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More postcards

~ or ~

More proof that I have completely lost my mind.

Dear hair,

Could you please, when you fall out of my head, not twist and tie up into little tangles that look like spiders?

You scare me.

Love, Me

Dear little gold hoop with the butterfly,

Please come out of hiding. Your twin misses you.

I thought when I took out of the box and put you in my ear you would understand that meant I liked you and wanted to show you off. I did not want you to jump out and hide.

If you don’t come out of hiding soon, I will be forced to go to the Diamond District and sell your twin. Yes I will.

Love (for now), ME

Dear Netti pot,

I love you, and I hate you.

That is all.

Love (and Hate) ME


Soda bottles

I have been taking my soda bottles, you know the empty ones on my desk, I have been taking them two at a time to the recycle bin to get rid of them. I wonder if anyone will notice when they are all gone. Nobody has said anything yet. I get a little thrill, thinking I am sneaking them out without anyone noticing.

This weekend is the D.C. so I am planning on leaving at 2 to get my hair done. I will have to send an e-mail to BE to let him know because STS is not here.

There was something I was going to say about Tigger, but I can’t remember right now, he must have stayed home today because of the rain. It was raining when I left for work.


It was raining when I got to the salon, and when I left it was a thunderstorm, pouring rain and the sky was being lit up, scary! Through all of this, Tigger was texting me constantly about going to Staples and getting him replacement stylus for his PDA. I told him don’t text me I can’t text and drive in the rain, he thought I could, I told him not when there is lightning and it is a monsoon! Staples had the stylus he wanted but not the stuff I was looking for. I now have to check at Best Buy.

It has been my week for dropping things on the floor. Yesterday the Laffy Taffy, today, I bought a new bookmark at Borders. It is metal with string and ribbons attached and on the strings are beads. I dropped the staples as I was trying to get the bookmark off the card, the staples that attached to the card in the store, then when I put the bookmark in my book, some of the beads came off and went onto the floor. I rescued them, put them back on the string and then used some of my special adhesive to keep them there.

On a positive note, I remember to take Blue Diary with me to the salon so I got some of it read. And I have no gray hair. Just in time for the convention.


the train let us off on the old platform. I don’t know why, track work probably. This is the second time this has happened, the other time I was able to sneak up on Stitch. The way M parks when she is waiting, she saw me coming. I also do not know why I didn’t write about this yesterday. Maybe because I was upset about Stitch not returning my car until late.

Today Stitch came to get me, he was a little late and it was raining. Oh well. Tomorrow and Thursday he will not have my car. Friday we go to Newburgh. I am going to the hair place tomorrow to see how much it will be to get my roots touched up.

Tigger came downstairs and as I was going in my room he mentioned that ‘we’ need more Reisen. We do huh? I went to Allsport. I was hoping I could be quick enough to get to Staples before they closed but I didn’t. So I went to Target. I bought that purse I was looking at and it just fits my stuff. Not the perfect purse of course, but close. Then I got some re-writable CDs and a case to put my CDs in, about time, considering Sassy was the one that broke my old one. I also got “honking” big bag of LaffyTaffy and a bag of Reisen. I don’t remember if that is the correct spelling right now I don’t care. I sent Tigger a text that I was at Target, I told him I got CDs and a case to put them in. He said why? I could almost see him thinking, we get downloads from Amazon cheaper, why would she buy CDs? Then I explained they were blank so I could put music on them for my car. I didn’t mention the candy. He didn’t ask, so I had to tell him I got two bags. Then when I was opening the bag to put them in the container, it broke and I ended up with LaffyTaffy all over my floor. As I was scooping them up, all I could smell was the fruitiness of them.

Now I really need to get to bed, I have brushed my teeth, washed my face, taken out my contacts, taken my medicine, I didn’t clean Butterscotch’s litter box. I will do that tomorrow. Since the rain cooled things down, it doesn’t smell so bad tonight. I have some Pepsi points to enter then I will go to bed.

My back still HURTS!

From last Saturday, and I aggravated it Tuesday by moving the washing machine. Well, it was in my way and it was empty so I thought it would be alright. I got my hair done, and Wednesday the sewing machine place called to tell me my machine was fixed and sewing beautifully. So I left work early, back hurting, tummy hurting, falling asleep still, went to Allsport, did 15 minutes on the AMT so I could get to S-N-V and then up to get Stitch and Gwen, I was there early and of course they got out late.

We went to Fishkill tonight since we missed last night. Next week we have to go Wednesday because Stitch has a talk. I really want to read some more in my book but I really should go to bed. I want to know what Gill did to Alison.

My beads came today. They are so pretty, this necklace is going to look so nice.

Well, time to sign off.


M and kids are going to Patterson for tour and lunch. They are having salmon. That is one reason I am not going. I am trying to work up the energy to go work out. It is not easy when Tigger keeps sending me text messages. I really should go. I haven’t formally exercised since Hector was a pup.

I don’t know who Hector is, I just know that is an expression my Mom always said. Or was it M who always said that?

Well, I think I will go now. I am just going to make myself go.

Hi all. I got back from the gym, had a nice time, didn’t have to rush so after my shower put my color stuff on my hair and spray on leave in conditioner and combed it (my hair is so thick and long it takes me 10 minutes to do that). I was getting ready to post here and my friend got home and wanted to go to the mall, so I left with her. First we got manicures. I haven’t had one in so long, I had forgotten how nice my nails look polished. Then we went to the mall and did a little shopping, some walking around, I got some blush at Sephora, she got cooking stuff for her and the little chef at W&S. We stopped for ice cream on the way home, (yes ice cream, it was warm in the ice cream shop) and after dinner she made pumpkin muffins. So that was my day.