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My best friend has been encouraging me to go to college. Full disclosure here, it won’t be ‘going back to college’, since I never went. She went to college and has her bachelor’s degree and is now looking at law school. She graduated summa cum laude with a 4.0 GPA. None of which is encouraging me to actually apply for college since I know I won’t do as well. I”m about half as intelligent as she is. However tonight I applied. New York State is offering free tuition.

It isn’t as easy as I hoped it would be.

As I was filling out the application it said I needed to submit my FAFSA ID, which I don’t have and I was routed to the website to apply for FAFSA. So I started the application process, including questions I had no clue so I guessed, I hope I’m right, if not I’ll either owe NYS a billion dollars or go to jail. I can handle jail. I couldn’t handle debt. Anyway, somewhere in this process, in the middle of my soul crushing confusion I tweeted:

Someone replied with a gif of Woody saying “You’ll be fine, Partner”. This is someone that I am pretty sure I have never met in person, just on social media. As I looked at the tweet and thought, “She doesn’t know me”, I then thought of the 80 people who formed a human chain to save 9 people caught in a rip tide. To those 80 people, it may not have seemed like a big deal, but it was a huge deal to the people they saved.

Just like, to the person that responded to my tweet, it might not have seemed like a big deal, just a quick search and post, but it encouraged me. It made me think, that maybe I can do this. Maybe I can start a new chapter in my life. Not life saving maybe, but certainly life changing.


More of my life

I have decided that the main difference between this and a diary is that I didn’t have to create titles in my diary, each page just had the date, Dear Carmel, and I took off! Having to come up with titles is not my strong suit. That is what drags me down when I write poems. I write poems fine, then when I have to give it a title, I get all bogged down. However, what is nice, is if I want to change something here, I can just go back and change it, no cross outs!

Anyway, I am staying home, I got a sore throat yesterday and it was still there this morning. It is better now after a cough drop and a cup of coffee and sugar-free black cherry soda. It is still hurting so it is not just dry throat like I was hoping it was.

After I dropped Stitch and Gwen off, I brought them up to Dutchess this morning (I can’t not have my car if I am home, I have a sore throat, I am not an invalid), Stitch calls me, he forgot his trumpet, his suggestion to me (to save gasoline he says), is to bring it up at 7:30 pm, then I can stay for practice, so should I bring my computer, or my knitting? I think it would be more polite to bring my knitting, I will see what M. thinks. Its not like I won’t get computer time today.

Well, I can’t think of much else to say right now. I am going to Weight Watchers. I will be back if anything else happens today.

I went to the library to get my books, they had that cart with free books on the sidewalk. I got two, a Mary Higgins Clark and the 2nd book in the Women’s Murder Club series.


Yesterday, Saturday, M., Gwen and I went to Woodbury Commons. We got there a little before 10 and got a good parking space. When we left, there was not a space to be found, getting in the car I felt like a prospector in the desert with the buzzards circling. I got a watch, a nightgown, two sports bras, a small white pocketbook and a purple dress. I had to get the dress in an 8. Designer clothes are usually cut small though and this one is extremely fitted through the waist. It is very bright purple. I can’t wait to wear it, but I might need to get a new bra.

Today Gwen needed more pictures for her photography class, she wanted to walk and get them though, so we walked to Asian Ginger so I could eat, then to Memorial Park, then to Ron’s for ice cream, then home.

Then I went to the gym, I really didn’t want to, so I had to force myself. I don’t feel any different now. I went to Target after to get hand soap, a new case for my contacts and chocolate. I forgot I also wanted to get ant traps. The ants are getting into Butterscotches food. I had to throw out the food in his bowl and clean the area with Lysol with bleach and now my hands smell even though I was wearing Nitrile gloves. I think that is how it is spelled. I think I better check. Well I didn’t check I switched loads and fed Butterscotch. I am not checking now, I am going to bed. I checked and corrected it.

My back still HURTS!

From last Saturday, and I aggravated it Tuesday by moving the washing machine. Well, it was in my way and it was empty so I thought it would be alright. I got my hair done, and Wednesday the sewing machine place called to tell me my machine was fixed and sewing beautifully. So I left work early, back hurting, tummy hurting, falling asleep still, went to Allsport, did 15 minutes on the AMT so I could get to S-N-V and then up to get Stitch and Gwen, I was there early and of course they got out late.

We went to Fishkill tonight since we missed last night. Next week we have to go Wednesday because Stitch has a talk. I really want to read some more in my book but I really should go to bed. I want to know what Gill did to Alison.

My beads came today. They are so pretty, this necklace is going to look so nice.

Well, time to sign off.

My day today

Ok, I got the kids to college, turned out the reason they wanted to drive was to pick up a friend and that friend ended up not going, as DG said, we could have taken the bus! And I thought, and I could have stayed in bed!

Then I went to the post office and the auto store (needed new wipers) then to the gym (YAY), then home to take a bath and to the doctor’s (he said my exam was normal, not me, just the exam LOL!) then to the sewing machine repair place (YIKES $$$) and then I stopped at B&N on the way to pick up the kids from college! WHEW! Busy day!

From Booktalk: (re: Pillars)

Lynne – the same character who committed the brutal rape you remember also orchestrated a gang rape of a farmer’s wife when a farmer couldn’t pay his usery fees, ended up savaging a prostitute followed by one of his men at arms, beat his 14 year old wife so he could reach sexual arousal to savage her, tried to rape another farmer’s daughter when her family saved her part way through the act, and the girl who was raped at the beginning was almost raped at the end by another man. I am probably forgetting some of the sexual violence. Ok – I didn’t write my main objection – he wrote the rape from the raptist’s point of view, in great detail, making it very titilating which I found revolting. I think Ken Follet is deeply disturbed. I really do.
The graphic detail was unnecessary and detracted from the book.

Hi All.

Stitch passed his test. Then he hurt his foot so he couldn’t drive. Tomorrow when he gets home from college he is driving my car home from the train station. He is nervous, more nervous than me and its my car.

I had a melt down the day M came home from Florida. I don’t think anyone noticed. Maybe Tigger, but I don’t think he grasped the significance of it. I took Stitch to get his hair cut and to lunch, and had to pay for it myself so I was upset. While we were gone, D took Tigger and got him an orange enV. So when we got home Tigger got in my car before I got out, took the phone out but I didn’t notice it was an enV. So then he called me stupid, which got me upset. So I texted him, so I’m stupid leave me alone. After a couple of texts saying the same thing, he got the idea I was upset so apologized. But by then I was under my blankets bawling.

I had to take out two books from my list because I have not finished them yet but have finished other books.


I keep hovering around 130, I go down 2 pounds then back up. I started back at Allsport, hopefully that will help keep me down. Tonight when I got to Allsport, someone was on the AMT, so I went on the elliptical. Then she got the AMT, so I went on it, and forgot to subtract the time I was on the elliptical. I wondered why I was running late to get Stitch and Gwen and why were my legs so sore? Dummy! Well, I got a really good workout in and rewarded myself with a cafe mocha after. And when Stitch and Gwen wanted to stop at Wendy’s, I didn’t get anything!

Here is a website with pictures from WW thread.