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Sunday headache

This morning I got up to go out in service, but started feeling bad so I laid back down, then M called and I told her I wasn’t feeling well she was “I wish you had told me”, so I started to feel like a bad friend, so I got dressed and went out, but she had already left and so I didn’t get to work with her. I didn’t get to talk to anybody. But had an ok time, but by the time I got home, I had a headache and was feeling like I wanted to throw up. I went to the meeting anyway, Gwen drove me, then she drove me home early cause I wasn’t feeling any better. I am now, I had some caffeine.

Tigger just asked if he could download an album from the Frey with Pepsi points. I shouldn’t have told him we had 80 Pepsi points.

Gwen and I went to Ron’s. We got ice cream for ourselves and Stitch and Tigger, Fred wasn’t around, now Tigger wants to go driving. I really don’t, my head is STILL killing me.

Took Tigger driving, he just wanted to drive around the block since he hadn’t driven in ‘like two months’, so I was cool with that. Then I laid down and fell asleep, with my contacts in again! Now they are out so everything is blurry. Sometimes that is a good thing.

Like I told someone, tea with Splenda will cure almost anything. It took care of my tummy. Didn’t take care of my smelly pits, neither did the powder so when I finish here I will have to go wash before bed. I have decided I am going to read my Jack London, just because I have nothing else to read tomorrow and they are short.



and last night I stayed up way to late. I woke up at 9:00, so no Bible Study. Gwen woke me up at 11:00. When I came upstairs, she wanted to go driving. So we went to where I could get coffee, then to get a bagel, then came back home and I let her drive to Ron’s. Then around the park, then I had her pull into the parking lot, into a space and I drove home. When we got home, she went inside and I stayed outside on the swing, just enjoying the air and the feel of the grass blades tickling the bottom of my feet, and she came back outside, which I didn’t want. Then to make things worse, she thumped on the seat and knocked my cup off onto the ground. When I asked her why she thumped on the seat she said, ‘I forgot it moves.’

We were just sitting there, I wasn’t enjoying myself as much, but it was alright. Chucky poked his head out of the foundation for the old shed, I was just about to get a nice picture, when Stitch came outside and scared him back inside. So this is the picture I got. You can kind of see him but it is not as good as the picture I would have got if he hadn’t moved. So then Stitch sat on the swing. Might as well, I had completely forgotten about whatever it was I was thinking about before Gwen came outside. Stitch asked about using my car to go to Bs for more tutoring. B is studying to get his GED. This is good practice for Stitch. He said they were going to work on fractions.

There are 3 kittens living under our deck. Wee little things. While we were on the swing we heard a noise in the strawberry/raspberry patch next to our deck. The kittens were playing in there. Gwen has named them, Sherbet is the lightest colored one, the other two are almost identical, so I suggested Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum, Dee and Dum for short. Stitch and M liked those names better then the Socks and Stockings that Gwen had thought up for them. I managed to get this picture with my cell phone, then I cropped it on my computer. They look like mini Butterscotches, but of course they are not his kittens. He never goes outside and he can’t be a father cat if he did.

Stitch ended up taking my car since M and Fred got back from Ikea and M said she was going to the grocery store and I wanted to go with her. I needed to get cat litter though, so I told him not to be too late. Gwen wanted a new lamp, so I told Stitch be back between 5;30 and 6:00 pm. M and I had Lemon Drop Martinis, after which I went downstairs, Stitch came home, Gwen and I left for (in order) Petco, Lowes and Target. When we left, Tigger was sending text messages to M that he got stung by a wasp on his nose. Incidentally, Stitch didn’t get home by 6:00, not that I said anything since I had fallen asleep. When I got home, D was putting together what M had bought at Ikea and as I was eating dinner she asked me if I would take Tigger to Ron’s because of his bad day. So I did, but because this was my third trip to Ron’s, I didn’t get ice cream.

Weather today

I really don’t know why I don’t blog on the weekend, but I don’t, I just jot everything down Monday then in the evening I reorganize and add stuff when I get online.

Friday night was the DCC concert, I didn’t go, I got a text from Tigger saying 9D was backed up so I went to Allsport instead. While M. Stitch, Tigger and Gwen were at the concert, D signed up for Netflix.

Saturday after bookstudy Gwen had a driving lesson, around the block in the development then I drove to riverside park and Gwen drove from the park to the train station, back to the park and to the train station again, she only almost hit a curb once. After that I went to Allsport. Then Sunday I took Tigger to get a bluetooth. He really likes it. I walked to Ron’s, halfway there I realized I had left my money at home, so I walked on to Main Street to get some from the bank. Netflix is great.

After a semi-gorgeous weekend it is cold, damp, gray & windy this a.m. I took a beating on the way in from the subway to my office. And it must have rained a lot somewhere because the hudson was overflowing its banks into the train parking lot. The same parking lot Gwen was practicing her driving in Saturday.

My day today

Ok, I got the kids to college, turned out the reason they wanted to drive was to pick up a friend and that friend ended up not going, as DG said, we could have taken the bus! And I thought, and I could have stayed in bed!

Then I went to the post office and the auto store (needed new wipers) then to the gym (YAY), then home to take a bath and to the doctor’s (he said my exam was normal, not me, just the exam LOL!) then to the sewing machine repair place (YIKES $$$) and then I stopped at B&N on the way to pick up the kids from college! WHEW! Busy day!

From Booktalk: (re: Pillars)

Lynne – the same character who committed the brutal rape you remember also orchestrated a gang rape of a farmer’s wife when a farmer couldn’t pay his usery fees, ended up savaging a prostitute followed by one of his men at arms, beat his 14 year old wife so he could reach sexual arousal to savage her, tried to rape another farmer’s daughter when her family saved her part way through the act, and the girl who was raped at the beginning was almost raped at the end by another man. I am probably forgetting some of the sexual violence. Ok – I didn’t write my main objection – he wrote the rape from the raptist’s point of view, in great detail, making it very titilating which I found revolting. I think Ken Follet is deeply disturbed. I really do.
The graphic detail was unnecessary and detracted from the book.

Stitch loves driving

So I suppose I should say why I am mad at the Booktalk Posters. I was feeling like they were acting like a bunch of old ladies, I said Sassy had surgery and no one posted anything, normally they are all huggy, nothing, then I mention Abby and they are throwing advise at me like I asked for it! Well no thanks.

Now Stitch loves driving. It is his favorite thing. Well not really. D’s van has not been running so I have been getting dropped off and picked up and Stitch has driven my car almost every day this week. He even drove over the bridge and in Newburgh, while he was following D. It is almost scary.

Car trouble

So the only problem with Stitch using my car is he doesn’t always feel like coming to get me and if D comes to get me he is always late. Tonight, not only was he late, but he didn’t stop where I was waiting but drove around to the other side and so I had to walk over and then he says any longer I was going to drive home. Like I have to wait 10 minutes in the cold rain and he can’t wait 1 minute.

Hi All.

Stitch passed his test. Then he hurt his foot so he couldn’t drive. Tomorrow when he gets home from college he is driving my car home from the train station. He is nervous, more nervous than me and its my car.

I had a melt down the day M came home from Florida. I don’t think anyone noticed. Maybe Tigger, but I don’t think he grasped the significance of it. I took Stitch to get his hair cut and to lunch, and had to pay for it myself so I was upset. While we were gone, D took Tigger and got him an orange enV. So when we got home Tigger got in my car before I got out, took the phone out but I didn’t notice it was an enV. So then he called me stupid, which got me upset. So I texted him, so I’m stupid leave me alone. After a couple of texts saying the same thing, he got the idea I was upset so apologized. But by then I was under my blankets bawling.

I had to take out two books from my list because I have not finished them yet but have finished other books.

Driving test tomorrow

Tomorrow Stitch is taking his driving test. He is nervous. I don’t see how he can fail, he drives as good as I do.

M. is in Florida, her father is dying of cancer. He has been for a while. She has gone to Florida 4 times because he was dying. This time I think he will make it.

I have completely thrown WW to the wind. I have not gone to Allsport in a week (almost) and I have not been watching what I have been eating.

Now I have to go brush my teeth and take out my contacts. Tomorrow is Stitch’s big day!