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Dear Keith and Tammy,

Yes a card from me! And on time but then you [did] tell my Dad I needed a G.P.S.

Did my mom tell you I am coming out end of May? Gwen is going to come with me. I am already getting excited. Probably because Gwen is excited. She has already bought gifts for Gigi and is planning to get my parents a nice card and have the whole family sign it.

Enjoy your souvenir of NY.


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Tigger is bugging me to death, first he wants to use my computer. Then he wants me to download songs for him. Then he is telling me how I can e-mail the card and letter. He [had] no suggestions for e-mailing the notebook. He just said it was really cool and he would like one.

I have told him several times to leave me alone.

Goodbye again.




My replacement phone came, and it works, but I still can’t send pictures to it. So I will have to take pictures to use as wallpaper. Sigh. I sent that e-mail to my blog just to see how it works. I have to add the address to my personal e-mail service. Well, now I have to write my card to Tammy so I can mail it tomorrow. I think their anniversary is the 5th so I want it to get there in time. I got her a very pretty card and a small notebook with New York on the cover as kind of a New York souvenir. I am going to go scan the card and post it here. BRB

That is a ribbon down the side of the card. Kind of cool huh? I think she will like it.

Strange Quotes:

“Q: “What has recording alone taught you?”
Paul McCartney: “That to make your own decisions about what you do is easy, and playing with yourself is very difficult but satisfying.”

“Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.” – Mark Twain

“I think that ‘Clueless’ was very deep. I think it was deep in the way that it was very light. I think lightness has to come from a very deep place if it is true lightness.” Alicia Silverstone!

“A wok is what you throw at a wabbit.” unknown

“RENTAL CAR: The only *TRUE* all-terrain vehicle”. –known – but unidentified
Today’s Featured Humor: -) – -Things That Are Difficult to say When Drunk









British Constitution

Passive-aggressive disorder




“Thanks, but I don’t want to have sex”

“Nope, no more booze for me”

“Sorry, but you’re not really my type”

“Good evening officer, isn’t it lovely out tonight?”

“Oh I couldn’t, nobody wants to hear me sing….”

Quick post

Hi all. Yes that is what the AMT is. It is very similar to the elliptical but where you go forward and around and back with the elliptical with the AMT you go up and down in a sort of circular motion, kind of like a climbing or stepping motion. Like the old steppers but 100 times better. You get a more intense workout because you are doing more of the work than with an elliptical.

For those of you who live in Alaska, my nephew was in Fort Richardson when he was in the Army. My mom told me that when they took his step-daughter to school, the MP’s had to stand guard, against moose!

My dad sent me an e-mail about a family that the parents decided to build a play area in their back yard. They live just outside of Anchorage. The next morning the mom looked out before getting the two boys up to play in it and there were 4 black bears playing in it! There were pictures, I thought it was incredible.

Oh and Kristina, I thought I was the only one this site hated. It is nice to know I am not alone. I have lost so many posts I started copying them before sending them.

I just decided to copy and paste my posts from the WW thread because it is late and I am tired. I missed the 5:09 so took the 5:12 which meant I was late getting home. Fortunately I never unpacked my bag from last night so I didn’t have to pack for the gym, I was still late getting there and got home late. I am ready for bed almost. I took out my contacts, put on my eye cream, Neosporin on the scratch on my forehead, cleaned the cat box and brushed my teeth. I just need to put on my wrist brace then I will be ready. Opps! forgot my pill. Then I can go to bed.


So, instead of going to the gym first thing when I got home, I turned on my computer. I wanted to run my anti-virus software. Then I looked at my blog, I decided I wanted to send pictures from my phone to this blog so I tried to set it up. I sent a text message to and they sent me a reply. When they sent it, my phone turned off. I turned my phone back on and I couldn’t open the text message. The phone would either freeze or turn off. So I took it to the Verizon store. The tech guy said sometimes when you get an e-mail you also get a virus and that is why the phone freezes up. He tried to reset it but couldn’t so he ordered me a new phone. He said it should be in Wednesday. I still have the old phone but I have to open text messages when I get them because I can’t get to them later. I tried sending a picture but it didn’t work. Well, I guess I should go now. I am tired and need my sleep.

Tomorrow, the gym!

I just messed up my phone by trying to set it up to this blog for mobile blogging.

I had sent this to my other blog, so I now have linked it. It supports B.T.’s claim that Buffalo have wings.


Buffalo have wings


Gwen and I went to see August Rush and I spent all day yesterday trying to get online to add it to my list. This is the first I have been able to get online and now I have to rush to get ready for work.

Black Friday

No I did not go shopping today. I did a little online while at work SHHHH don’t tell Albany. I didn’t actually order anything I just put them in my shopping cart. My parts for my CD player should be here sometime next week. That means next Saturday I can get my CD player.

There were a couple of men on the train this afternoon with girls. At first I thought they must have brought their daughters to work with them so their wives could go shopping without them. Then I thought, maybe they are divorced and this is their weekend for their visit and they had to bring their daughters with them to work because they had to work and etc. My mind works in strange mysterious ways.

M and I went to the gym tonight. I need to shower before bed. Right now I am missing Women’s Murder Club but I really want to type this before I forget. I have already forgotten some of what I was going to say.

My weight was up this morning, I didn’t drink enough water yesterday. I think I will drink a bunch before bed so hopefully I will be down in the morning.

I remembered what else I was going to say. I cleaned the fridge at work and was totally grossed out. There was food with mold and food that just looked icky. So I threw it all out. Bob thanked me for doing it. No one that I told I was doing it thought it was bad they all said it was something that had to be done.