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Staying Home

Today I woke up with pain in my sinuses and cramps. My period is early, oh joy. I was considering calling in sick and decided to check the weather, below 20°F. That decided it.

Gwen is down here, its cold down here and she is sick, so I don’t know why she is down here. Not only that she disrupts my line of thought and it is rude to write on the computer when someone wants to talk to you.

See you later.

Not much going on

Sick this weekend. Upset tummy. I did go to the gym Saturday and did elliptical, nautilus and the AMT. I also scratched myself on the forehead, right in the middle no less, so now I have this big red mark on my face. I hope my makeup can cover it. I also have an infected ear lobe so I can’t wear my earrings, too painful. My period started this weekend, Saturday and I had no protection with me at the gym. Now my cramps won’t quit and the headache won’t quit. So not a very good or productive weekend for me. Today I didn’t even leave the house. And I went on the WW thread and could barely think of anything to say. I really have to go now, all I want to do is lie down and sleep.


I did not make it to the meeting. No one else was going so I didn’t get ready then they went but I was having cramps, so I didn’t go.

Last night it was very windy and we lost power about 7:45. We hardly ever lose power. When the power went out, I was on the computer and couldn’t figure out why the room was dark but the computer was on! OK so I had a brain freeze moment. M lit all her candles and everyone was carrying around their flashlights. I ended up going to bed at 9:00, Stitch was reading The Jungle Book, the original not the Disney version, by candlelight.