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>You are probably tired of this by now

>it is so cold. I can’t get over being cold so you are just going to have to deal with me continuing to talk about it.

When I got up this morning I looked at the temp on my iPod, unfortunately it was for New York City, where I am not living, yet. When I saw the text from WeatherBug saying what the temperature was at home, I was kind of bummed that Andrew was up and wanting to take me to the train station. It was 1°F.

It’ll get warm some day.


>Seen in New York

>A woman carrying a dressmaker's dummy on the subway. Well it was a stop on 6th avenue. Then she got on the subway and set it on her lap.

Cinderella. Really! She was blond, wearing a blue ball gown and singing. And on her snow boots she had red flashing lights. That's Cinderella, right?

Sent from my iPod

>Then I realized I had 1 tampon left. Yes just one, oh if this grosses you out just leave! Come back tomorrow.

So I drove to Target to buy some more. They didn’t have any. I don’t mean they didn’t have any at all, just none of my favorite brand. I was annoyed. So I bought a box of Cheerios. Didn’t want to waste a trip. Then on the way home I swung by CVS.

They had none also. So I had to buy another brand! It was very upsetting and it better never happen again.