>You can borrow e-books. I knew you could borrow them for the Kindle, but I didn’t know about other e-readers (I have a Sony e-reader). So I started looking around on my library site and yes, they offer e-books for borrowing. You download them like you download audio books. Unfortunately, the book I mentioned in the last post is not available for borrowing as an e-book, just as an audio book.

Then I wondered if there were other places you could borrow e-books so I googled it and found an article in the NY Times. It even has links to places you can borrow e-books, such as the NYPL. They don’t have Room available as an e-book either, just as an audio book. So I am stuck waiting for the ‘hard copy’ to become available.

I also wanted to mention that I tried to post about going to the library last night, but for some reason Blogger wasn’t working. That is why I have two posts right in a row here.