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My Life

If this was a novel it would be put in the back on the discount rack like another can of beer.

I overslept this morning and missed the meeting. I made an effort to go but by the time I got dressed it was 10:00 a.m. so I just stayed home. Lloyd and Sabine came for dinner. M. cooked the ribs. She bought them for the guys that helped with the dome but only Jordon came and he had plans for dinner. So she and D. invited L & S. They brought one of Ronnie’s boys with them. I can’t remember his name. He was very polite.

Well I have to go shower and get ready for bed. Along with doing some cross stitch. I think I will get another pair of those reading glasses. They really help with the cross stitch.

I was below 130 today. Hope it stays there, keeps going lower.


Dome Demolishing Day

Hi all. I have not been able to post from work, I got busted by the internet police and was told I was spending too much time on ‘inappropriate websites’. I know this is now Sunday but I haven’t gone to bed yet so it feels like Saturday.

I have been cleaning my bedroom. It is a major project. I am not a neat person and I have piles and piles of stuff I am having to go through.

My BF and her husband had to demolish a shed, it’s a dome actually, in their yard. I helped by getting kids out of the way. I took them to Chili’s. I got grilled chicken with a side of broccoli instead of rice and black beans. Then I had a sweet shot for dessert. They are little desserts that fit in a shot glass. A nice little sweet taste to end the meal.

Then when I came home I started cleaning again. It had been raining so I used my umbrella then I had it open to dry and the cat tried to climb on it! The only thing the dumb thing did was put holes in it.

Well I have to go now. BBL.


I came home early today, I was not feeling well. I had an episode of totally liquid poop.

This morning on the train this woman who had on enough cologne to choke a horse and she decided she had to sit right next to me because I was in a 3 seat and her husband/boyfriend/SO was with her. I kept thinking of all these clever but biting things to say, but of course I didn’t. I am thinking I should tell people, that seat is taken, so no one sits next to me ’cause by the time we got to GCT I was hurting.

When I was coming home through GCT I kept thinking I need to say, “Stop wandering and walk in a straight line if you are going to walk slow!”

So I stayed home from the meeting. I am watching Law & Order: Criminal Intent. I am going to do some more stuff on the web.


I keep hovering around 130, I go down 2 pounds then back up. I started back at Allsport, hopefully that will help keep me down. Tonight when I got to Allsport, someone was on the AMT, so I went on the elliptical. Then she got the AMT, so I went on it, and forgot to subtract the time I was on the elliptical. I wondered why I was running late to get Stitch and Gwen and why were my legs so sore? Dummy! Well, I got a really good workout in and rewarded myself with a cafe mocha after. And when Stitch and Gwen wanted to stop at Wendy’s, I didn’t get anything!

Here is a website with pictures from WW thread.


The appropriate use police have caught up with me. So for a while I will not be blogging from work, not that I did very much anyway and not going on WW (WAAW) or checking my e-mail.

When I was cleaning my room I found some old cross stitch projects, along with the reading glasses I bought to do them. So that helped me get over being mad.

Someone mentioned that a friend of her daughters was just diagnosed with leukemia. She is 13. I thought about Nathan and wondered if I should say anything. Of course I didn’t, why make somebody feel sad when they want to feel hope? Anyway, Nathan was 20 years ago, there has been tremendous progress made in treatments since then.

Sunday was Kate and Josh’s going away party. I ate too much.

I have made it back to Allsport. Yay for me!

Well I am going to check my WW threads and then stitch some, then go to bed.


Lost my thought

I was already to type something interesting and clever and Jean came by and started talking to me, so I had to shrink this, then I had to do some work, then SZ came by and I completely forgot what I was going to say.


Anger is such a destructive emotion. I didn’t go to the gym last night because I was angry. I ate a peanut candy bar Thursday because I was angry. I am at the library right now. My computer at home is working but I needed to get out. I was cleaning my room, cause I am angry and needed a break. I went to Asian Ginger for lunch then walked here. After I finish checking my WW posts I will get my book and go home. First I need to rest.


Today I took a tumble down the stairs into the Chrysler building landing on my knees. They are kind of sore now and I didn’t get to work out. I left work early though, I want to get some ice on them and put them up so hopefully they won’t be too sore tomorrow.

When I got up, I had to stand there for a few minutes ’cause my heart was pounding.

I missed telling you about Vermont, M., S. and I went there for a weekend. We stayed at the hugging bear inn. Here is a picture and a video.

I have to go get the kids now.

I’m Back

I downloaded a new browser and now I can update from home. I ran some spyware and my computer seems to be working. I will let you know later how it goes.

Hello Again

Hi how have you been. I have not been able to update this in forever, as you can see. My father gave me a new laptop and I couldn’t get in to update this. Right now I can’t even use it because it has a virus. When I get it fixed I am going to try again. If not, I will just start a new one. So this could be the last entry I make.

As for WW, I gained 7 pounds over the summer, but I have started to lose it so it was just summertime funk. Well, Gwen is waiting for me so I had better leave. I think she might be reading this since I am on a public computer at the library.