and last night I stayed up way to late. I woke up at 9:00, so no Bible Study. Gwen woke me up at 11:00. When I came upstairs, she wanted to go driving. So we went to where I could get coffee, then to get a bagel, then came back home and I let her drive to Ron’s. Then around the park, then I had her pull into the parking lot, into a space and I drove home. When we got home, she went inside and I stayed outside on the swing, just enjoying the air and the feel of the grass blades tickling the bottom of my feet, and she came back outside, which I didn’t want. Then to make things worse, she thumped on the seat and knocked my cup off onto the ground. When I asked her why she thumped on the seat she said, ‘I forgot it moves.’

We were just sitting there, I wasn’t enjoying myself as much, but it was alright. Chucky poked his head out of the foundation for the old shed, I was just about to get a nice picture, when Stitch came outside and scared him back inside. So this is the picture I got. You can kind of see him but it is not as good as the picture I would have got if he hadn’t moved. So then Stitch sat on the swing. Might as well, I had completely forgotten about whatever it was I was thinking about before Gwen came outside. Stitch asked about using my car to go to Bs for more tutoring. B is studying to get his GED. This is good practice for Stitch. He said they were going to work on fractions.

There are 3 kittens living under our deck. Wee little things. While we were on the swing we heard a noise in the strawberry/raspberry patch next to our deck. The kittens were playing in there. Gwen has named them, Sherbet is the lightest colored one, the other two are almost identical, so I suggested Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum, Dee and Dum for short. Stitch and M liked those names better then the Socks and Stockings that Gwen had thought up for them. I managed to get this picture with my cell phone, then I cropped it on my computer. They look like mini Butterscotches, but of course they are not his kittens. He never goes outside and he can’t be a father cat if he did.

Stitch ended up taking my car since M and Fred got back from Ikea and M said she was going to the grocery store and I wanted to go with her. I needed to get cat litter though, so I told him not to be too late. Gwen wanted a new lamp, so I told Stitch be back between 5;30 and 6:00 pm. M and I had Lemon Drop Martinis, after which I went downstairs, Stitch came home, Gwen and I left for (in order) Petco, Lowes and Target. When we left, Tigger was sending text messages to M that he got stung by a wasp on his nose. Incidentally, Stitch didn’t get home by 6:00, not that I said anything since I had fallen asleep. When I got home, D was putting together what M had bought at Ikea and as I was eating dinner she asked me if I would take Tigger to Ron’s because of his bad day. So I did, but because this was my third trip to Ron’s, I didn’t get ice cream.