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Mark Twain is turning over in his grave

In a world where a reality star is calling herself a novelist, when I believe she didn’t even write most of it herself, someone has the unmitigated gall to think they can change Mark Twain’s work.

Have you heard this? Someone decided the Huckleberry Finn would be better off without the N-word in it.

Now I am not saying it is socially acceptable to use that word, I don’t go around saying it, but we are talking about a classic piece of literature. We are also talking about the loss of a great teaching point. How are we to teach our children not to be racist when we can no longer show them what racist is?

Excuse me while I hide under my covers. Whatever comes next is not going to be good.


One of the reasons I hesitated moving this blog to WordPress was because I couldn’t put my slideshow in this blog. However, I just discovered the “Make a Movie” edit in Picasa, where you make your album into a movie, then upload it to YouTube.

So here it is, my pictures from New York City from last year. O.K. there are few pretty pictures from where I live.

Staying Home

Today I woke up with pain in my sinuses and cramps. My period is early, oh joy. I was considering calling in sick and decided to check the weather, below 20°F. That decided it.

Gwen is down here, its cold down here and she is sick, so I don’t know why she is down here. Not only that she disrupts my line of thought and it is rude to write on the computer when someone wants to talk to you.

See you later.