The appropriate use police have caught up with me. So for a while I will not be blogging from work, not that I did very much anyway and not going on WW (WAAW) or checking my e-mail.

When I was cleaning my room I found some old cross stitch projects, along with the reading glasses I bought to do them. So that helped me get over being mad.

Someone mentioned that a friend of her daughters was just diagnosed with leukemia. She is 13. I thought about Nathan and wondered if I should say anything. Of course I didn’t, why make somebody feel sad when they want to feel hope? Anyway, Nathan was 20 years ago, there has been tremendous progress made in treatments since then.

Sunday was Kate and Josh’s going away party. I ate too much.

I have made it back to Allsport. Yay for me!

Well I am going to check my WW threads and then stitch some, then go to bed.