>Yesterday I made a quick trip to the city just for the morning. I don’t normally make such a long trip to just go to a store, but I wanted to return the boots. I was fretting of course, but not only did they exchange them, but they were super nice about it. Even bringing me the size in between to make sure I got the right size boots.

Then it was on to get some Atomic Fireballs. No I do not want to blow up anything, except maybe my mouth. I’m talking about the candy, which I found at a store in the Lower East Village. As I was walking back to the subway I saw a little market, which I walked in to see if they had my tea and also found Gluten Free Crackers. Happy me, its the little things.

Em and I went to a party Saturday night and neither one of us was happy at the end of it. She made fun of me and then complained cause I was drinking Vodka and got a little out of control. Someone told her to get over her phobias, which she thought was cruel of them. I thought that it was cruel also, but if she wants me to jump to her defense she shouldn’t laugh and make me feel stupid. Especially in front of other people.

She sent me an e-mail about it, which I didn’t answer, I was asleep when she sent it and saw her first thing in the morning, when did I have time to? I was all snuggled under my 4 blankets sending out drunk tweets.

According to WeatherBug this morning it was 5.2°F (-15°C) with 4 mph WSW wind it felt like -3.5°F (-20°C). I can’t tell you how cold that is because I was not outside at the time I got that notification. When I did go out at 9:00 a.m., I a can tell it was freezing! Brutally cold all day. At 5:30 p.m. it was only up to 18.7°F (-7°C). Spring can’t come soon enough for me.