>So I am posting here before I run to the bank. I got my refund check (yay!) from 1-800-Contacts so I want to deposit it. Gwen is coming with me because she has a check to deposit also. This morning M and I went to NJ to do shopping, she really just wanted to get out of the house, we went to Crate&Barrel and I got some cute things. I got a package of India Dhal Lentil Soup with Spices, a glass bowl with a clear plastic lid, a stainless steel coffee scoop (to measure Nesquick to make hot chocolate) and a set of green chopsticks in a bamboo box.

Gwen and I went to the bank, then she wanted to practice driving, so we drove around the block, then by Memorial Park, then over by the football stadium. Then M asked me to go get soda for her and D. I dropped Gwen up at home and did that. We had a nice dinner of ice cream cake.

Right now I am upstairs in the living room watching Law & Order: Criminal Intent with M. It is a Logan marathon. So I just have to stay up here to watch.

Well, Stitch wanted to go to bed so I am going to bed too. Funny thing today, my right contact was bothering me. I took them out when M & I got home, now my left eye is bothering me, the right one is fine!