>I just could not get up today, kept thinking it was Friday and I could use a long weekend. When I remembered it was Thursday, I decided I would get up in an hour and go to work, take a ‘mental health’ me morning. I decided to catch the 9:06, got to the train station before 9:00 and wouldn’t you know it, the train was ‘running 10 to 15 minutes behind schedule’, train speak for late. I was surprised at how many people were at the train station. I suppose some could have been waiting for the train to Poughkeepsie, but there were a lot of people there.

So I am peeved at myself. I took someone’s advise, someone on the WW board and bought some ear buds, you know my problem with my tiny ears. Anyway, the ones I found, same brand name, which I won’t mention, were twice the price she said they were, and they don’t fit, even using the smallest size. They either fall out or I have to push them in and they hurt my ears. I think one ear is swollen from having the ear bud pushed in. So today I am using my red Sony ones and feeling like an idiot for buying the ear buds.

On a brighter note, I paid off one of my loans so I have more money in my paycheck. And I got a call from the Poughkeepsie Journal about that commuter thing I answered. So that is the total of my excitement for today. >^..^<

My State Tax return came today, all $13 dollars of it. I am supposed to get the other check no later than tomorrow. We’ll see. I am not going to Allsport, I have a stomach ache after eating dinner. No idea what caused it. Usually I can figure out something I ate that I shouldn’t have, but tonight I can’t. I had steak, corn and broccoli, it may have been the corn, or just poor eating today cause of how late I got to work. Anyway, I decided I didn’t want to risk leaving the house.