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>Gov Dave is an idiot

>Medicare Part B Reimbursement and Health Insurance Under Attack:In his current (June 4, 2010) Fiscal Year 2010-11 Budget Extender bill, Governor Paterson has decided to force State employees and retirees to share in the cost of reimbursing Medicare eligibles for their Part B premium. The extender bill calls for this to be accomplished by adding the cost of Medicare Part B reimbursement to the cost of health insurance coverage provided through the New York State Health Insurance Program (NYSHIP). The total costs will then be shared by the State and its employees and retirees enrolled in NYSHIP. State employees retiring on or after January 1, 1983 contribute 10% of the cost of individual health coverage and 25% of dependent coverage. Both active and retired State employees will be forced to pay increased insurance costs, because of this unilateral change by the Governor.

For over forty-four years, the law, rules and regulations have been rigorously implemented. The statutory language and the legislative intent on this very issue is and has been quite clear. When in 2005 Governor Pataki tried to gut Civil Service Law Section 167-a, Reimbursement for medicare premium charges, the courts (in 2006) reaffirmed existing law, the legislative intent behind it and the implementing rules and regulations.

Take action now (use our ACTION LINE ( http://www.unionvoice.org/OMCEActionLine/home.html )service) and urge the Governor to re-think this latest attack on your benefits as a State employee. And contact your legislator too, again using our ACTION LINE ( http://www.unionvoice.org/OMCEActionLine/home.html )service, to fight this assault on both active and retired State employees. We will post updates on this issue here as developments warrant.


>Another WTF moment from Governor Dave

>Paterson’s Ethics Breach Is Turned Over to Prosecutors

Messing with my Yankees! He better be careful.

>Short post

>I had a great post in mind, it is gone, I am so tired just a few updates.

The Governor might not make it to the end of his term. We are taking bets on him leaving office in a box or handcuffs.

I updated the picture in my sidebar to show off my new piercing.

I got my replacement shoes and they are the same color as the shoes I returned.

My new computer came, the boy tested it out, installed iTunes and set up the wifi. And all he asks in return is some Skittles …. and an iTunes card …. and a new bluetooth. Well I guess since I didn’t have to pay for the computer

I can’t think what else. Good-night.

>WTF was he thinking?

>Just another brief post on our Governor. I am trying to avoid violating any copyrights, so I am posting the title of the article and a link to it in ~The New York Times~ and the title is “Paterson Said to Direct Aides to Influence Abuse Case”. I can’t promise I won’t post anymore about this because as I have said before, the man is an idiot and there is no telling what else he has done to shoot his political career.

I am sure Elliot is banging his head right now.

>Breaking News Alert
The New York Times
Thu, February 25, 2010 — 2:42 PM ET

Top Paterson Official Resigns

The cabinet official who supervises the state police has resigned in the wake of a report of intervention by the state police and Gov. David A. Paterson into a domestic-assault case against a senior Paterson aide.

The official, Denise E. O’Donnell, deputy secretary for Public Safety issued a statement Thursday after inquiries from The New York Times.

“The fact that the Governor and members of the State Police have acknowledged direct contact with a woman who had filed for an order of protection against a senior member of the Governor’s staff is a very serious matter,” she wrote. “These actions are unacceptable regardless of their intent.”

The resignation, at 2 p.m., came on a day when New York’s political establishment reeled at the news of Mr. Paterson’s involvement, with some of the beleaguered governor’s few remaining allies publicly suggesting that he should end his campaign for election.

Read More: ~New York Times~


>Subject: BREAKING NEWS: Gov to Appoint Lt. Governor, Source Says

Gov. David Paterson is expected to announce this afternoon that he will appoint a lieutenant governor, a source close to the governor confirmed. It’s not clear who he has in mind or if he plans to bring up the subject during a news conference he’s scheduled for 5:01 p.m.

Complete details from: NBC New York

>Today’s Headlines


The New York Times on the Web
Wednesday, May 20, 2009
Compiled 2 AM ET

For news updated throughout the day, visit ~The New York Times~


Arms From U.S. May Be Falling Into Taliban Hands
Evidence suggests munitions procured by the Pentagon leak from Afghan forces for use against American troops.

Democrats in Senate Block Money to Close Guantánamo
In an abrupt shift, Senate Democratic leaders said they would not provide the $80 million President Obama requested to close the detention center.

~The New York Times~

War’s End in Sri Lanka: Bloody Family Triumph
President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his two brothers squelched dissent and fought international pressure to achieve victory.

~The New York Times~

New York Loses Its Jazz Festival

For the first time in 37 years, there will be no major summer jazz festival in New York.

~The New York Times~

Bloomberg Navigates the Politics of a Health Scare
The H1N1 epidemic has showcased Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s strengths – like his ability to dispense common-sense advice – but also shown his weaknesses.

~The New York Times

‘My Time Is Precious’: Spitzer Sets the Tone During Inquiry on Leaks
The ex-governor appeared frustrated over his experience in Albany and showed a side quite different from the way he has appeared in recent interviews.

~The New York Times~


On May 20, 1961, a white mob attacked a busload of “Freedom Riders” in Montgomery, Ala., prompting the federal government to send in United States marshals to restore order.

~The New York Times~


>For New Yorkers only:

What is BBBB? It stands for Bigger Better Bottle Bill. The Bottle Bill is what NY calls their refund program for soda and other carbonated beverage bottles. NY is trying to expand the program to include water and juice bottles.

We are closer to victory on the Bigger Better Bottle Bill than ever before. Governor Paterson has proposed including the BBBB in the state budget this year. With only weeks to go before April 1st when state lawmakers are supposed to finalize the budget, your calls and letters now could make all the difference!

The public strongly supports this environmental measure:
– More than 700 groups, businesses, and local governments endorse the BBBB
– 3 polls show that more than 80% of New Yorkers support the BBBB
– More than 100 editorials have been published calling on lawmakers to pass the BBBB

The Bigger Better Bottle Bill updates New York’s 5-cent deposit law on beer and soda to include non-carbonated beverages, like bottled water and sports drinks, which now make up a third of the beverage market. This would increase recycling and make our communities cleaner and healthier. It also would require beverage companies, who currently keep the deposits when people don’t return their bottles and cans, to turn this money over to the state. This would generate more than $200 million a year for environmental protection in New York.

This measure has been “bottled up” in Albany for many years due to opposition from the powerful beverage and supermarket lobbies. While the Assembly has passed it several times, the Senate has consistently failed to take action.This year, however, with new leadership in the Senate and a massive budget gap that lawmakers are struggling to fill, we are very, very close to achieving a landmark environmental victory.

Please contact your state legislators and urge them to include the Bigger Better Bottle Bill in the 2009-2010 state budget.

>$21K for a rug

>This is insane! The governor of NY is trying to cut spending, including cutting state worker’s salery, saying we are in economic trouble, OK, so maybe you shouldn’t have spent 21,000 dollars for a new rug!

He is also taking trips and going to Canada to make speeches. It leaves me speechless!