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Before anyone jumps all over my shit, I know my definition of a bad day is nowhere near as bad as some people’s bad day. Some people have cancer, some people are abused, some people are homeless, have no healthcare, have no friends, voted for Trump and now realize he lied to them. OK that last group I have lost all sympathy for. If you are stupid enough to believe his lies, you deserve all the pain you get.

Whew. Today started good, no work, so no getting up early, in fact I didn’t get up to lunchtime. That’s when the shit hit the fan. It look like I had spilled coffee on my kitchen counter, but to the left of my sink and my coffee maker is to the right of my sink. Then I smelled the liquid and it smelled like vinegar, but I don’t have vinegar in my apartment because I am allergic to it. Then I thought, maybe I spilled beer, you know, maybe I poured a glass of beer, didn’t drink it and when I poured it out I missed the sink (could happen right?), so I started to clean it up, picking up the things on my counter and rinsing them and mopping up the spill, then I noticed it was all over the wall, and on the underside of my cabinets! What the actual FUCK happened here?

I had been boiling water to cook pasta for my lunch. I turned off the water, I cleared off my table, moved everything from my counters to the table and washed the counters and my wall. The liquid seemed to be coming from behind my kitchen cabinets. I looked above them and there were no stains so it wasn’t coming from the apartment above. That leaves only one explanation. Demons. My apartment is possessed by demons. I briefly considered calling my landlord, but decided against it.

Then I got diarrhea, while doing my laundry.


No better today

My stomach bug and headache seem to come and go. I thought I was over it because I had an almost normal bowel movement. Any more detail would be TMI! Anyway, I have to get going, I just wanted to make sure I got this done since I am trying not miss any more days posting.

Period is due this weekend or sooner. Last month it came sooner. Today I started “Whistling in the Dark” by Lesley Kagen. It has gripped my attention. I am going to read some more in it as soon as I am done here.

Tummy Tummy

We were told we could leave 2 hours before our normal time. Selvin said I could leave at 2 if I wanted without charging leave. I actually left about 10 after but had to stop at the bathroom and then had real bad diarrhea so I actually didn’t leave until 20 to 25 after. Now I really don’t feel like going to work out or eat or anything.

This new blog auto saves which is a real nice feature, considering I accidentally closed it! I also like the fact that my browser automatically spell checks for me. Except I accidentally added a misspelled word and now can’t take it out!

I went through my photo album and made of list of concerts I have been to, plays and movies I have seen. I can’t remember what else I was going to say because someone is playing with a slinky and I can’t think!

Now I remember, I finished Kiss the Girls by James Patterson.

B.T. was just down here. He wanted to download the “Happy Song”. It is in a commercial, it was the theme to the Partridge Family. So I found it for him and now he is happy, cause he has his “happy” song.


I came home early today, I was not feeling well. I had an episode of totally liquid poop.

This morning on the train this woman who had on enough cologne to choke a horse and she decided she had to sit right next to me because I was in a 3 seat and her husband/boyfriend/SO was with her. I kept thinking of all these clever but biting things to say, but of course I didn’t. I am thinking I should tell people, that seat is taken, so no one sits next to me ’cause by the time we got to GCT I was hurting.

When I was coming home through GCT I kept thinking I need to say, “Stop wandering and walk in a straight line if you are going to walk slow!”

So I stayed home from the meeting. I am watching Law & Order: Criminal Intent. I am going to do some more stuff on the web.