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Since this blog is about my life, I can make this post about anything I want. Pulled an all nighter? Well when I worked nights, I don’t think that is what they are talking about. Watching Bones on Hulu.com?

When I flew out to Washington State because my nephew was seriously ill, I think I was up for hours, I went from work straight to the airport, the flight out of Buffalo was delay, thunderstorms in Chicago. Where I was changing planes, then we almost didn’t make it to Chicago. My flight out of Chicago was delayed also, I don’t remember how many hours. Then straight from the airport in Seattle to the hospital. I don’t remember if I had a place to sleep or if I had to sleep on the floor.

I’m not sure if that is the longest I have been without sleep, but it certainly felt like it.


Going to Chicago today

no, not the city, the rock band. The whole family is going. I really hope my tummy settles down. I hate feeling like I am going to puke. Riding in the van is going to make it worse.

In a few minutes I have to get ready for the meeting. When I post this I am going to check the WW site and then get dressed. I will be back later.

I don’t know if I got the address right I can’t really check right now. We are waiting to go into the concert area and I am hot. It is very muggy and I can’t walk around so I am so bored. Stitch brought a book and M told me I had to stay here with him so besides being hot I am also getting mad.

More from Bethel Woods

We have moved, we are on the grass in front of the stage where the band is going to be. M keeps running off and so I am stuck here while she goes off wherever she goes. At least I get to use the towel I bought at Kohl’s. I wonder if I will get to have a drink later. They are teasing us they keep playing ‘Saturday’ but just the first word

More from Bethel Woods

The opening act has started. I wonder if The Doobie Brothers or Chicago will be first. We bought t-shirts and Tigger actually took off his Hawaiian shirt and put the Chicago shirt on. Okay opening act is done, time for the main acts.

The Doobie Brothers was first, when they finished, I got up to go to the bathroom, when I came out it was raining, by the time I got back to where our seats were, it was pouring, it was so bad I couldn’t find the rest of the group. Chicago was playing, and one of the band members mentioned, We got a bad weather warning so everyone please come under the pavilion, because this show is going on! And it was great, even if I was wet and with the wind cold and because I was standing I was having cramps. Now I am home and the cramps are still kicking me, so I have to go to bed now. I also ended up with two shirts, I got one at one stand but wasn’t crazy about it. M told me about one she saw at another stand, I got it thinking I could give the first one I bought to Fred, but when I looked at it again, it is too feminine for him. So now I have two Chicago shirt, I really didn’t want two shirts. Maybe Gwen will take it.