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Good-bye February

This is how the month ends, with me scrambling to get one last post in before midnight. And you know what? I made it. I’m just going to post some random thoughts. Some may be disturbing.

Lawyer: California pair admit kidnapping Jaycee Dugard for 18 years You have probably heard about this case, if you haven’t (like perhaps you have been living under a rock) a brief recap. When Jaycee Dugard was 11 years old she was snatched from the street in front of her home in South Lake Tahoe, California. Authorities say the Garridos held Dugard in a hidden compound behind their home for 18 years. This Lawyer, who is the lawyer for the the wife not the husband, says they have made full confessions to this crime, but at this time have not offered any pleas. Of the woman the lawyer says: that it is “a classic example of really lousy taste in men,”. UGGG, I hate lawyers.

Most of the time I am a little excited and nervous and anxious for my move. Other days, I just can’t wait to get out of this house! Today was one of those days.

My VACW is leaving. He got a job offer in Montana. I am devastated (now where is that sarcasm font?) So now I can talk about him. Natter Natter Natter. I don’t thing I could have taken another year of him coming over every day for the game score and then listening to him tell me how much the Yankees suck this year. I would have committed a felony (as in I would have fucking killed him).


They should be in good working order, not like the ones I am dealing with now.

However I did come to work. I almost tweeted if anyone knew if tea was good for depressurizing sinuses. Instead I just made some and went in my drawer for some Aleve, because I also have a backache. I found some Zyrtec® and for a moment was happy, then realized it was antihistamine only. Then I found a pack of Flare™ gum. That’ll help! Maybe not. I’ll just have a happy mouth.

Nothing you would really notice though, I just made a few little changes to my widgets. I now can see how many posts I have made in a month and I am only 3 post behind for February. That is one of the reasons I decided to pop on here and make another entry.

Now comes the really tough part of the year, when I’m trying to blog here and blog on my Yankee blog. I also need to keep up with my book review blog. Its going to take some juggling and some discipline, and less time on twitter I think. I also think I can do it.

Since I switched to WordPress I haven’t been blogging much, although I have been around. I have been going through old posts and cleaning them up. I noticed that the titles and first space in the post now had a > and I have been going through posts and taking it out. I had no idea how long that would take with 1,200 posts. I was working on it for two solid days and still had over a thousand posts to go.

So then I started just redoing the ones with pictures, cause the importing caused the pictures to get a little whacked out. Not formatted right and in some cases not there, I had to find them on my passport and reinsert them. Even doing that I still am only to August 2008.

Something else I am doing is moving my poems to my craft blog and my reviews to my review blog. The poem posts are being deleted but the review posts normally have more in them then just the review, so now I have duplicate review posts. I sometimes wonder why I am going to all this trouble when most people are not going to be reading the old posts (except for my freaky stalker person). The answer of course if because I have a compulsion, my posts have to look the way I want them to. That is all.

Another thing I was reminded of when I was reading my old posts was why I started this blog. I wanted a place to talk about my weight watchers progress. I was online and the message boards can be, well, kind of snarky. Here on my blog, if someone said something I didn’t like, I could just delete it. Anyway, I am going to start that again. This weigh-in I was 139 pounds. That is up 3 from my last weigh-in. I haven’t been tracking my food, I haven’t been exercising and I haven’t been drinking my water. So, time to buckle down and lose the weight.

Mark Twain is turning over in his grave

In a world where a reality star is calling herself a novelist, when I believe she didn’t even write most of it herself, someone has the unmitigated gall to think they can change Mark Twain’s work.

Have you heard this? Someone decided the Huckleberry Finn would be better off without the N-word in it.

Now I am not saying it is socially acceptable to use that word, I don’t go around saying it, but we are talking about a classic piece of literature. We are also talking about the loss of a great teaching point. How are we to teach our children not to be racist when we can no longer show them what racist is?

Excuse me while I hide under my covers. Whatever comes next is not going to be good.

One of the reasons I hesitated moving this blog to WordPress was because I couldn’t put my slideshow in this blog. However, I just discovered the “Make a Movie” edit in Picasa, where you make your album into a movie, then upload it to YouTube.

So here it is, my pictures from New York City from last year. O.K. there are few pretty pictures from where I live.

Staying Home

Today I woke up with pain in my sinuses and cramps. My period is early, oh joy. I was considering calling in sick and decided to check the weather, below 20°F. That decided it.

Gwen is down here, its cold down here and she is sick, so I don’t know why she is down here. Not only that she disrupts my line of thought and it is rude to write on the computer when someone wants to talk to you.

See you later.

Some quotes ~ from somewhere

If I remembered I would give credit.

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” — Oscar Wilde

“The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself.” — Mark Twain

Measure wealth not by the things you have, but by the things you have for which you would not take money.


I have been going through my old posts. You know how I have to have everything perfect, two things I have discovered. One is that I used to have very short posts, and the other is that I have gotten FAT in 4 years.

So this has encouraged/inspired me to really get serious with WeightWatchers.


Went to see the Plain White T’s at the Highline Ballroom. Got in at 2 a.m.

Quick look through my mail. AT&T and my union want to give me a phone, Bank of America wants to give me a MasterCard and look! Mr. Obama sent me a check.