We were told we could leave 2 hours before our normal time. Selvin said I could leave at 2 if I wanted without charging leave. I actually left about 10 after but had to stop at the bathroom and then had real bad diarrhea so I actually didn’t leave until 20 to 25 after. Now I really don’t feel like going to work out or eat or anything.

This new blog auto saves which is a real nice feature, considering I accidentally closed it! I also like the fact that my browser automatically spell checks for me. Except I accidentally added a misspelled word and now can’t take it out!

I went through my photo album and made of list of concerts I have been to, plays and movies I have seen. I can’t remember what else I was going to say because someone is playing with a slinky and I can’t think!

Now I remember, I finished Kiss the Girls by James Patterson.

B.T. was just down here. He wanted to download the “Happy Song”. It is in a commercial, it was the theme to the Partridge Family. So I found it for him and now he is happy, cause he has his “happy” song.