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Back to running

Last Friday (October 30) I started running again, it was a good idea badly executed. I decided to run at night on the path by the East River. Going through a dark spot I didn’t notice the path was broken up and down I went. On my face, ouch.

This was supposed to be my first run after my ankle healed. My ankle was feeling good and now my face, wrist, and knees were not. My Friday ended with a trip to the Emergency Room, where the doctor looked at my face, ignored my knees, ordered a tetanus shot and had the nurse give me some bacitracin. I was sent home, no cat scan, no x-rays, not even a bandaid for my open bleeding wounds. Just instructions to see my doctor in two day.

So I made an appointment with my Doctor, he checks me out and says “Don’t stop running.” What? With my knees hurting? “Give it a few days.”

Today I went out to run, a few more days than he suggested, in addition to my knees hurting my ankle decided it wanted to hurt also. At 2K I decided my doctor is insane. My knee told me it was quitting. “No” I said to my knee (actually to myself) we are running 4K. My knee whimpered and wobbled. I walked for a minute and decided if I couldn’t run, I would walk very fast. Except that cramps my shins so I had to run, my knee shut up and I went to the diner when I was done. I run this body, my friend says that and I was never sure what it meant. Until today.

My time was pretty good, which is good considering my run is next Sunday. I hope to do great, by great I mean finishing without puking, fainting, or dying.


Eventful Wednesday

So far this month I have kept up with the number of days. What I mean is, even though I haven’t posted everyday, I have made up for days missed with extra posts the next day. So I am feeling pretty good about my writing so far this year.

Another thing, is that I haven’t missed because I just blew off the blog. Normally I had a good reason. Like the day I was in the E.R. until 11:00 p.m. and didn’t get home until 2:00 a.m. Yesterday my reason for not posting was I fell. I will tell you the whole story.

Wednesday was my regular day off. I woke up with a horrible head-ache. I decided to get up because a lot of times when I wake up with a headache I end up feeling better if I get up and move around. So I got up, went to turn my computer on and then went to the bathroom. Instead of feeling better however, I started feeling like I was going to throw up. So I went back to bed, until Gwen knocked on my door asking if I got Em’s tweet which was Em asking if I could bring her a salad from Subway. So I dragged myself out of bed to do it. My thinking was, if I starting doing something I would feel better, and maybe some coffee and food would help get rid of my headache.

After pulling on my rainboots and coat I ran out to start my car, then I hurried back in down the 3 cement steps to my basement/apartment door, and slipped on the ice, hitting the brick wall on my way down. I bruised my butt, banged up my shoulder and broke my pinkie nail. I proceeded to get up and walk in the basement and cry to Gwen, “I fell!” However, since I could walk, I of course washed my hands, changed my pants and proceeded to do my errands.

While running my errands, I took a moment to make some calls. I called my doctor to see if I could get in to see him. Then I called my boss to tell him I fell and wasn’t going to be in Thursday. He said, “Take the rest of the week.” Then we came home, I decided to come in through the basement. Gwen said to be careful, I was careful, I promise I was careful. I fell again. This time I landed on my left side.

After the second fall, I decided to go get checked out. I went to Urgent Care and they took x-rays. Nothing broken. So I came home, and I was just too tired to write and ended up going to bed around 7:30.

>And thus the week ends.

>The perfect week

My week started with finding out a dear friend’s husband had just left her. Then on Tuesday, a day I was planning to return some boots and get some candy for Em. Instead I ended up in the Beth Israel emergency room.

Then when I went to work Friday I forgot to take the boots to return. I was at work fretting about forgetting the boots when I got a text from Stitch telling me the driver side mirror had been hit and was broken.

So now I need a new mirror. It can wait, do I really need to see where I’ve been?

I hate cars.

>Minor setback

>Tuesday I kind of got derailed with my blogging, I took stuff to work to take back to the store, then there was a thing that happened at work, so I ended up at the emergency room and didn’t get home until 2 a.m. My phone battery and my iPod Touch batter both died, I was so bored just sitting there.

Wednesday I just slept in and then kind of did nothing. I started downloading apps for my iPod touch and now I can read Kindle and Nook books. Both free apps. I started cleaning up my Sony Reader library and was quite surprised to see it was almost midnight. GULP. Well, I must go now. Tomorrow I will try to catch up.

>No electricity

>Last Wednesday I was composing a blog post in head, now I don’t remember what it was about, but at the time I thought it was brilliant. I was planning on typing my blog after the game. Then the power went out.

So no ballgame, no blogging, nothing. Power was out until the next day.

>No longer cranky

>I was planning on typing a post up Sunday, it was going to have the title, Still Cranky, cause I was. Instead of getting ready to watch baseball I was at the laundromat because our washer died. Em is upset because going to the laundromat is taking away from her workout time. Not only that but buying a new washer means she won’t be able to get her iPad when she wants. Or her piercing. Except she has decided not to get the dermal piercing because her naval piercing isn’t healing.

On me, my naval piercing has healed beautifully, its my ear lobes that won’t heal. Go figure.

It is so late, and I am so tired, I can’t remember what else I was going to say.

Good-night all.


>and then the washer broke.

So instead of washing my clothes tonight, I will load up the car (after borrowing my friend’s laundry basket, well why should I have my own? The washer is two feet from my bedroom door!) and go to the laundry mat to wash my clothes. Then drag them home to hang them up to dry.

>I had to print something so I plugged in my printer and just pressed print, no problems. So I figured my scanner would also be no problem. I needed to scan my postcard for PFF, which is now being posted by Beth. There is a link below. So after plugging in my scanner, it looked like the driver was loading, then I got a message that I needed to put the disc in. So I put the CD in and it looked like I was good to go. I couldn’t see the program on my computer so I just pushed the scan button on the scanner. Nothing, nothing. Kind of like A-Rod with the reporters. So I went into the disc to run set-up, it told me it didn’t install correctly, I needed to re-install, so I did. It still said it was not installed correctly and that help was not compatible with Vista. What the F***?

Started closing everything down and I saw a box telling me, go to programs, click this and that to use the scanner, I am abbreviating what it said because I’m sure you are tired of this by now, since you already know it works, you can see the postcard I scanned below. So after all those messages telling my scanner wasn’t installed correctly, it works. Go figure.

>Just another manic Monday

>I am probably showing my age by quoting that, eh who cares!

however, I do not wish it was Sunday since I woke up to a broken washing machine, a leaky faucet and went to bed with no shower because the pilot went out on the hot water tank.

Tonight I am going to Allsport even if it’s fixed so I can take a long hot one. Shower that is, I also desperately need to exercise.

>Power is back on but

>the crisis is not yet over. Last night we discovered our pipes were frozen or blocked with snow and ice or something. Long and short of it, can’t use my bathroom or the dishwasher. ‘That is going to make getting ready for work at 5:15 a.m. interesting.’ I thought, the bathroom part, not the dishwasher.

Last night I packed a bag with the stuff I need to get ready and this morning got up, got dressed and came upstairs to the other bathroom. Then I realized I had forgotten my contacts, so back downstairs I went. Since it is the first of the month I needed new contacts, I had to scrounge around to find them, then I came upstairs and, either one case was empty or I lost one contact. Back downstairs I went to get another one. By the time I had finished all this and gone back downstairs it was late.

So we took off for the train station, knew I wouldn’t make my regular train but would make the one after, coming up the road, to the stop sign, across the intersection, blocking the road, was a police car. We turned around and went another way, down Main Street which was freakily empty of cars and made it to the train station on time for the second train. Didn’t even have to run.

I have not heard anything from home about pipes or if I got any ‘packages’. I am hoping, no news is good news, I am also afraid to ask.