>here on my bed doing nothing but listening to the kids outside. My shoulder really hurts. I wish it would stop. I am guessing it won’t until I go to the doctor, but I feel like if I do that I will get into the PT, then they stop, so I have surgery and more PT. I think I will wait until it just stops moving, then go see Doctor DiMarco. How does that sound to you?

D is out buying a new T.V. They are redecorating the living room slowly, lots of red accents. I should go upstairs to help but I really don’t feel like it right now. I am feeling rather blah right now so I am just going to lie here for a little bit longer.

M.L. sent me an e-mail asking me where I was since I didn’t post yesterday, I don’t think I turned my computer on at all yesterday. I only sent a quick e-mail to start a post here while I was watching some really weird T.V. shows. Some things I shouldn’t have been watching but sometimes I just can’t help myself. I really should go now, I need to type what happened on the way home.