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My friends and family have all been calling, actually they’ve all been calling my mother, who is expected to contact me and report back to them. Since I can’t STAND to talk to some members of my family (who shall remain unnamed) that is fine with me.

If you have been following my other blogs, you know I have am still alive. I actually came through the storm relatively unscathed. I didn’t lose power, wifi, or water. It shows you the extent of the damage that there are areas of Manhattan that still don’t have power and the subways are not fully functional. Even my office has been closed all week. I have a sneaking suspicion there was flooding or some other damage to the building.

In case you didn’t know, the city is divided into Zones. The only Zone that was evacuated was Zone A, I am in Zone C, however, if I lived across the street I would be in Zone B. Think on that. Two blocks from apartment is the East River, and right next to that is the FDR.

The subways were shut down at 7:00 pm on Sunday and 9:00 pm the buses were shut down. This didn’t stop me from going out to watch game 4 of the World Series. One woman asked for food, but the kitchen had been closed at 6:00 to let the staff get home. I didn’t ask the bartender how he was getting home. But anyway, on Monday the storm really started to hit. My experience was chronicled more or less by text messages to and from me. The first one was to me:

“Hi there!!! How are you? I got a new phone.”

Me: “Nice I’m drinking coffee and eating berry burst Oreas.”

Him: “good! Stay in your building. Nothing is safe.”

Me: “What if I run out of pizza?” (This was a joke, I don’t keep pizza in my apartment. I avoid having things in my apartment that I am allergic to, the exceptions are rye bread and stuff my friend buys when she visits.)

Him: “Then stay home and survive rather than go out and get killed in the storm.” (The storm wasn’t really that bad, but he’s protective.)

By this time parts of the city had lost power, mainly from ConEd shutting down some stations to avoid problems from flooding. Unfortunately, there was flooding and they did have problems, which is why people are still without power today. There was also flooding at various MetroNorth stations.

I did go out after this series of text messages, but I almost got blown over by the wind. I was coming down one street and I saw a man run across the sidewalk, behind him was a tree branch, it looked like the branch was chasing him, I turned and another man was hanging onto a tree, I turned back and walked down a more protected street. I got home about 3:30 PM, and decided not go back out, besides being windswept I was wet and cold.

Me: “Wind is scary loud now. Going to put a blanket over my head.”

Him: “I’m sorry, I’m sure it won’t be too bad”

Me: “There is no one outside. That has never happened.” This is the truth, every time I have ever looked out my window, even when it’s been pouring, people have been walking around. I looked at my window right before I sent that text and didn’t see anyone.


Me: “I take it back. There are people outside”
Me: “I hear them screaming”

Him: “Stupid people. Hahahahaha”

Me: “I’m not going out to save them. Fools r on their own.” Seriously what could I do for anyone? The wind was blowing be down hours earlier and it was worse now.

The reason for the blanket was I got an alert from NotifyNYC to go indoors and stay away from windows. Since I live in a studio apartment, I don’t have another room where I can go to get away from the windows, except the bathroom. So I put my laptop under a pillow and took my phone, iPod and flash drives with me to the far end of the apartment, where I sat on the floor with a blanket over my head. Sometime around 7:30 pm I heard talking outside my apartment. Not the screaming like I heard before, so I went to the window (still with the blanket over my head) and peeked out.

Me: “Omg nick! There are police & fd in front of my bldg!”

Him: “What for?”

Me: “No idea. They are yelling at people to get out of street.”
“Ok my neighbor just went out and said there is scaffolding loose on the building in next block and is swinging around”

Him: “Oh, that’s really scary.”

That was the extent of the excitement. Other then every so often from outside, “GET OUT OF THE STREET!” The rain stopped and the wind died down. I stayed up until about 2:00 A.M. and went to bed. My lights never even flickered. I had even boiled 6 eggs in case I lost power and couldn’t cook them. Today I had to throw 2 of them out, I didn’t know the yolks would get hard while still in the egg. The next day I went out and took pictures and video of the storm damage. There wasn’t a lot in my neighborhood, but it makes you realize how bad it COULD have been.

That’s my thrilling account of Hurricane Sandy. Hope you enjoyed reading it.


just an update

Yesterday I went to the game. The Yankees lost and I got soaked. I was also late to my nail appointment even though I left before the game was over. I got stopped by a police officer in Grand Central who wanted to know if they won. I couldn’t tell him.

So I was late to my nail appointment. I didn’t lose any sleep over it. Then after I stopped to eat something. Jalapeño poppers. I have been thinking of them since last Saturday. So I ordered some and some Jameson Irish Whiskey, which turned out to be the perfect end to my day. Except when I went online later, I could not remember what I wanted to do!!

Nasty rainy Wednesday

It’s been said that a bad day at golf is better then a good day at work. Today would have been a very bad day at golf. It was raining and nasty, cold too. So was it better for me then going to work? Well lets see ….

Lunch was at 12:30 p.m. so I had to get up at 11:00 a.m., so I could go get a latte from the coffee shop. Then I got a free lunch at Panera. I was home when the UPS guy delivered my new Yankee jacket that I ordered from the MLB store, but it was nasty and rainy!

The afternoon was a series of frustrations. While at lunch I got hummus on my shirt so I had to wash it when I got home. Yes even me, the gigantic slob, know you have to wash your clothes when you get food on them. So I got some clothes together and put them in the washer. I started straightening up my room, actually I was looking for something. Anyway, …..

First Fred called, he wanted me to come get him at Ron’s and ‘bring money’. So I did that, of course it wasn’t a quick trip because he wanted ice cream from Ron’s, and not just a quick cone of ice cream, it had to be something that had to be made. When I got home I put my ice cream in the freezer because I had clothes to take care of. First I had to put my dry clothes away, then hang up the wet clothes.

As I started to put away clothes I got a text from Gwen, she needed someone to take her to the laundrymat to dry the towels. So I did that, of course I couldn’t just drop her off, I had to stay with her.

When I finally got home and got done, I got my ice cream out of the freezer to eat it. Of course by then it was dinner time so I got a glare from Em for eating ice cream instead of ‘real food’. I didn’t let it bother me. Would you?

And that’s all, says she. 😛

Em had a nail appointment so we went to the city even though it was raining. The rain was supposed to stop at noon, it didn’t. It stopped eventually, but a long time after noon. I wore my gray coat and figured that would be enough, I wouldn’t need my rain poncho. I was wrong. As for the common sense factor of going to the city to walk around in the pouring rain, we went to NYC when a hurricane was coming. Yeah, common sense doesn’t come into play when we plan to go the city. Two things you will notice about me when it’s raining in the city. One is I never carry an umbrella. The other is that instead of waiting for the light at the curb, I stand back by the buildings. There is a little bit of protection there, it the wind is strong I can usually get out of it by going around the corner. Also, there is less chance of being splashed by cars.

When we first got to Manhattan I wanted to get food, Em had this store she wanted to go to that she didn’t want to take me to. We were going to meet up at this coffee place that I had a Groupon for that I won’t name, you’ll see why in a minute. The store she wanted to go to wasn’t open, so she went to the Apple store to get an iPod Shuffle, (PRODUCT) RED Special Edition iPod, a portion of the purchase price to the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa. She wants it for music when she goes to the gym, currently she has an iPod touch, but she is planning to get an iPhone in June or July and she doesn’t want to take that to the gym. So she was very happy to find it at the Apple store. Then she came to join me at the coffee place.

She was starving, but they only had pastries and sandwiches, we ended up just getting drinks. The cappuccino looked just like the picture in the Groupon I got. The service was terrible. First I was told they provided table service. So we sat down, no one came to our table so I went up to the bar and ordered our drinks. The waitress brought them, after drinking them, Em had to leave for her appointment. I waited for the check. And waited and waited. Finally she brought it, then took the Groupon to refigure the bill. Then she never came back for the money. I waited almost 20 minutes before I took it up to the bar, she acted surprised when she saw me. The place is in the lobby of a hotel, so they have hotel guests charging things to their room, but it is also open to the public, so come on! I left her less then 10% for a tip.

After meeting up with Em at the nail salon we decided to try another place for the items she was looking for in the store she wouldn’t let me come with her to. Then we used one of her Groupon’s for lunch. This place had much better service even though the waitress appeared to be less experienced. Not saying she was, just that was the impression I got, but our order was right and she was prompt, it was more of a bar then a restaurant but the food was good.

Then to Ashley’s so Em could get another hole poked in her ear, then to Harney’s for tea, then home where we watched the end of the baseball game.

And there I was in the city with a few hours to kill before my nail appointment. Since I really didn’t want to be walking around in it, and the Starbucks in GCT is not conducive to sitting and waiting, at least not for long periods of time, I went to one of my favorite places in NYC, the library. On my way I stopped to take pictures of the flowers in front of the library only to discover I had forgotten to take my SD card out of my computer and put it back in my camera. So I stopped in a store to buy one before I went to get my nails done.

Flowers don’t mind the rain, in fact I think they quite like it. I don’t mind it, at least if it’s not cold and windy. For most of my time in the city on Saturday it was like that, sort of raining but not really windy. I found a lot of umbrellas to take pictures of, check out Better off soaked to see what I am talking about. I went to SoHo for tea then NoHo to see Ashley and bring her coffee, I almost got another hole in my ear, I had my blue diamond stud with me.

When I left NoHo and started for Grand Central, it had started getting windy and cold so I went to catch the subway at Broadway and Houston St. While I was waiting I was looking at the tracks. People throw all kinds of junk down there, even though being told not to. I don’t know why I always look down there, the tracks kind of fascinate me for some reason, I keep thinking I might see body parts …. On this particular day I saw movement, I looked closer, it was a rat. It was the same color as the floor and the tracks so it was hard to see, I wouldn’t have seen it if it hadn’t moved. I watched it run under the tracks and under the platform, then it came back. I was so intent on watching it I didn’t notice the D train pull in behind me, until it was leaving. That was the train I was waiting for. So I had to wait for the next train, with only the rat to entertain me, oh and my iPod of course.

So the rest of day was uneventful, the Yankees won, I participated in some retail therapy and then came home.

And that is all, says she.

Before I sleep

Just thought I would pop back in. Tomorrow is a big day. It is going to be Gwen’s first ballgame of this season.

Two reasons it is big, one is that Gwen is coming to the stadium on her own. Make the train ride by herself. I am fully expecting a phone call at 11 a.m. with her in full blown melt-down panic-attack mode. The second reason is that every game she went to last season someone got hurt. I have told her that if someone get hurts tomorrow, that is the last time she is coming to the stadium for a game.

If the game is rained out tomorrow, I will be very upset. If the trains mess up so I am not there to meet her at Yankee stadium, I will kill someone at MetroNorth. My boss is going to be at the game, if he says anything to upset her or me, I will cut him. Truth.

That is all, so says she.

Aches and pains

For a while now whenever my right knee would start hurting for no apparent reason it meant some really horrible weather was coming. You’ve of weather predicting joints haven’t you?

This past winter it seemed like my knee was hurting all the time. So much so that I felt like my cane was a part of me. The days got a little warmer, then we got a forecast of snow.

Last weekend my shoulder started hurting. This was after I had been sick for a week, I thought maybe I had slept wrong or something, I put a heat pack on it. I took painkillers. Wednesday it snowed and my shoulder stopped hurting. K-rap. Now my shoulder can predict snow.

Phone not working

Well, not really, I just have problems if I go online. I thought it might be because I now have 1,000 messages in my AOL inbox, but when I signed off and tried to send a text, the phone froze up so I had to take the battery out to use the phone, I couldn’t even turn it off. So now I am just killing time because I am so tired and I just want to go home.

It was raining so heavy this morning the backyard looked like the everglades. Except no gators.

When I got home, Tigger wanted to look at my phone to see what it was doing, of course, it didn’t make the lines across the touch screen when he was playing with it. No, couldn’t misbehave for beloved Tigger could it?

I am almost done with Murder in the Adirondacks. I have finished the account of the murder and trial and execution, now he is writing about how the novel “An American Tragedy” came about.

Got the score for the football game: Steelers 21, Bills 24

And Cookie sent me an e-mail, could it be Grace is taking a supplement and that is why she is losing so much weight? I mean, 25 pounds in 5 weeks. I keep forgetting to ask M about it. I am sure she would have an opinion. I told her about the Chipotle flavored olive oil, so of course she had me get some for her, then she put it in her oil mister thing so she could spray it on her popcorn. I didn’t try any, but I am sure it is delish.

Home today

Didn’t go to work today, just not up to it. It poured here, thunder, lightning and hail. Stitch had my car and couldn’t come home because of the storm.

When M got home yesterday, the house was clean enough to satisfy her. Today I have done two loads of laundry for her.

Gwen and I played Rummikub too. I need to go to Allsport, I can’t remember the last time I went. I might be back later.

I am home now, in my room and it is cold. I feel like lying down with my book, but I am afraid I will fall asleep, I really need to log my food in the WW points tracker. Speaking of WW, my weight this morning was 137.6, 2 more pounds lost. M grilled burgers for dinner. She also sliced some tomatoes from her garden, they were very red! At this rate, I might be below 135 in another month. I am calculating the total from when I recommitted which includes a gain one week. I will be happy if I am 135 by next month. Yeah, keep saying that, I might believe it.

Em’s epilator came today, she had to charge it before she could use. I don’t know if she has yet, I will let you know when she lets me know. I told her about the one I saw at Target and didn’t get and she said she had seen one and thought it would be too big to use on your face, even though it said you could use it on your face. I had thought that also of the one I saw at Target, the one I got is prettier too. When I brought the box out, Tigger wanted to know what it was, Em said, “It’s my present, my new toy.” I hope it works well for her, maybe Gwen will use it too.

Going to Chicago today

no, not the city, the rock band. The whole family is going. I really hope my tummy settles down. I hate feeling like I am going to puke. Riding in the van is going to make it worse.

In a few minutes I have to get ready for the meeting. When I post this I am going to check the WW site and then get dressed. I will be back later.

I don’t know if I got the address right I can’t really check right now. We are waiting to go into the concert area and I am hot. It is very muggy and I can’t walk around so I am so bored. Stitch brought a book and M told me I had to stay here with him so besides being hot I am also getting mad.

More from Bethel Woods

We have moved, we are on the grass in front of the stage where the band is going to be. M keeps running off and so I am stuck here while she goes off wherever she goes. At least I get to use the towel I bought at Kohl’s. I wonder if I will get to have a drink later. They are teasing us they keep playing ‘Saturday’ but just the first word

More from Bethel Woods

The opening act has started. I wonder if The Doobie Brothers or Chicago will be first. We bought t-shirts and Tigger actually took off his Hawaiian shirt and put the Chicago shirt on. Okay opening act is done, time for the main acts.

The Doobie Brothers was first, when they finished, I got up to go to the bathroom, when I came out it was raining, by the time I got back to where our seats were, it was pouring, it was so bad I couldn’t find the rest of the group. Chicago was playing, and one of the band members mentioned, We got a bad weather warning so everyone please come under the pavilion, because this show is going on! And it was great, even if I was wet and with the wind cold and because I was standing I was having cramps. Now I am home and the cramps are still kicking me, so I have to go to bed now. I also ended up with two shirts, I got one at one stand but wasn’t crazy about it. M told me about one she saw at another stand, I got it thinking I could give the first one I bought to Fred, but when I looked at it again, it is too feminine for him. So now I have two Chicago shirt, I really didn’t want two shirts. Maybe Gwen will take it.