>and I made the train after struggling to get up. I did my shoulder exercises and was going to put on my makeup but the Aussie conditioner had made a mess in the make-up case I put it in to pack it in my suitcase. That is why you should always unpack your suitcase right away.

Uneven hems seem to be back in style, I saw two women wearing them. They weren’t extreme, just kind of curved around, like a big ‘O’. One of the women had a purse bigger than her tote bag. Another woman is obviously a fashionista with her multi-colored gauze skirt over her tan capris with yellow Keds.

Tigger sent me a text message asking to download the “National Treasure” soundtrack. As opposed to the “National Treasure 2” soundtrack. He said it is not as good as #2. He used up all the Pepsi points to get it.

You can buy BioFreeze from Amazon.com but according to the BioFreeze website, you shouldn’t. You should only buy it from a medical professional. I sent the website to M. Of course she was like, you haven’t been at work for 2 weeks and you have time to search for BioFreeze? Well I used the computer search engine, takes hardly any time at all.

Then when the train was almost at Garrison, I started hearing pings against the window, sounded like hail. I don’t like hail, it hurts. Anyway, it stayed in Garrison.

>^. .^<