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>Goodbye 2010

>This has been a stressful year. I am not sure I am ready to welcome 2011, but I am definitely ready to say goodbye to 2010.

On the surface things didn't look too bad, but the underlying stresses of the many things that happened have taken their toll and I am tired. My best friend's husband had surgery for prostate cancer. She's my best friend so what affects her affects me.

Plus she had her own health problems and possibility of surgery to remove a goiter. She didn't have to have it, but my sister-in-law did. Of course no one in my family could be bothered to tell me until after the fact.

Then the governor said he wanted to lay people off. Then he said he wouldn't, then he said 'surprise! I was just kidding we are going to fire people.' Does anybody wonder why I made the hashtag 'govdaveisanidiot'?

This year is over and I am more than ready to say goodbye to 2010. I only hope and pray that 2011 is kinder to us. By us I mean me and all my friends who suffered in 2010.

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>A very bad thing happened

>This girl, a senior, (the boys know who she is, but not really friends) was driving her car and a boy (the boys also know knew him) on a bike hit her car and was killed. Of course she feels guilty, of course some people are giving her sh*t about it. The boys said, “It was an accident, nobody’s fault.” But people need to blame someone, and no one speaks ill of the dead. Em told me the boy ran a stop sign, ran a stop sign and turned a corner and BAM. So in reality it was his fault, still an accident. Just bothers me, this poor girl who feels guilty (how I know I’ll explain in a minute) is getting hate text and hate messages. One person was standing next to Fred and made a comment to the effect that the girl acted intentionally. Fred let him know how he felt, he didn’t get in trouble. Guess everyone agreed with Fred.

Em and I were going to the mall, I hadn’t been driving that long, and I was driving along the road about 40, up ahead this boy was on a bicycle having trouble controlling it, I think he was smoking, Em said something and I said, “yes I see him.” Took my foot off the gas, and his bike tire hit the edge of the road, the bike flipped and he landed in the middle of the road. I stood on the brake, hit his bike which flipped over and hit him, knocking him down. He wasn’t hurt, his bike wasn’t damaged, everyone was fine. I felt guilty, I saw his face looking at my car and saw him start to scramble away and then the bike hit him knocking him down. I.felt.guilty. I still remember his face, not so much the features, but the expression, “O.M.G. I’m going to be hit by a car!” I was that close, and I FELT GUILTY.


I was just typing something out and it said new blank page or blog post. HUH? Who knew I could send blog posts from my word processing program. This is way cool.

I am home today; it is my regular Wednesday off which has once again led me to spending money. Gwen wanted to go to the bank and then the mall so she could get an iTunes card. I needed poster hangers and an envelope to mail a book out. After I write the review, which will be this weekend. Then I decided to look for a better strapless bra, Em said she got a good one at Macy’s, while I was looking at them, Gwen was looking for new pajama shorts. I ended up buying shorty pajamas for her and for me. I don’t know why other then I thought they were a good price and I thought they were pretty.

Now home and putting off something that I must do. Story of my life. Can’t think of why I put these things off. Well, I better go now.

>Check out this blog


>Sometimes I feel like this blog has turned into a commuter's journal, then I think that it seems like all I do is commute. I have no life outside of my job and the train. One could argue that my trying to find some kind of life outside of that is why I stay up late and so then oversleep, but I am not sure that is the reason. In truth I can't think of a reason, but maybe I can't think because I am so tired.

This morning I tried to blame Stitch for my missing the train since he didn't brush thesnow off the car when he started it. But then the reasonable voice in my head (as opposed to the one I normally listen to) pipes up with the comment that if I had left the house when I was supposed to I would have made it to the train on time since there really wasn't that much snow, and I can't really be mad at Stitch since he did help, not sit in the car like he has done in the past.



"History is a great teacher. Now everyone knows that the labor movement did not diminish the strength of the nation but enlarged it. By raising the living standards of millions, labor miraculously created a market for industry and lifted the whole nation to undreamed of levels of production. Those who attack labor forget these simple truths, but history remembers them." 
Martin Luther King Jr.

>Update on Tigger

>Results came back from the Doctor, he does not have mono. Don't know what he has, but its not mono. No news so no film at eleven.

>Standoff With Pirates Shows U.S. Power Has Limits
Driven solely by economic gain, the band of pirates who
captured an American merchant ship's captain are an
unconventional foe for the American military.



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>Need to exercise more


I have joined a new group on WW message boards, well, not really new, I posted with them before, I just haven't for a while, and not with these posters, the names are all new to me. Anyway, most of them are runners, something I don't do, I don't know how my knee would take it. All their talk reminds me of an ad I saw once, 'A 10 minute mile is just as long as a 5 minute mile'. I don't know what the advertisers were trying to say with that. The ad was for running shoes.
This week is a wash as regards exercise, but I think next week I will try to get a walk in when I get home. Unless Em can take me to Allsport in the evening.