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Hi all.

BT took that video of Butterscotch. Those are my feet in the flip flops. He thought it was really cool and wanted to watch it on my computer. He thought it took way to long to upload it to my blog though. Maybe so, but it is here so who cares?

I just helped M get a bunch of recipes from a Martha Stewart magazine. She did a lot of magazines, I did one. Then I had to come down here to get away for a minute, the rest on them are playing Monopoly and being really loud. I am listening to Phantom of the Opera (BT put it on my MP3 player) so I won’t hear whenever anyone calls me for dinner but I don’t really care right now.

Friday we saw Arsenic and Old Lace at the BHS theater, it was really good. D went and enjoyed the play but become ‘himself’ during the party after. The party was for cast and box ticket holders. Anyway we didn’t get home until after midnight because we had to clean up after the party.

Yesterday I took Gwen to Allsport and she wanted to get cards for her teachers so I took her to the mall there were lots of people there. All the things I wanted to get at Target they didn’t have. BT and Stitch wanted me to order computer games from Amazon for them. So I added them to my shopping cart and will order them Wednesday when I have money.

Wednesday I am also going to get a bottle of the new Lancôme perfume.

Going to bed now

It is very cold here. I just finished 3 online surveys. I really should be in bed I am going to be so tired tomorrow. I am so glad my eyes are feeling so much better. My right eye in particular. If you notice my picture, my eyes look shiny. Anyway, I should be able to wear eye makeup on Friday night for the play. I wish I had the money for that new perfume by Lancôme.

More lost thoughts

So here I am again wondering what I was thinking I would write that now I can’t remember. The rash is gone from my eyes. I never found my contact but my eye sometimes feels like something is in it. I don’t know what to do about it. The Mimyx cream did not work so I have to use the cortisone ointment on my eye, which the doctor is not happy about. I got my beads from Artbeads and really need to check them to see if I need to order any more but I haven’t even opened the package. This weekend for sure. Friday is the play, it is one I have seen before, but I will still enjoy it I’m sure.

Tummy Tummy

We were told we could leave 2 hours before our normal time. Selvin said I could leave at 2 if I wanted without charging leave. I actually left about 10 after but had to stop at the bathroom and then had real bad diarrhea so I actually didn’t leave until 20 to 25 after. Now I really don’t feel like going to work out or eat or anything.

This new blog auto saves which is a real nice feature, considering I accidentally closed it! I also like the fact that my browser automatically spell checks for me. Except I accidentally added a misspelled word and now can’t take it out!

I went through my photo album and made of list of concerts I have been to, plays and movies I have seen. I can’t remember what else I was going to say because someone is playing with a slinky and I can’t think!

Now I remember, I finished Kiss the Girls by James Patterson.

B.T. was just down here. He wanted to download the “Happy Song”. It is in a commercial, it was the theme to the Partridge Family. So I found it for him and now he is happy, cause he has his “happy” song.