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>3 more days

>until we leave for Washington, and I have so much to do. Today I want to get my hair done and the oil changed in my car. Monday is my allergy shot appointment and I want to get a manicure maybe also a pedicure. Writing it down it doesn’t seem like a lot but you know how a few things can become complicated and time consuming. Mainly because I don’t live in a vacuum and there are other people who mess things up!

Right now I need to get moving, I think this pain in my head is sinus related, at least I am stuffed up enough. I also stayed up way to late reading last night. At least all the books I got from the library are read.

M got me a Marvin doll, so now I have something to take on the plane with me. We are leaving soon to take Stitch to tutor his friend, and M is dropping me off to get my hair done. I probably won’t get my oil changed today, but I do have Monday since I am just going to the Mobil station not anywhere I have to make an appointment.

9:15 PM
The pain in my head as dulled from wanting to slam my head against the wall to just wanting to tap it against the wall. I need to go to bed, unfortunately I laid down so now I am not tired. I also need to go over my Watchtower soon. My hair is now nice and even and even colored! It looks good. I now have a bigger list for Monday. I got a new pair of capris from Penney’s. Not trying to get to many clothes but need some that fit. OK I am going to go now, I missed the season finale of NCIS and it is on the website right now.


>Early day

>I heard people leaving and thought I was in real trouble, I grabbed my phone, is was 4 something, then I remembered today is Fred’s field trip. So I have been up since about 4:10, that is what time it was when I first looked at my phone. I have to go to work now, I will see you later.

The shortline bus drivers are on strike, this I know, I might have to start taking an earlier train, but what I find unbelievable is the number of people on the train has increased but the number of cars in the parking lot has decreased. Of course since I park in permitted parking it kind of sort of makes sense, people coming over from SL wouldn’t have permits.

So M is sending me text messages from the amusement park they are at. They are funny, I will share them with you later.

I went to my new favorite place for lunch, I found out I am not the only one who knows about it. This time I went straight there and ate lunch I brought from the office. I didn’t send any e-mails from there today because of the other people that were there.

The FOIL’s that I was planning on doing Monday and forgot about I finished today. I also inputed all the output reports I got and filed all the DMRs. I am leaving Tuesday! OK I am trying to get myself excited about this.

I need to get some sleep, I want to do a lot tomorrow.

The text messages M sent the first one said, “I want you to know I am NOT FAT”. I replied she didn’t need to send a picture of that, she replied to me, “It wouldn’t fit on my phone.” I showed them to Tigger he just kind of smiled at the first one. At the second one he cracked up.

>Stupid AOL

>So I had a message all typed out using my AOL e-mail account and it wouldn’t send, I got a message to go to such and such and do the puzzle on my desktop to unlock the account. Duh! If I could use my desktop I wouldn’t be using my phone! 😛

Funny thing with my keys happened this morning, one of the store membership cards got stuck between the sticker on my keyring and the metal part the sticker was stuck to! I have no idea how that happened, I pulled it out and restuck the sticker and so far it is staying.

Someone told me that someone else is not sleeping because of me, I think this person need some serious psychiatric help, or some good drugs. I can’t believe that he is so upset about this blog that he is not sleeping. I just wish he would shut up about it.

>This park . . .

>is not really a park but it is a nice place to sit and play with my phone. I got 3 tins of cinnamon altoids and some orbit gum, I need to leave before my lettuce gets warm.

Payday today. Yesterday short-sleeved top. Today sweater with leather jacket. Wearing my crocs again today, I found my half-sock-tubes and my little toes are wrapped up in band-aids. The second skin all peeled off last night, if you didn’t know what it was, you would have been totally freaked out by my ‘scaley skin’. Bwah!! I got an e-mail from Amazon advertising Crocs with free overnight shipping. I will have to check that out. Someone just asked me if I had pink skin, I lifted up my pants leg so she could see the little half socks. Then someone else asked me what I had on my feet. I showed her, but now I think I should have said “Crocs.” Anyway, the little socks are really helping, I need to wash them and squeeze them out and hang them up so they dry for tomorrow.

I am staying home tonight, just feeling crummy, don’t know if I will just lie down or watch some computer TV or not. I think I will check some things then lie down for a bit.

>Back at work

>First day back after the long weekend, and I am home now and just taking a few minutes to check in. The boss is back so no more sitting in his office playing Tetris, I will have to go back to my old hiding place. I mailed the book I sold out, I mailed it first class, it was cheaper then media rate. Tonight I will give Tigger his money. I wore my crocs to work and now have blisters, I probably should have worn them around the house some more before wearing them to work. Good thing I have another pair of shoes at work and a bottle of second skin.

I saw these quotes on WW. I have seen them before but decided to stick them on here because I like them. I also sent them to the boss. He likes Groucho.

“I find television very educational. Every time someone switches it on I go into another room and read a good book.” -Groucho Marx

“Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.” -Groucho Marx

I feel so bad for Tigger, M took him to the doctor and he told me the doctor has no idea what’s wrong with him, I guess that means no medicine, he has to tough it out till he is better. When I got home, he was getting ready to go with the family, M said the doctor wants him to stay home from school tomorrow, but he wants to go.

As I was walking to the subway a man, kind of scruffy looking, was walking toward me and talking to himself, I thought, “It is impossible to tell the crazies from the people with BlueTooth.” I mean, was he talking to himself, or was he talking to someone on his phone? It is making me reconsider getting a BlueTooth for my phone, although it would be handy to have when I am driving.

Another thing that happened makes me think that cell phones contribute to road rage, a person was sitting at a green light talking on his cell phone, and the person behind him honked his horn, so how many people were inattentive because of the cell phone and someone got mad and ‘lost it’?

The last thing I have to comment about is trees, specifically the trees at the train station, I washed my car yesterday and today, a tree left yellow pollen all over it.

Memorial Day

My computer was giving me fits last night, it was trying to install updates and wouldn’t shut off. So today I turned it on then unplugged it. When the battery died, I plugged it in and started it, and now I can use it. I just wanted to get this started before I went to get my car washed and get Stitch at his friend’s house. I will be back later to tell you about my pink toenails.

First thing today I vacuumed Amita, I used the car vac, it was O.K. I want to take it to the car wash and use the super duper one but I ran out of time today, it will have to be done next week. Tigger and Fred had fun beating my floor mats. Then I went to Allsport, but I watched NCIS so I didn’t have time to take it to the car wash, I forgot Allsport was closing at 1:30. Then I went for a pedicure, the special was for a manicure and pedicure so I got both. I got a bright pink polish on both, it is almost red, so I guess I should say it is dark pink, not bright. Anyway, I like it. One of the toenails was dinged already before I left the salon, but I didn’t feel like staying to get it fixed. I will dab some light red on it and nobody will notice.

The family was back from Patterson when I got home from the salon. But M. was taking Stitch up to his friend’s, he is tutoring him in math. I was in my room when she got back and so didn’t see her before she left for P.s so she didn’t get to see my nails.

When I was going up to get him, and make all my stops along the way, I drove right past the W ATM, so I drove around in a circle to get some money. Then I got the car washed, then I stopped at Borders. Stitch wanted me to “take my time”. So I took as long as I could without actually reading a book at Borders. Then when I got to his friend’s, he took forever to get out. I sent this e-mail to this blog: “I am sitting in front of his friends place and he is taking forever. I am really getting annoyed. Ok he called and said he is coming. Well he has to drive now because my stomach is hurting bad.” 7:24:00 pm

He didn’t have a problem with driving and I showed M my nails when I got home, she likes the color, M and D are going to Hawaii next year for their anniversary, Mark S told them where they could get tickets really cheap, they have to go in February, but so what? They will just have to celebrate early.

Lazy then busy

Lazed in bed, just didn’t want to get up today, but I did and cooked some eggs and went to the meeting with the family. Stitch and Tigger are sick. M and I took them to the walk-in clinic. They said they both have colds, but Tigger keeps spiking a fever. M said they (the clinic people) didn’t want to run any tests. She was concerned because of the asthma and because some friends had strep throat last week. Now, that I have this started, I need to go do something with my laundry. I will be back.

Just one thing before I go, I found out why my contact was bothering me, it had a split in it. A big one, so I had to put in new contacts this morning. Sorry about the gas.

It is now 1:06 am, I started reading a book and now I have to go finish my laundry, I am such a dunce. M wants to go to Allsport in the morning. I don’t know what else, oh, the family is going to Patterson to have lunch with Bill and Faye. So I have to finish quickly and go to bed. I will be back to talk to you later.

I Love My Crocs!

>Trying not to neglect you

>So I am posting here before I run to the bank. I got my refund check (yay!) from 1-800-Contacts so I want to deposit it. Gwen is coming with me because she has a check to deposit also. This morning M and I went to NJ to do shopping, she really just wanted to get out of the house, we went to Crate&Barrel and I got some cute things. I got a package of India Dhal Lentil Soup with Spices, a glass bowl with a clear plastic lid, a stainless steel coffee scoop (to measure Nesquick to make hot chocolate) and a set of green chopsticks in a bamboo box.

Gwen and I went to the bank, then she wanted to practice driving, so we drove around the block, then by Memorial Park, then over by the football stadium. Then M asked me to go get soda for her and D. I dropped Gwen up at home and did that. We had a nice dinner of ice cream cake.

Right now I am upstairs in the living room watching Law & Order: Criminal Intent with M. It is a Logan marathon. So I just have to stay up here to watch.

Well, Stitch wanted to go to bed so I am going to bed too. Funny thing today, my right contact was bothering me. I took them out when M & I got home, now my left eye is bothering me, the right one is fine!

Just stuff

When I went on the WW message boards, Melva had left a message about, blocked? I can only imagine she is talking about the blog and the fact that I have changed who can see it to invitation only because of Herman’s narcissism. Anyway, I sent her an e-mail and am waiting her reply. I have to send this now because I am falling asleep & I want to check my G-mail.

I was right, she was wondering about the blocked blog, when I explained what happened she said, Why do people have to be such jerks! I set up a Google account, I will send it to her to see if she wants to use it. I will make sure she knows that I don’t EXPECT her to, it is just there if she wants to use it.

Anyway it was cold and dreary this morning. So much so I couldn’t get out of bed for the 6:18, or maybe it was because I was up until 2:00 looking at the new Alan Banks book I just got from the library? I went to the gym last night, but I am not going tonight. I walked from Time Square to Central Park to go to the Crocs store, I wanted those high heeled crocs. If I get a picture I will post it here. I can probably get one from the website. They are not the color I wanted, but if I still like them when I go to visit my mom, I will see if she can buy me the ones in the color I want.

Herman has gone too far

Cold, gray damp morning has changed to raining buckets. I was going to the deli but changed my mind and came to the diner, it wasn’t just the rain but the wind was blowing like crazy. Huh, now the sun is shining. Go figure.

Finished Playing with Fire on the way home from work. I am going to try to write a review but not right now. I am just going to insert the picture and then go do some errands. I had to restrict the viewing of this blog. I was so mad this morning I almost cursed at H. I am going now to make my previous posts visible since he won’t be able to see them anymore. I hope.

Yes so now only people I invite can view this blog, that means the ladies on BTF that have been reading it can no longer do so. Well, I got an AOL e-mail address and created a Google account with that and they can use that if they want to.

Playing with Fire starts with an arson, two people died. It turns into a murder investigation when it is discovered that one of the victims was drugged with a date-rape drug. The other victim was unintended. Then there is another fire, also murder. There is also follow up with the boyfriend of the other victim, investigation into allegations of abuse, Peter Robinson does a good job of continuing the two story lines in a logical manner. The characters are not cookie cutter and are very believable. He must do an incredible amount of research. I also like that each novel in the series feels like a stand-alone. He does not do the same plot, same ending, different guest stars with each book in the series.