Netti pot,

I love you, and I hate you.

That is all.

Love (and Hate) ME

Time for a treat

So I headed to SoHo to partake of tea and scones at Harney and Sons.
Someone had told me that a friend of her’s was going to do her nails, 4 nails one color and the ring finger another color. Then I saw it in a blog or online, I’m not sure where, being that I am only a little adventurous, I just had Esther put glitter polish over the color, can you see it?

New Year’s Resolutions

This is the time of year that many people make resolutions. I do not make New Year’s Resolutions. They usually involve bettering yourself or being a better person and I think that is something one should do all the time, not just resolve to do it on New Year’s Day.

However, if I was going to make New Year’s Resolutions, here are two I would make.

  1. Be on time for work. Or rather, try harder to be on time for work. I know that if I say ‘be on time’ and I’m not, I will just give up. This is something that is a life long problem for me. And it is cyclical. To be on time I have to get up earlier, to get up earlier I have to go to bed earlier, I have to remember to shower the night before. Which means getting off the computer before it is 1 or 2 in the morning.
  2. Lose weight. Which I have been trying to do for a while, I am on Weight Watchers (for the third time) and I know what I have to do, I just have to DO IT.

Even though I didn’t make a resolution, these are two things I am working on this year.

As I was getting my nails done, this girl next to me was talking to the owner of the salon. The owner is Korean, the girl (I’ll call her GF) is Asian but not Korean, her boyfriend (BF) is Korean. GF was talking about BF’s mother (Mom) and the salon owner was explaining to her how Korean mothers are (these are not my words, I am telling the conversation as I remember it). The salon owner was saying Korean mothers want to know this and that, GF was saying, Mom wants to ask her questions about ‘this and that’, BF tells Mom, don’t ask those questions. She feels bad for Mom, but doesn’t want to interfere. Also, since she doesn’t speak Korean, she doesn’t know what Mom is telling BF about her. For instance, Mom told GF, BF can be nasty. She replied to Mom, oh he’s always been sweet to me, because she is afraid Mom will tell BF, she said you were nasty. She doesn’t know what Mom has said about GF to BF in the past.

It seems like a lot of work.

On occasion, people have told me I should get a boyfriend. I tell them I don’t have time for a boyfriend. What I really mean is, I don’t have the energy for a boyfriend. It could be because I have not had good relationships in the past, all the way back to the relationships with my parents and siblings. I only really like one of my siblings, and I have always felt only one of my siblings has really cared for me. My boyfriends were always happy to become my boyfriend, then after a while, I wasn’t ‘right’, and I needed to change to fit. One went so far as to tell me what kind of socks I should wear and what color lipstick.

Being single, completely single, may be lonely a times, but it is better then being miserably because the one you love isn’t happy with you for reasons you don’t understand and can’t change.

Beauty and errands

Since today was my day off, I dedicated it to beauty and errands. After getting my beauty sleep (heh), I dyed my roots (no more grays) and then left to do errands, which included beauty. I went to Sephora for shampoo. Yes I know there are less expensive stores to get shampoo, but it was a beauty day! So I paid $24 for a bottle of shampoo. But it had Keratin in it! My stylist says that is what I need for my hair. Then nail polish at my next stop (Sephora didn’t have the color I wanted) and the last stop was general stuff, from the drug store and grocery store.

Then to finish my beauty day, I painted my toenails. I was going to do my fingernails, but then I remembered I have an appointment to get them done tomorrow.

And that is all, says she.

My left foot

Yes I know that is the title of a book or movie or both. I’m not trying to steal it or anything.

Whenever I get new shoes, any type of shoes, if I’m going to have any sort of problem with the shoes, blisters, rubbing, hurting, you get the idea. The worst of it will be on my left foot. Always.

My left foot hates shoes.

just an update

Yesterday I went to the game. The Yankees lost and I got soaked. I was also late to my nail appointment even though I left before the game was over. I got stopped by a police officer in Grand Central who wanted to know if they won. I couldn’t tell him.

So I was late to my nail appointment. I didn’t lose any sleep over it. Then after I stopped to eat something. Jalapeño poppers. I have been thinking of them since last Saturday. So I ordered some and some Jameson Irish Whiskey, which turned out to be the perfect end to my day. Except when I went online later, I could not remember what I wanted to do!!

I knew if I just looked through my photos I would find a sky photo. I love taking pictures of cloud formations, the sky peeking through the branches of trees and so on.

Out of control

That is me, I am totally out of control. See this picture.

I now have six (count them! 6!) holes in my ear, and five in the other.