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Sliding backwards

“On Sunday, November 15, I will follow in the footsteps of the New York Yankees as part of the seventh annual Damon Runyon 5K at Yankee Stadium – a unique fundraising run/walk that uses the Stadium as its course. I’ll get to explore the concourses and ramps, climb stairs between levels, and take my own victory laps around the warning track that circles the field. – See more at: LINK

This is not a plea for money, however if you want to click on the link and donate I would appreciate it. Rather I posted this so readers would know why I am running. I don’t really like running, I do like how I feel afterwards and I like raising money for Cancer Research. It is a charity that is near and dear to my heart.

There is an app that tracks exercise and besides that I am listing them in a spreadsheet. This is how I know the last four runs I am getting slower. Each run slower than the one before. I’m still faster than when I started and not discouraged.

While I’m tempted to blame this on a variety of factors, blisters on my toes, sore legs, twisted ankle and/or worsening asthma, part of me realizes this is probably just the ups and downs of running and human physiology.

Today I did not want to run. I made a compromise, that I would only run 2 miles. My time was terrible, a friend who I admire as a runner commented on my Facebook post that a “bad run is better than no run”. Support strengthens my resolve.


Topic #144:

Make a top ten list of things to do this summer. And if you are somewhere in the world where the seasons are different, make a top ten list of things you want to do next season.

1. Go to all the Saturday Yankee Games.
2. Go see the Staten Island Yankees play at Dutchess Stadium.
3. Start looking at apartments in Manhattan.
4. Read more books.
5. Get my Beth Israel hospital bill settled.
6. Get my insurance claim with EVIL Asurion settled.
7. Lose 5 pounds.
8. Exercise more
9. Go swimming.
10. Post everyday.

I noticed that this is not a ‘things you want to get done’ or goals, just things to do this summer. More on the line of summer activities. At least that is how I took it.

>My legs are sore tonight

>I went to work out. I know I was going to keep you posted on my Weight Watchers progress, but I didn’t go to weigh in today. I went to a tweet up last night and was drinking so I knew I would be up. I can’t understand why my legs are so sore, but I have worked out three times this week. I suppose that could be part of it.

>Time for bed

>Sitting here trying to think of something to say while I stuff myself with Milk Duds®. I can’t even of what I wanted to post earlier. Here’s the thing, on the train in the morning, I always am thinking of what I want to post, normally I get my phone out and send an e-mail here to post. This morning I was just so tired I didn’t. I kept thinking about all day and never did, and now I don’t remember.

The shower is leaking, D can’t do anything to fix it right now because he is still recovering from his surgery. I did my hair last night so I needed to wash it tonight, I figured the best thing to do would be to go to the gym. Then I decided since I was going to the gym I should work out and now my legs are sore.

Well, I am just rambling here so I will say goodnight.

>New Weather Report

>Now it is supposed to be sunny on Sunday, and raining next Saturday when Em and I come down to the city. We cannot seem to catch a break.

Now for my big news, I am finally someone. Really, I am not kidding, yesterday I got a gold Starbucks card, and for every 15 stars, I get a free drink, and I get 2 hours of free wi-fi a day. Of course, some might say that it means I spend too much money at Starbucks. It is not my fault that Starbucks is right around the corner from my gym and a skinny cinnamon dolce is only 90 calories, and it is the only place to get a latte after my workout? I like to reward myself for sweating. I really hate sweating.

That is not the only thing, I also received a platinum American Express Card. It has been a while since I have had a credit card and I plan on this being the only one and I am only using it for emergencies and concert and baseball tickets. You know the very important stuff.

Today I had to go out in the field with MVACW and the intern to collect mercury samples. Well, water samples that are going to be sampled for mercury. Anyway, I went to change into my work boots and didn’t have any socks. I normally keep them in my desk drawer. So I ran out to buy some, and all I could find were knee-hi’s so I bought a pack and wore two on each foot. That worked out so well I might wear them every time I have to wear my boots. Then after we were done sampling we got something to eat in Chinatown. Not a very exciting time, but I always like getting out of the office, especially on such a nice day.

>Just another manic Monday

>I am probably showing my age by quoting that, eh who cares!

however, I do not wish it was Sunday since I woke up to a broken washing machine, a leaky faucet and went to bed with no shower because the pilot went out on the hot water tank.

Tonight I am going to Allsport even if it’s fixed so I can take a long hot one. Shower that is, I also desperately need to exercise.

>Getting ready for Friday

>was what I did yesterday, first I went to Kingston to give them $200 for the fine privilege of speeding through their city. That done I decided to do some shopping to see if I could find a new top for Friday, I didn’t, so I bought a new pair of earrings. Shhh! Don’t tell anyone. Then I went to get my hair done, can’t go to a rock concert with gray roots. I also went to Allsport, that wasn’t for the concert, that was for my own personal health. Now I just have to decide what to wear tomorrow.

Also, I decided that I am not going to get anymore piercings, since I have 9, like the players on the baseball diamond.

>And so on Friday

>I drove Stitch and Gwen up to DCC. Early, but I got to go home and lie back down, NICE! Gwen sent me a text saying I could pick them up at noon. There had been discussion on the way up, she had to borrow some equipment and didn’t know when it would be ready. Stitch’s late class had been cancelled.

The next message was that I could pick them up at any time because all of Stitch’s classes were cancelled! So I had to get up and go up to get them. Since it was early and Stitch was eating I got hungry so we stopped at Pizza Hut for lunch. I mentioned that I wanted to go work out before I went to get my nails done. The only disadvantage of not going to work was I now had to make an extra trip to Manhattan, the girl who does my nails is not in on Saturday. Gwen got this look on her face, she asked me if she could come with me. So then I had a companion for the long trip down and back. Also nice.

After getting my nails done we stopped at Starbucks, then when we got to GCT I was still hungry so I got a sandwich and Gwen got watermelon at Dishes. I dropped half my sandwich on the floor. Pfft! Clumsy me.

>Some changes

>I have deleted my Twitter account. I just wasn’t using it. Of course now someone told about a cool thing you can do with twitter. Oh well. 

Yesterday I called in sick to work. One of those days I just didn’t feel like getting up. I feel that way a lot. Usually I just get up and deal with it. Yesterday I decided not to. Stayed in bed until noon. I did take a walk, then go with Em to Allsport. When we got there she made a stalking comment. Then she mentioned how I didn’t say anything, I said, “I didn’t even roll my eyes.” She noticed and wanted to know why, I told her, “I realized today that I have 4 pictures of Derek Jeter on my cell phone.” That doesn’t even come close to how many I have on my computer. I think I am approaching that line separating fan from obsessed fan.

>Last Saturday and Sunday

>Saturday was a fun day, Gwen and I did some errands in the morning, then we went to the park, I forgot my camera so I took pictures with my phone. Funny pictures like this one, similar to one I took before with Gwen. Then she got in the spirit of things and took this picture of me. But what was I taking a picture of?

Well her, of course!

Then Sunday morning, Tigger made a long arduous trip from his bedroom to the living room. It just wore him out.