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March 16 was the first day of working remotely, NYS way of saying we are working from home. At first it was until March 30, it is now April 13 and I am still at home.

At first it was, Yay! No getting up early or having to get dressed! And it was fun. Then I started to think about all the things I wasn’t getting done. Not being able to pop by the brewery after work for a pint. The isolation is starting to wear on me.

And then started the petty annoyances, not being able to go anywhere, wanting to sew face masks and not having the supplies and nowhere to buy them. Ordering contacts and not getting them and it’s been a month. Ordering knitting supplies and having the store call me to say they can’t ship them.

Then things started to break, the home button on my iPhone, a knitting needle, and most heart rending of all, my laptop. Yes I am typing this on my iPad with an itty bitty keyboard. At least I have an iPad with a keyboard.

If any thing else breaks, I’m hiding under the bed until July.


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Back to the subway

There are three things I love about the subway, and by love I really mean hate. Actually there are more than three things I hate, but these are kind of always things. Some things just bother and annoy me, these things, when they happen bring the rage to the top of my head. While I have thought about violence as a response to them, my brain reminds me that a) violence is not an appropriate response and b) you worked in prison, and therefore know you don’t want to live there.

The first thing is when the train is crowded and five people get off and ten people get on. So I’m getting squished and people are pushing up against me to move in, normally I’m standing against a metal pole, the metal poles don’t move! So stop pushing on me people because I can’t move my body is squished against this metal pole.

The second thing is, well let me explain first: if you have never been on the NYC subway, the seats are benches. Some are molded so there are ‘seats’ on them, some are just flat. Sometimes a person will sit down, in a space big enough for two people in the middle (I’m not talking about someone big enough to need two spaces, I have no problem with someone taking all the space they NEED) so there is not enough room on either side of them for another person. Most of the time, if you come over and start to sit they will move over, sometimes it leads to the third item in my list.

People who stand in front of an empty space. There is room for someone to sit down, or would be if the person moved over, but they don’t because this other person is just standing there. They aren’t sitting, for whatever reason, but they are blocking others from sitting down! Makes the rage come up to the top of my head. “EXCUSE ME SIR/MA’AM, DO YOU REALIZE YOU ARE BLOCKING A SEAT A LOOK LIKE A GIGANTIC JERK?”

**climbs off soapbox and packs it away for the next time**

Wearing of the GREEN

Is not part of the plan today. It never is, since I don’t observe holidays. And the more I don’t, the more I don’t like them.

Take today, St. Paddy’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day whatever you like to call it. What exactly is its purpose? Em says Irish Catholics make a huge deal of it. They go to church, they get together with the family, have dinner etc. Yet for the rest of people it is just an excuse to wear green, go to a parade, get totally wasted and bug me on the train. Well I suppose not all of them want to bug me on the train, but the girl who patted my breast? Yeah, that bugged me.

But seriously, does anyone really remember who St. Patrick was and what he did for the Irish people? Or what the legend says he did? I seem to recall a story about snakes. Is anyone else bothered by the fact that this supposedly historic and important act has been turned into a joke? An excuse to get drunk and be rowdy? Exactly how many of these people, wearing green, dying their mustaches and hair green or red, drinking beer, how many of them are really Irish? I’m not Irish, I’m Spanish and English, two nationalities not exactly known for good relations with the Irish. Another reason for me not to wear green, it would be hypocritical.

Not that I have anything against the Irish, this rant is not against them. Just against March 17.

That is all, she says.

Mark Twain is turning over in his grave

In a world where a reality star is calling herself a novelist, when I believe she didn’t even write most of it herself, someone has the unmitigated gall to think they can change Mark Twain’s work.

Have you heard this? Someone decided the Huckleberry Finn would be better off without the N-word in it.

Now I am not saying it is socially acceptable to use that word, I don’t go around saying it, but we are talking about a classic piece of literature. We are also talking about the loss of a great teaching point. How are we to teach our children not to be racist when we can no longer show them what racist is?

Excuse me while I hide under my covers. Whatever comes next is not going to be good.

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Another little rant

This time about Tigger, I ordered two books one for him and one for me, only he kept both of them. This time he has just gone TOO far and I want my book. Actually now I want both of them and he can have them when he pays me for them.

I don’t know why I am so angry, I don’t normally get angry like this. I hope I calm down before morning because I really don’t want to start screaming and yelling. That would certainly not help things with D recovering from surgery and all.

Tomorrow is a Manhattan day, maybe that is what is wrong, it has been too long since I have been able to wander about Manhattan with Em. Talk to you later.

I wanted to send this on my train ride in but I couldn’t connect. To anything, NY Times, Twitter or e-mail. I also wasn’t getting any text updates and the e-mail icon wasn’t showing up. I was perplexed, thought maybe it was being on the train that was doing it. So I tried it when I got into work. I could send and receive text messages, but couldn’t go ‘online’. I sat there and stared at my phone, then I thought, it’s a mini computer, when you have a problem with your big computer you reboot. So I pressed the power button and got the shut down, airplane mode, or restart screen. So I touched restart. Problem solved. 

What I want to rant about is people who decide they have to disturb you. This morning there were a few seats open, nice seats with nothing on them and plenty of room. This woman decides she has to sit with me. So while I am playing with my phone, trying to get it to work, I have to stop and pick up my stuff so she can sit there.

People drive me crazy.

— Sent from my Palm Pre

Car trouble

So the only problem with Stitch using my car is he doesn’t always feel like coming to get me and if D comes to get me he is always late. Tonight, not only was he late, but he didn’t stop where I was waiting but drove around to the other side and so I had to walk over and then he says any longer I was going to drive home. Like I have to wait 10 minutes in the cold rain and he can’t wait 1 minute.


It is very hard to find names for these posts when nothing really happens, I am just upset and want to vent. This is the only place I feel comfortable doing that. If you vent on the WW boards someone will respond trying to cheer you up and I don’t want that. Anyway, I went to get a CD player for my car and couldn’t. So I was going to buy myself a new pretty MP3 player, just because, but I didn’t then when I mentioned it to M she ridiculed me for wanting to spend money for something I already had. I wanted it because I was upset and it is nicer than the one I have. Then I came down and put my head on my bed and cried. I am so STUPID, STUPID, STUPID.

I should know. I have lived with myself for years. So I went to Amazon and bought some songs for my old ugly MP3 player. Now that I have vented. I am going to go print my scriptures for tomorrow.