Gwen and I have been awake for hours and the rest of the house is asleep.

It is now afternoon, 1:39 pm here, we went shopping then my parents had to take care of some business and Gwen and I played cards. Then we went to lunch. A good lunch but I am stuffed. Gwen had taco salad, I had a pork burrito with rice and beans. At least my tummy is stuffed, not upset like it has been. When we went shopping my mommie bought me some new brown and pink crocs. Pretty huh? See you later.

I am getting ready for bed, want to shower but don’t know if I should now or wait until morning. Gwen and I and my mom played some cards. Then Gwen and I decided to go for a walk, we didn’t go too far because we both were kind of cold. We had ice cream for dinner. My niece came over and Gwen gave her the gifts she had bought and I gave her the necklace. Then we went to the mall because the only casual top I brought is smelly and I wanted something else for when we go up Mt. Baker tomorrow. My mom gave Gwen some pants that don’t fit her anymore. Then Gwen and my niece started looking at robes and Gwen wanted to get something soft and fuzzy. I didn’t think she should, thought M would not like it and tried to discourage her, and she went into martyr status and now I feel like such a bitch. She got a blanket, but my niece paid for it. I feel like absolute dirt now. My niece can’t afford to get things like that for us.