>This girl, a senior, (the boys know who she is, but not really friends) was driving her car and a boy (the boys also know knew him) on a bike hit her car and was killed. Of course she feels guilty, of course some people are giving her sh*t about it. The boys said, “It was an accident, nobody’s fault.” But people need to blame someone, and no one speaks ill of the dead. Em told me the boy ran a stop sign, ran a stop sign and turned a corner and BAM. So in reality it was his fault, still an accident. Just bothers me, this poor girl who feels guilty (how I know I’ll explain in a minute) is getting hate text and hate messages. One person was standing next to Fred and made a comment to the effect that the girl acted intentionally. Fred let him know how he felt, he didn’t get in trouble. Guess everyone agreed with Fred.

Em and I were going to the mall, I hadn’t been driving that long, and I was driving along the road about 40, up ahead this boy was on a bicycle having trouble controlling it, I think he was smoking, Em said something and I said, “yes I see him.” Took my foot off the gas, and his bike tire hit the edge of the road, the bike flipped and he landed in the middle of the road. I stood on the brake, hit his bike which flipped over and hit him, knocking him down. He wasn’t hurt, his bike wasn’t damaged, everyone was fine. I felt guilty, I saw his face looking at my car and saw him start to scramble away and then the bike hit him knocking him down. I.felt.guilty. I still remember his face, not so much the features, but the expression, “O.M.G. I’m going to be hit by a car!” I was that close, and I FELT GUILTY.