VACW stands for very annoying co-worker and it is Herman, he knows who he is. He is upset because someone has been putting plants in his pot and now he thinks I know who did it, I don’t but I know who had some cuttings from the big tree that used to be in the stairwell, the big tree that scared me, but I am not telling him, why? So he can go annoy them? If he thinks he can get me to tell he doesn’t know me at all.

I was going to say something else and it totally slipped my mind when I had to sign back in.

OK so the VACW is upset about this post and wants me to delete it, I said “No.” He says he will post a comment. Fine. He can do what he wants. He has been coming to my desk all day, now he wants an upgrade, he wants to be the EACW. Extremely Annoying Co-Worker.

Talk about annoying, Fred’s friends are under the deck and screaming by my window and it is annoying me. Alot, mainly I am afraid to change my clothes with them lurking about outside. M. was telling about the seniors pulling a prank and that it got interrupted by the police, they were going to use plastic forks to make 2008. However, someone ruined the flowers by the flagpole, that is just mean.

Finished this book today, another good novel by Peter Robinson.