>I just watched an episode of House, I have to see if I can get them from anywhere because I really like this show. The episode I saw ‘expires’ in 4 hours, the next ‘expires’ in a day, I don’t know if I will find time to watch it tomorrow. Oh, I just checked online and I can borrow them from the library a season at a time.

Desperate posting

No spell check on my phone which is what I am using to send this e-mail to post to my blog now. My mom is home now and I am hiding in the bathroom because I did not get a chance to go online this morning. Gwen is packed, I am going to pack as soon as I take my shower. Tomorrow I will be home, we will be home! Yippee! I am so happy to be going home, there is drama in everybody’s family.

My niece Gigi has some of my sister’s undesireable qualities, it took me a while to pick up on them because they are subtle and sort of diluted by my brother-in-law’s influence. But she has that, “I am quoting a scripture to support my view and your view of this scripture is wrong!” attitude that my sister had growing up. In that little bedroom where anyone who did not grow up in it knows what really happened there, where my sister tortured me and no one had a clue. So no watching TV in the bathroom. I mentioned to my mom, “When I was watching TV in the bathroom, ” she was totally confused. Gwen explained to her, I was wasn’t watching a TV in the bathroom, I was watching a TV show on my computer. I just took the computer into the bathroom so I wouldn’t disturb Gwen.