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Back to the subway

There are three things I love about the subway, and by love I really mean hate. Actually there are more than three things I hate, but these are kind of always things. Some things just bother and annoy me, these things, when they happen bring the rage to the top of my head. While I have thought about violence as a response to them, my brain reminds me that a) violence is not an appropriate response and b) you worked in prison, and therefore know you don’t want to live there.

The first thing is when the train is crowded and five people get off and ten people get on. So I’m getting squished and people are pushing up against me to move in, normally I’m standing against a metal pole, the metal poles don’t move! So stop pushing on me people because I can’t move my body is squished against this metal pole.

The second thing is, well let me explain first: if you have never been on the NYC subway, the seats are benches. Some are molded so there are ‘seats’ on them, some are just flat. Sometimes a person will sit down, in a space big enough for two people in the middle (I’m not talking about someone big enough to need two spaces, I have no problem with someone taking all the space they NEED) so there is not enough room on either side of them for another person. Most of the time, if you come over and start to sit they will move over, sometimes it leads to the third item in my list.

People who stand in front of an empty space. There is room for someone to sit down, or would be if the person moved over, but they don’t because this other person is just standing there. They aren’t sitting, for whatever reason, but they are blocking others from sitting down! Makes the rage come up to the top of my head. “EXCUSE ME SIR/MA’AM, DO YOU REALIZE YOU ARE BLOCKING A SEAT A LOOK LIKE A GIGANTIC JERK?”

**climbs off soapbox and packs it away for the next time**

Dead man charged for running faucet – Canada – Canoe.ca.

Make sure you turn your water off before you die or you might get a bill for $600. And the city is ‘mulling over’ whether or not the bill should be paid or not. After all, the policy is the bill has to be paid!

Things going on today have left me in a bad mood. I started off with a headache I still have. I overhead some unflattering comments about me from M. The kids were fighting before M’s family got here and caused her more stress. They got in, I don’t know when, I was sulking in the basement. I didn’t get any sewing done, I wanted to but couldn’t. I made my necklace. I will take a picture of it for later. I used some leftover beads from the necklace I made for Gwen and some new beads I ordered. Right now I am watching murder by the book instead of going to bed like I should. I need to brush my teeth and go to bed, except I just heated some water to drink.

I also got my period today. So that is something else to bug me. I tried to order some contacts from 1800 contacts but the prices are wrong. I need to send them another e-mail to explain what I meant.

This is the book I just finished. I have become obsessed with reading all the books in the series.

Lost thoughts

I had something I was going to say, I remember thinking, I have to e-mail this to my blog so I can remember it, but that is all I remember. I don’t remember if I thought of something while waiting for the traffic on the bridge or a thought about the girl on the subway with her pants tied into her shoelaces. Or that I tried Fage yogurt for the first time today.

I have been reading British and Scottish authors and I think I am starting to think like them.

I was so mad last night about the governor, and today I have regained my calm. I keep telling myself, this is why man is not meant to rule.

From a Message board post:

Right before Spitzer’s wife stood up beside him I bet she told him, “You think you paid a lot to get screwwed by that hookker? Wait until my lawyers are done with you.”

At least that’s what I would have said.


I came home early today, I was not feeling well. I had an episode of totally liquid poop.

This morning on the train this woman who had on enough cologne to choke a horse and she decided she had to sit right next to me because I was in a 3 seat and her husband/boyfriend/SO was with her. I kept thinking of all these clever but biting things to say, but of course I didn’t. I am thinking I should tell people, that seat is taken, so no one sits next to me ’cause by the time we got to GCT I was hurting.

When I was coming home through GCT I kept thinking I need to say, “Stop wandering and walk in a straight line if you are going to walk slow!”

So I stayed home from the meeting. I am watching Law & Order: Criminal Intent. I am going to do some more stuff on the web.