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Support Your Local Library

Two things I love about reading. One is library books. I love them because they are free, so if you get a book that is a total waste of paper, at least you didn’t waste any money. I’ve been fortunate in that every place I have lived there has been a library accessible to me. Even in Buffalo although I abused the privilege and kept the book for a year, and when they sent me the overdue book letter with notice of a fine that was more then the book was worth, I just dropped it in the book return. I can probably never get a library card in Buffalo again. In the Hudson Valley, not only was I within driving distance of 4 libraries. I could request a book from any library in the Hudson Valley Library system.

The other thing I love is my e-reader. It is so convenient to have all my books in one little device I can carry about with me. So imagine my joy when I discovered you could borrow e-books from the NYPL. Yes I was jumping up and down, well I would have been if I had wanted to actually get off my couch. Which I don’t have to do now to get my books from the library.

There is one little problem. The last time I borrowed a book for my e-reader, the quality was not good and I could barely read it. However, Kindle books are available and I have a Kindle app on my iPhone. I went in on NYPL mobile site and requested the book. Not downloadable through their mobile site. I had to go online with my computer and download the book. I wasn’t sure how this would work, but when I clicked to download the book I was redirected to Amazon and the book was sent to my phone. I would be able to read it the next time I synced my Kindle app. Except it didn’t. I synced and no book. However, when I went to Amazon on my phone, the book was available for download in my ‘digital purchases’, so I was able to get it on my phone and read it.

Also, with the Amazon cloud reader I am able to read Kindle books on my computer. How cool is that? I know, I don’t really like reading books on my computer, but the print is so big and at this stage of my life, the bigger print the better.

>Minor setback

>Tuesday I kind of got derailed with my blogging, I took stuff to work to take back to the store, then there was a thing that happened at work, so I ended up at the emergency room and didn’t get home until 2 a.m. My phone battery and my iPod Touch batter both died, I was so bored just sitting there.

Wednesday I just slept in and then kind of did nothing. I started downloading apps for my iPod touch and now I can read Kindle and Nook books. Both free apps. I started cleaning up my Sony Reader library and was quite surprised to see it was almost midnight. GULP. Well, I must go now. Tomorrow I will try to catch up.

>Did you know?

>You can borrow e-books. I knew you could borrow them for the Kindle, but I didn’t know about other e-readers (I have a Sony e-reader). So I started looking around on my library site and yes, they offer e-books for borrowing. You download them like you download audio books. Unfortunately, the book I mentioned in the last post is not available for borrowing as an e-book, just as an audio book.

Then I wondered if there were other places you could borrow e-books so I googled it and found an article in the NY Times. It even has links to places you can borrow e-books, such as the NYPL. They don’t have Room available as an e-book either, just as an audio book. So I am stuck waiting for the ‘hard copy’ to become available.

I also wanted to mention that I tried to post about going to the library last night, but for some reason Blogger wasn’t working. That is why I have two posts right in a row here.